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Parents battle to secure Grade 1, Form 1 places


SCHOOLS opened yesterday with most parents still battling to secure Grade One and Form One places as most schools in the capital had closed their enrolment registers.


Most parents interviewed by NewsDay in Harare urged government and the local authority to build more schools as most schools in the capital could no longer match the city’s growing population.

A snap survey by NewsDay showed that most schools in Harare had long queues of parents making last-minute attempts to secure places for their children.
The headmaster at Shingirayi Government Primary School, Naboth Nhende, said the opening day had gone smoothly although they received several parents still seeking places.

“All is well, school has started on a good note although we might have some parents who are still coming to look for places for their children,” Nhende said.
“However, we are coping well. Some parents are coming and promising to pay fees in a day or two.”

The situation was the same at David Livingstone, Blakiston and Highlands primary schools.

Primrose Chihota, a parent at David Livingstone Primary School, said she had visited three schools earlier to look for a Grade 6 place for her daughter to no avail.

“It seems as if there are not enough schools to accommodate all the children now because all the schools I am going to am being told that there is no place try at another school,” Chihota said.

“Something should be done because we cannot suffer like this just to get a primary school place for your child.”

Another parent interviewed by NewsDay at Highlands Primary School said: “I delayed in looking for a place so I thought I would try today I might get something but it’s proving to be difficult where I am going.”

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