Video: ‘Mugabe must go’ demos rock Lusaka

President Mugabe on Saturday came face to face with how Zambians feel about his continued 35-year grip on power. Huge crowds chanted “Mugabe must go!” at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Lusaka.

Watch video below:

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  1. thank you zambia , one zambia one zimbabwe, THANK YOU THANK YOU ZAMBIA

  2. Thank you our brothers and sisters in Zambia that was a clear sign of unity the oldman is now thinking he owns Zimbabwe with his family. Mugabe is now too old Zimbabweans are also tired but his security is very dangerous.They kill whoever is opposed to their God father.
    People in Zimbabwe are living in fear because of the African Hitler.

  3. Zambians. Amadoda sibili. Men & women with balls. Shows even in their soccer. The federation between Zambia & Zim should be revived again. Were the two 1 nation Tibili would have long been shown the exit by our gallant brothers. Hopefully the new Zambian leadership will take a cue from their people.

  4. well done zambians. I hope all nations will do the same where ever this man will visit.

  5. zvinohwisa tsitsi kwazvo kuti kutambura kwemwana weZimbabwe kwatekeshera ne pasi rose. . . nhy Matibili haunzweo nyasha nesu here?

    thank you Zambians for telling this fossil he is lived beyond his expiry date

  6. Mapenzi Dhumanai Chaizvo

    Shame on you the shallow minded few who are easily fooled by those bent on making a few bucks with this Mugabe mast go shit . Whats new about these drunks who are paid to try and portray the President as a bad person . Wake up guys !!!! The handfull of drunks does not constitute the views of the Zambians . Those drunks could have been bused from Mbare Musika

  7. Iwe ndiwe wakadhakwa musoro wako wakazara chiZanu.Mapenzi magara munonetsa kuZambia kuneMbare. Asi uri wechipangano.Vakadzi vaSekuru muchazokura rinhi.

    1. True tht we are scared of the monster

  8. Thank you to the brothers and sisters in Zambia, I hope Mugabe had a glimpse of what democracy is and that you don’t kill people for demonstrating. I am sure he almost exploded with anger and wished his black boots could save his day.

  9. this shud be done every in every country he goes..Thank you Zambian for such a wonderful surprise

  10. Its shame to is Africans and our so powefull leaders. Why didi he go there when the ballots where still counted and the resultd where still far from being announced. Thanks to the brave brothers and sisters in Zambia for sending the good massage the dictator. For sure mugabe must go

  11. Thanks brave brothers and sisters in Zambia. I think now Africa is starting to know how bad is Mugabe. We have been crying but only supreesed with his self centred powers. Mugabe must Go

  12. zambians helped us get freedom from the colonial rule and now they helping us get freedom from mugabe dictatorship. lol Even our neighbors are tired of our internal affairs and issues.

  13. the problem is SADC & AU makes Mugabe the chairperson. wats tht?? arikutambiswa front nekuchembera bcoz anogona kutukirira varungu vavaitya. vachamudzinga paachati, ‘pasi ne SADC’

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  15. Hazvina kunaka zvamunoita imi ma Zambians.? Imi makamboisa kaMurungu kenyu panyanga takambowanza here

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