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MP to pay $450 maintenance


GOKWE-NEMBUDZIYA MP Justice Mayor Wadyajena (Zanu PF), whose $1 500 maintenance order was last year quashed by the High Court, yesterday breathed a sigh of relief after the figure was revised downwards to $450 per month.


Harare magistrate Tafadzwa Muvhami, however, warned the legislator that neglecting and failing to maintain his 10-year-old daughter child was in violation of the Maintenance Act.

The court ruled that Wadyajena’s former lover Wadzanai Mudare would cater for the child’s rent and transport to school since she had refused to let the child stay with her father.

During the last court hearing, Mudare accused Wadyajena of placing more value on his campaign billboard where he was paying $500 every month at the expense of his daughter’s upkeep where he offered to pay $200 per month. In October last year, Mudare filed an $11 600 maintenance claim against the MP.

But, Wadyajena urged the court to dismiss the claim arguing it was outrageous, “unfavourable and unsustainable” and offered to pay $200 instead.

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