Parly to confront Mugabe over Constitution

JUSTICE and Constitutional Affairs parliamentary portfolio committee chairperson Jessie Majome says when Parliament resumes sitting next week, her committee plans to take the Executive head-on over its alleged disregard of the Constitution.


Majome told NewsDay this week that she was disturbed by President Robert Mugabe’s disregard of other arms of government and the Executive’s alleged laissez faire approach in implementing and upholding provisions of the Constitution.

“We will take appropriate remedies as provided for by the Constitution in the House to cause the President to obey and uphold the Constitution as his list of breaches is growing by the day,” Majome said.

She added: “Besides the recent deployment of defence forces without promptly informing Parliament, the President has not issued a state of the nation address to the House and nation as required by the Constitution. We are, therefore, going to remind him of his constitutional obligations.”

Mugabe, who is the Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, last week deployed a contingent to provide VVIP security at the ongoing Africa Cup of Nations football finals in Equatorial Guinea without consulting Parliament in alleged breach of the Constitution.

The government, according to Majome, has been delaying implementing the Constitution in full by “hiding” behind outstanding laws that need to be aligned to the Constitution. Ads

“The Executive continues to behave as if they are no institutions where it should account to, but I am also disappointed by the civil society and media who have not applied pressure on the alignment of laws and full implementation of the Constitution,” she said.

The Executive is still to implement devolution of local governments as encapsulated in the Constitution. Provincial governments are also still to be inaugurated more than one and a half years after the 2013 general elections.


  1. Its about time. No one is above the law. Murder has no statute of limitations, it is time to bring to book all those who committed atrocities including Gukurahundi. Ripayi ngozi tisati tasvika.

  2. Someone is doing something. keep the ball rolling.

  3. My Hon Mp do you think this will happen? I for see this being dragged until 2018 as long as its to their advantage. Continue pilling the pressure.

  4. pamberi ne constitution yenyika yedu!

    A President is an employee like any other government employee. If he is not doing his work let alone ignoring obligations to the owners of the very state that employs him or her, he or she can be fired just like any other employee for violating the terms of employment and gross dereliction of duty by the Parliament which is made up of the elected representatives of the country’s owners regardless of political party. Majome and other parliamentarians must be encouraged to call the executive to account and where necessary sanction it and its members.

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