Zanu PF youths warn Magaya

ZANU PF youths have warned Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries leader Walter Magaya against attacking apostolic sect members, some of whom have publicly declared their allegiance to President Robert Mugabe and have religiously attended all major party events in their thousands.


Speaking to NewsDay after Mugabe’s address to hundreds of party supporters gathered to welcome him at Harare International Airport on Thursday, Zanu PF Harare provincial youth chairman Godwin Gomwe warned Magaya not to “tread on dangerous ground” by attacking the sect members.

This came after Magaya, in his booklet titled Marine Spirits, Mweya Yemumvura: Teaching by Prophet W Magaya, claimed that members of the apostolic sect derived their doctrine from spirits that reside in the marine kingdom and that they do not believe in the Bible.

“It is from these Orion and Leviathan spirits of the marine kingdom where false, non-Bible believing white garment churches (mapositori ekumasowe) are derived,” Magaya wrote.

“It is also unfortunate that many people have been deceived to follow or visit these kinds of shrines (masowe) in an effort to go over their problems, yet to no avail.

“Many people who have visited these non-Bible believing churches have had their problems worsened, while others have been permanently hooked to them after receiving various continuous serious threats including death (zviga zverufu netsaona), thereby becoming members,” he added.

Gomwe described the narrative in the book as a direct
attack on “Zanu PF’s all-weather friends”.

“You heard President Mugabe say ‘Pamberi neMapostori edu? They made us win elections by their continued support of the party. Magaya blasts them even on the podium. His church is not special. His church is not perfect and he should leave Vapostori alone,” Gomwe said.

“We are not happy with what he said and we are warning him as a party to stop attacking Vapostori.”

Magaya’s controversial remarks have already drawn a sharp rebuke from the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe — which represents at least 700 Apostolic Christian churches in the country.

Magaya could not be reached for comment yesterday.

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  1. Magaya should preach the word and stop criticising other churches. As fuck pastors are more in pentacostal churches than anywhere else after the death of people at his congress and immediately after the death of south Africans in Nigeria he should be the last to throw stones. Reading the bible can be used to disguise people. So don’t read much into it. Ask yourself why most Nigerians believe Joshua is using the marine spirits even the most respected adeyepo

  2. Ok so it is true that we are ruled by the law and not the rule of law………….it is official from this whindi now.

    1. I really wonder what this Magaya boy is and why people worship him so much. I think these are his pastors writing here….propaganda at its best. I have never heard so much noise in defence of Christianity that is being trampled by Boko Haram or Isis. Does it mean he has become a little god in Zimbabwe or what? I fear the Lord who tells me “Judge not and that everyone is equal before Him. It will be easy for the camel to go through the eye of the needle that most of these people we think are holier than thou.” I have nothing against Magaya or mapostori because Ieave that to God to judge but my problem is with people that are now supporting this religion thing as if it is politics or a soccer team.
      After all these young prophets pretend to be poor yet we all know they live large with the fuel guzzlers that would make greedy politicians be nothing. Some even move around Harare with bodyguards asi isu tinoziva kuti Mambo ndiye mufudzi wedu…..not a mere human being. Why do you need bodyguards if you are a man of God, did Jesus ever have any bodyguards despite the fact he knew people where after him? At least mapostori havana maBenz, Bentleys, Ferraris and all these most expensive PA systems in the whole of Africa.
      I am a child of God and have no fear in going down on my knees when I need anything from my father, I don’t need an intercessor or munyayi kuti nditaure nababa vangu so these people worshiping some church founders really astound me.I am wondering with this hullabaloo about Gomwe from seemingly 100s in support of Magaya but surprisingly not for Mapostori and that makes me ask myself is it about God or human Magaya and if so why?

      1. But Jesu had 12 Bodyguards, no? One of them even cut off a centurion’s ear?

        1. When people brought babies to Jesus, his ‘bodyguards’ (the disciples) rebuked them. When a blind man yelled, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!”, they rebuked him and told him to be silent.

          This picture of Pastor Chris Okotie ministering in a church with four mean-looking guards got me wondering if Christianity has not been taken to another level. Is it really necessary to have bodyguards all around our Men of God?

          Pastor Chris was in the news lately for statements he made regarding all Catholics going to hell (read here).

          The question is should Men of God have bodyguards? Why is it prevalent in Christianity?

          Have your say….

  3. Godwin Gomwe you the one who is trading on Dangerous Grounds. Leave Magaya alone akasiyana nanaMai Mujuru nana Kaukonde unoyerera masikati machena.

    1. wanguc kana uchiti unoyerera masikati machena are you saying magaya will kill him please enlighten us

  4. mubhaiberi hamuna chinonzi mweya yemvura or yemadzinza. hapana verse one rakambodaro. izvi inhema dza satani dzinodzidziswa namagaya ndosaka ndichiti ndevenhema. akudzidzisa mashona beliefs akaumbirwa pana satani.

  5. Magaya threw the first stone, something unexpected from a church ministry leader. A church is not a political party that goes on offensive against other churches. Is it biblical to do that?

    He reduced himself to a political youth so I see it feet for him to be responded to by people of the level he assumed (political youth or thugs). Magaya is not God so he must stop presiding over who is in true faith and who is not. Its God only who preside over that.

  6. Gomwe hauna nyaya siya machechi apedzerane ega. Makahwina election ipi imi since 2000! Hapana chisingaperi mpfanha……hapana dangerous ground raukuda kutaura apa. Magaya is expressing his opinion and all that mapostori can do is to prove him wrong kwete kuda kupinza Zanu pese pese!

  7. The same Zanu PF says leave politics to politicians and religion to religions. Are we now saying the two are now free to interlink? Please let us not have double standards. As for this story, as human beings we need to learn to be led by God personally. Only a personal relationship with the Lord will reveal which is which.

  8. The truth shall set you free.fambai naro rezvokwadi Baba Magaya kuti Tenzi vasazokupayi mhosva pazuva rekuguma.

  9. nyama nemweya zve mfana uyu zvasvika pakufurirana zvakaipa.regai timboona!

  10. Gomwe being Provincial youth chair does not mean threatening anyone. If you want to prophecy do it publicly. The word of God is more powerful to any atterrances coming from you type. Prophet Magaya continue your prophetic wisdom.

  11. Freedom of worship magaya ngaatambe yake so should mapositori

  12. Usavhundutsirwe nezizi uchifungidzira kuti minhenga iyo inyanga. Ndati zizi kuvhundutsira chete asi harina nyanga. Ma krawa enhema ngaavharwe nezita ra Jesu. Hatidzore tsvimbo nekuti gudo rabata kumeso. Bhora mberi Prophet W Magaya.

  13. No witch doctors attack each others.only these mafikizolo churches attack vanhu vavakawana vachinamata zvavanoda.leave mapostori and continue with your gospel to save souls, not to shout at madzibaba

  14. pamberi nekuudza vanhu chokwadi va Magaya. kana ma youth iwayo asvotwa ngaarutse. chokwadi ichokwadi.kangani muchinzi dzoka after mazuva matatu but no change tyat should tell you something. va Magaya fambai naro soko makatumwa.hondo haisi yedu hondo ndeya Jehovah

  15. Nhai Gomwe Zanu yavakupinda papi apa .Wava kupinza President siyana naPresident .Kuvhota hakusi iko kungamisa mweya yemumvura kuti isaende .Prophet vari pabasa .Mari yenyika iri kuendeswa kumakungwa naivo vanhu vemumvura.Zimbabwe ine upfumi wakawandisa asi vanhu vari kuchema.upfumi urikuendeswa kumvura.Aiwa enough is enough bhora mberi Prophet tina baba wedu mambo Jesu.Ivo vaNdanga vanozviziva vanoda kunyengera imi vana Gomwe muchingazivi zvinhu.Gomwe tamba nezvimwe izvi zva Jesu hazvizi zve zera rako .Very soon you will come and testify

  16. Thank you Prophet Magaya for making us see the light. Tatanzwa nekunyeperwa nemapostori aya

  17. Mapostory ne Zpf hushamwari hwavo huri questionable,why dine with a party that is associated with all sorts of evil.

  18. Zpf is associated with all sorts of evil and I really wonder why these vapostori are always following this evil party wherever they go.It true that,Birds of same further flock together.

  19. Ngaatinyararire uyo anonzi Gomwe anorwira maPostori asingaverengi bible on which grnds.Ngaazive zvekukidnapper vanhu nekunanzva bhutsu dzaanaMunangagwa.Church and politics zvosangana papi?

  20. Godwin Gomwe – stop abusing the president’s name. Kuda kungo shandisa zita remukuru. Taura wakazvimiririra wega apa. Mudhara has more pressing issues to attend to.

  21. U can say that again Bridget. Mudhara vatori ne stress yekuti economy yogadzirika sei ne mhirizhonga iri mu party. His hands are full. Plse leave him alone.

  22. saka nhai MAGAYA vatokanganwa vanhu 11 wavakaurayisa zvekutoshoropodza mapostori.
    rako idaka rudzii munhu achiri kuchema upenyu hwakarasika iwe uchitswaga mari?

  23. so funny that even the word of God is being tempered with in worldly politics. If God says such is wrong, then let it be. If we all believe that God appoints leaders, then no politics should interfere should he say anything.

  24. so funny that even the word of God is being tempered with in worldly politics. If God says such is wrong, then let it be. If we all believe that God appoints leaders, then no politics should interfere should he say anything….

  25. The truth always hurts nowonder mapotsori akuitahasha…vabaiwa nechokwadi manje you gng be exposed…let all evil be disclosed

  26. Ko nhai VaMagaya; ko iko kwenyu kunamata ndiko kwamabva magonesesa kupfuura vamwe vakatanga kare 1931 ( pakadzika mweya mutsvene – Johanne) uchitaura pana baba Sixpence Masedza? Ko kuzotuka chinamato chevamwe ndiko kunamata kwacho here? Munoda kut paiitwe religious warfare like what is currently happening – the world of Christianity and Islam (ISIS)? Please let’s not start these religious warfare that we can not extinguish later on zvave kupisa. Namatai Mwari wenyu nemanamatiro enyu. Kana zvematombo emuteuro musingazvikwanise siyai vanozvigona wazviite bcz Hapana amanikidzwa apa. Kana president vanozviziva kut kunemapostori munyika yavo and at one time he appeared on the TV putting on the robes auri kushora iwawo. Kwenyu wakambouyako here????? Asi kutoti he warned people about these mafikozolos churches weminana awa. Tisiyeyi takadaro pliz.

    1. @ War Veteran – Musa sanganisa chinamato ne politics. These are two different things. And stop dragging the old man’ s name into this coz he has enough headaches. He has too many things requiring his attention. Taura wakazvimiririra. Asi unoona zvako wega zvisina weight kanhi?Wotoda kuridza mhere for intervention yava Mugabe murume mukuru haunyari???? Leave the old man alone.

  27. Andrew Mumpande

    In the name of Jasus fireeee!!!Holy Ghost fireeee!!!Mapostori ndeenhema.Magaya preach and prophesy in the name of Jesus.

  28. no one is mighty than the lord he is more powerful than any politician or must not worship the lord to win elections .

  29. Magaya nyaya yemasowe yawakutangana nayo, dai wasiya hako, you are now drawing a battle line that will be unpleasent. Pawaka urayisa vanhu 11 wakambonzwa tichitaura newe here. Dont draw a battle line

  30. Immanuel Petros

    A typical case of kettle calling pot black. Magaya’s alleged spiritual father does not allow him to collect money from people seeking healing or spiritual deliverance.etc

  31. maZimbo hv bcum so desparate and foolish despite being regarded as highly literate.saka u mean to say b4 these gold digging so called prophets vhangeri rose rakaparidzwa pasichigare rakange ririrekunyepa?marimwezuro maiva kuspirit embsy,nezuro ufic,nhas phd.cum on pipol tipeiwo ma’c’rus

  32. Haiwawo . Izvozvi zvaanoshandisa mvura nemafuta handiti zvakatanga nemapostori? Vana makandiwa vakushandisa machira zvakatanga kumapostori izvo. Mapostori ari nani haabhadharisi plus mvura yavo ndeye mahara. Kana mapostori aine ma marine spirit imi enyu ma spirits anonzi chii?

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