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Renewing ourselves for a better Zimbabwe


2015 is here, yaaaaaaaaaay finally!

Grace Chirenje

A quick scan of my close friends and family revealed 2014 as a tough year, financially or otherwise well, I don’t know.

As for me, it was just like any other year – I won some, I lost some and most importantly I am here to witness 2015 in its highs and lows which by the way I think make sup life alright.

As I looked at this and reflected on 2014, I was left with awe at our lived realities. Here are some of my personal insights to help us reflect.

No matter how messed up politics looks, our lives still go on. It seemed that in 2014, we did waste quite a lot of time focusing on the Zanu PF elective congress thinking this and that, theorising and hoping making some even angry.

The reality is that the congress came to pass yet we still have our lives to live. No matter how we look at politics in Zimbabwe and what we desire, this politics is way above us and I am sure it is not linked positively to our well being.

No one really seems to care about the improvement of our lived realities in as much as they care about power, control and wealth.
So I figured if ever I am going to have a fair piece of mind, I better mind my own business and focus on what makes me tick and not drown myself in this politics that has mostly heartbreaks.

It’s clear it is for the few elite and yet mostly selfish players whose decisions are bent on personal gains and has nothing to do with improving Zimbabwean’s status.

There are many political enthusiasts whose insights are nothing, but bent on entertainment.

Looks like the majority of Zimbabweans are bent on a critical voice of analysis in as far as politics is concerned. Is it a bad thing though?

Of course not, but when such discourse is so charged with negativity and with no sense of progress I get concerned.

When all we seem to do is analyse and not act then it becomes very empty entertainment with no hope for a better future.

Do not get me wrong, I also am a passionate lover of loafing and empty discussions, but they need to have a sense of fulfillment and direction all right.

So unless such politically charged analyses actually contribute to my next meal, paying my kids fees and ensuring that there is a slight shift in mood and positive energy then I suppose its called wasting time.

I would rather focus on playing with my son or better still making funny faces with my daughter, more fulfilling I would say.
Finally, it is sad that Zimbabwe generally has drowned in this pool of corruption.

Let us take sometime to look at what is going on around us and it is obvious with just a tiny bit of effort we would actually transform spaces, companies, political parties, society and many others into progressive and well meant plus progressive areas.

But aloof, we seem more bent on this self-destructive path that I find shocking not just for me, but also for future generations. What ever happened to ubuntu/unhu – simply put caring about the next person’s well fare and well-being?

Can we still just dig somewhere within express love, and ourselves care concern on our neighbour?

It is high time we stop looking at government, non-governmental organisations and others as the ones to save us but offer whatever little help we can to transform Zimbabwe.

My friend from the diplomatic circles said that only Zimbabweans can “save” Zimbabwe and, yes, he is right because this country belongs to you and me. It is our sole duty to transform this country into what we desire to see happing.

The blame game is not going to help us but little actions with each breath actually could be a huge possibility for real change.

So, as we start this year – 2015 — with anticipation, hope and awe plus the famous 10-day fasts, let us remember that there is much more to this country than looking for help outside of ourselves.

Look in the mirror and see the face that ought to make sure there is no littering, there is positive energy on our roads, the drama is less and that we spread more love than hate.

We can be a more tolerant nation and transform Zimbabwe into the once bread basket of Africa even if it means knocking on these politicians doors and sharing our personal insights then nagging them until what we want to see happening actually takes place.

Zimbabwe can never be the same in 2015; after all we made it into this new year (tapinda tapinda as my tout brothers and ghetto fabulous mates would say!).

It is possible, lets do it!

Grace Chirenje writes in her personal capacity and would be excited to hear from you. You can contact Grace on graceruvimbo@gmail.com

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