Soul Jah Love attacks ‘Gamatox’ in song

ZIMDANCEHALL chanter Soul Jah Love has waded into Zanu PF faction politics after he released a song attacking the party’s under-fire former secretary for administration, Didymus Mutasa.


The track also showers praises on First Lady Grace Mugabe.
Grace’s entry into local politics as Zanu PF’s Women’s League boss in August last year has seen some artistes showering her with praise songs, portraits and sculpted stone images.

Part of the lyrics in Soul Jah Love’s two-minute-29 seconds song goes like, Vakanga vasimbisana Gamatox takavaratidza vaita majokes nekuti mayouths hatingakuvarire mukati isu hatizi masocks, Hatidi namhamha vedu, Mhamha Grace ndovega, vedu murace vanoseta pace hapana chiface
Tasimbisana nekuti takabatanidzwa naVaGomwe (Godwin) hanzi itai mushandira pamwe hatidi kuti mhamha vatsamwe imba yavo varamwe
Vavengi atingavape mukana mhandu, ngandu kuda kuronga kunge munoranga kunge munotonga apa muchitenga manga muchiponda Nyika Mhamha pindirai….

Vanozviziva kuti kuno vari grounded hatidi kuvaona kunohavatongi………Ukangovaterera haufe nenzara Varipo amai veZimbabwe ndimhamha vedu doctor Grace Mhamha vefundo…

Gomwe is Zanu PF Harare provincial youth chairperson and was instrumental in mobilising support during Grace’s “Meet the People” tours ahead of the December Zanu PF congress.

Soul Jah Love steps into the footsteps of Born Free Crew, Mbare Chimurenga Choir and Tambaoga among others in praising the First Family.

The Ndini Uya Uya singer’s composing of the track has been received with mixed feelings by some music fanatics who spoke to this publication saying he should not have openly showed his allegiance to Zanu PF.

“I am Soul Jah Love fan, but the route he has taken now will see him soon facing the acid test of politics.”

“He might be a Zanu PF supporter, but as a musician he must know that his fans are of different political beliefs so he must not have openly shared his political opinion with the public. He still has a long way to go in the industry,” said the musician’s fan who identified himself as Ras Belly.

However, Soul Jah Love is not the only musician to publicly declare allegiance to the First Family in song.

Dendera musician Sulumani Chimbetu has also composed a song in praise of Grace called Idah Nhoro off his latest offering Gunship. The song features superstar Oliver Mtukudzi.

NewsDay is reliably informed that Grace named one of the children at her Mazowe home Idah Nhoro, a name reported to be of her mother.
Initially, when Sulu was performing the song at live shows before the release of the album, the track was given the title Amai Muri Musimboti with Shona lyrics.

However, when Sulu released the album the song’s lyrics were translated into Swahili. In the song, Sulu marvels at the First Lady’s charity works among them the establishment of the Mazowe Children’s Home.

A newly-formed musical group Off Springs of Land composed tracks and videos of the album Titungamirirei which also showers praises on Grace pleading with and encourages her to lead Zimbabwe.

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  2. Avoid The Groid

    This untalented idiot is hoping to be invited at the Matibili moscan’s 109th birthday party. Very stupid young idiot indeed. Zanoid dhodh.

  3. what grade does this guy smoke??

  4. How can you even think of praising that stupid, uneducated atop It! woman?

  5. What next? A song praising Lord Cremora?

  6. I zheti kani. Mpfana arikuda ma dhora amudhara. Endi hanzi apiwa bhegi nemabhanzi nechikwati..

    Zvake zvabhadhara isu tichipopota kuno

  7. Warashika mupfana .. that spells your demise . Think of the likes of tambaoga , brian muteki and Simon chimbetu, andy brown . Hazvibadhare zvawaita mark my words and this space uchazotiudza

  8. John WeKwaRusape

    I love this Soul Jah. I am waiting to listen to the song. Pasi naMudhidhi masi Mutasa, mhondi yakatiurayira hama ku Headlands. Aifunga kuti hazvipere.

  9. Dear Soul Jar Love. Your application to be thrown into the dustbin of the music industry was very successful. I welcome you with both hands.

  10. Reminds me of Andy Brown, Simon Chimbetu, Tambaoga, Taurai Mteki, Sister Flame. Singing politics killed their musical careers.

  11. This is the End of the Biggining young man. Your story Ends here, the road you have chosen is a bad one this i believe is supported by those who took the same road. I don’t know what you were thinking when you chose to write that song especially taking into consideration the fact that your music (all of it) is bubblegum music. Very sorry

  12. sauro is now confused !!!!

  13. Emru Kunanti (BSc,BA, BCom, MA, MSc, LLM, LLD, PhD)

    But this is not the first time makambonzwa ma lyrics esong yake yekuti Zimbabwe here? I don’t know why these young artists become so desperate. Perhaps, his career is already going down hence the need to spice up with a bit of attention seeking.

  14. Soul Jah Love hanzi unoda fodya rough, asi dzazokuuraira chipo manje kkkk welcome to the dust bin

  15. kakazungaira….kana wapererwa taura

  16. The simple minds, bro Tutani you were spot on. Munodzoka movanyepera kuti ma artist, ma celebrity – Hogwash.

  17. Stanislaus Mudhenge

    Sol jar luv mfan wakpus sterek…

  18. Dancehall Analyst

    Soulja Luv don dig yooo own grave Rasta man,you ah a talented young ghetto yuttie,Yo will give more chances and ratings to the Mabhanditi crew da lyks of Calaz e.t.c Don mix Music and Politics heyyy.

  19. so funny indeed…soujah luv’s ndini uya uya starts with ndomutenda Tsvangirai…d u evn knw wat u rly want nhai chibaba chacho…maakuda kula nema nanzva Gire manje

  20. mfana uyu achasu.. utsi nemukanwa neyaatamba iyi yechitsaga tsaga

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