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Young Igwe gets back to his wits


YOUNG Igwe, as Peter Moyo is affectionately known on the showbiz scene, was once quoted in the local media saying his late father Tongai’s close friends were not his associates.


Of course he might have been right, but his utterances saw him losing moral and financial support from his father’s friends both musicians and promoters who used to stand by Tongai especially at the critical time when he was bedridden.

Speaking to NewsDay before his performance on Sunday at a joint family show with Dendera exponent Sulumani Chimbetu at Rangers Gardens in Westlea, Harare, Peter appeared to have gotten back to his wits.

“Sulu is my brother and before my father passed on he told him that he should take care of me both on and off stage and that is what he is doing as an elderly brother,” Peter said.

While several musicians’ relationships have become sour as they do not agree on how to share the gate takings, Sulu’s publicist Joe Nyamungoma said his camp was concerned about respectable working relationships among artistes for the growth of the music sector.

Peter himself has been embroiled in counter-productive cat fights with fellow musicians sometimes over petty issues.

“Our combination with Peter has come a long way and we are happy to be working with him as our brother having worked well with his father,” Nyamungoma said.

“The fight for supremacy and turf has become an on-going thing on the local showbiz scene, but as the Dendera camp we are saying it must be a thing of the past among artistes.”

Nyamungoma said this year they would do their best to support upcoming artistes to find their groove in the industry.

The explosive sungura and dendera fiesta was the duo’s first joint show this year and their enchanting performances accompanied by captivating dance routines proved why they are rated among the best on the local showbiz scene.

Young Ingwe was the first to perform belting out their sing-along hits with revellers joining the group on the dance floor.

Peter took fans down memory lane when he performed the track Moyo Wekurera a duet done by his father and Somandla Ndebele.

Sulu came on stage amid wild cheers from fans after Young Igwe had electrified the fully packed venue.

As he got on stage, there was pushing and shoving as fans battled to get closer to the artiste.

Fans could not get enough of Sulu around 10pm as they remained at the venue despite the musician notifying them that they were past the cut off time.

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