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Sphinx Platinum revives Harare’s nightlife


SEVERAL factors have been blamed for the deterioration of Harare’s nightlife, yet it appears the demand for entertainment has instead increased.

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Due to the dynamic nature of showbiz, Zimbabweans have found themselves being swept from under their feet and pretty often they have to live with the unbearable.

A good example would be the dance group craze that has swivelled from House music to Rhumba dance and now erotica.

Yet in most cases there is a class that has not been catered for.

You rarely find a club where A-listers can party with abandon far from the long lens of the paparazzi.

But Sphinx Platinum looks poised to bridge that gap as they have been hosting several celebrities at their club at the Cresta Oasis Hotel.

Spencer Madziya, proprietor of the club said providing lounging space for celebrities has always been their goal.

“It is the idea we had and we have maintained that status. You only do see A-listers gracing the place,” Madziya said.

“There is no competition in the CBD and being nestled in a hotel environment, it gives some exclusivity.”

Looking at the local music scene however, most of the so called celebrities seem not live the glamorous life that is associated with celebrities.

But Madziya said local celebrities have managed to adapt and have started small businesses to subsidise the bleeding music industry.

He said unlike the thinking that many of the artistes that patronise his club are hangers on most of them are actually doing well in their small businesses.

“One thing i know is that music is a business a big industry in itself, indeed shows might have dwindled and money really not trickling in like the rest of the industries. But the innovative artistes have branched into other business that support them for example Cindy Munyavi is in clothing retail, Nox into marketing and branding, so to say they are milking me is a gross misrepresentation, but we are helping each other for the good of the industry,” he said.

“Those who need help yes I do chip in for them to achieve their goal.”

The space has been hosting different album launches and parties of different magnitude for instance the Kalado welcome party while it maintains a decent atmosphere.

Madziya said however he is not making money from the venture he is breaking even and he is content that his passion for local music is at least satiated.
He said the business has also benefited from the association with different personalities who are active on different social sites as he gets into tap into their followers.

The venue will next Saturday be hosting club DJ Dee Nosh’s birthday bash at an event that is expected attract hordes of celebrities.

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