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New minerals will be discovered in Zim — Magaya


Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) leader Walter Magaya has prophesied that “new minerals” will be discovered in Zimbabwe this year.

Silence Charumbira
Staff Writer

Addressing thousands of congregants who thronged his 2015 Crossover All Night prayer at his church in Waterfalls on New Year’s Eve, Magaya said he had received a message from God on December 22 that the country would soon “awaken” with the discovery of new minerals.

“God said I want to go back to the basic. Chese chichabatwa nemunhu ngachibereke chinyowani (Let everyone’s endeavour bear fruit),” he said to a frenzied crowd.

Magaya, however, did not reveal the new minerals set for discovery in the country.

He said African countries, particularly Zimbabwe have been the laughing stock of the world.

“There shall be wonders in Mozambique. There shall be wonders in Zimbabwe. Barrenness is going forever. We are about to be fruitful. We are about to multiply,” said Magaya.

“I wish if (sic) you could understand what is about to happen. Some said they had seen takeover in 2014 but no-we are multiplying.
Testimonies are increasing. From the 80’s whites were coming from Europe to preach for us, but there is a shift. We are coming from Africa and preaching for them. They are going to sit down and listen to an African man.”

There were several testimonies from people who claimed to have been healed by Magaya or escaped unscratched from serious accidents after using PHD’s anointing oil. Earlier on Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave performed at the service.

During the Magaya service, several people in front appeared to be vomiting in similar fashion and cleaners would run with buckets of sand to cover the vomit.

As midnight came, Magaya led the congregants in prayer before announcing the New Year.

Magaya then asked the congregants to give their offerings.
He asked the ushers to distribute envelopes where people placed their offerings in cash which they would personally bring to the heavily guarded stage.

It took well over an hour as people queued to place their envelopes on the stage.

In the meantime the praise and worship team was on stage churning out remixes of secular musician the late Simon Chimbetu’s Tenda.
The music, the dancing and the dressing in some instances would easily be mistaken for any other social event. The prayer service was attended by several dignitaries among them diplomats, businesspeople and senior government officials. Popular musician, Chinx Chingaira also attended.

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