Securico eyes Mozambique

ONE of the country’s leading private security services providers, Securico (Pvt) Limited, says it plans to expand its operations into Mozambique as it seeks to spread its wings into the regional market.


Securico managing director Divine Ndhlukula told NewsDay last week that initial works in Mozambique had already started and full operations would be in place by the end of the year.

“In 2015 our major thrust is to look beyond the borders, we would want to begin with Mozambique and we have already done the ground work.

“We are hoping by end of this year it will be operational and then going forward will work towards opening other branches in Zambia among many other countries in Africa,” Ndhlukula said.

The regional thrust comes after Securico managed to spread its tentacles in the country with over 20 branches in all major towns.

“I think we have pretty much covered all the centres in Zimbabwe, but the only thing is that obviously we want to grow our chosen markets, that is, the financial services and we have started offering cash and other solutions on the market. Some of the solutions are electronic-related and we also want to grow in the mining sector,” Ndhlukula said.

She said there were a number of new products that the group was planning to introduce into the market soon.

“We have just started the service where we can monitor even the cables underground. This is the service we have juststarted providing among many other offerings,” she said.

Ndhlukula said for one to be able to grow a business requires the need to strive in adding value.

She added that one of the biggest challenges facing the security sector was delays in payments by clients due to economic challenges facing the country.

Securico technical consultant Sam Kanoyangwa said one of the latest offerings by the group was the integrating of access controls alarms systems into one system.

“Another thing that is happening is that most of the clients today want to take ownership of the security, instead of having us controlling the systems.

“They also want to control their own systems by receiving and being able to note the alarms from their Ipads and phones.

“Although will still receive the alarm and we do rapid response, they also want to be able to know what’s happening within their homes, so security is moving to people wanting to control and take ownership of the systems and we are actually implementing the systems right now, that one can actually monitor the systems from a cellphone,” Kanoyangwa said.

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  2. joseph nyamombe

    Well Done Securico for achieveing such a great feat. we really admire such companies that are putting Zimbabwe on the global map. Keep on shining and know that as Zimbabwe we are fully behind you…..

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