Minister calls for Cuthbert Dube ouster

SPORTS deputy minister Tabetha Kanengoni-Malinga yesterday called on football stakeholders who voted Zimbabwe Football Association (Zifa) president Cuthbert Dube into office to rescind their decision because he had failed the local game.


Speaking during the question and answer session in Parliament, Kanengoni-Malinga said it was better to be suspended by Fifa for the ultimate good of the local game.

Malinga said corrective measures would be taken during that time such that when the country would be eventually readmitted into the international football family the local game would be in better shape with an able leadership.

“Government is saying we are not happy with Zifa. If we have to be suspended, let it be so. It will help us in future to put our house in order,” she said.
“After the suspension, we will be okay. We won’t be the first to be suspended.”

She said although government was not allowed to interfere in the day –to –day running of local soccer or to remove the leadership of the football governing body, she felt that people who voted Zifa president Dube into office should boot him out because he had failed.

“We are of the opinion that those who voted Cuthbert Dube (into office) should come to their senses and vote him out,” she said. According to Fifa statutes, however, conditions for re-admission would include recalling the people who would have been ejected from office.

Malinga said although the government was struggling financially, it was doing its best to engage other partners and was working on a number of deals with several stakeholders to improve sport in the country.

She said prospects were brighter in 2015 following the country’s successful hosting of the 6th edition of the Zone 6 Youth Games in December last year.

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  1. I would like to think that decision must be made by people with football at heart. Not necessarily political appointees, who have never kicked a ball in their life. Mrs Malinga, do you have anyone in mind who has come to you and says they have big corporate sponsors who have put at least two million in trust to support the association, in its annual activities. Do you have anyone that is saying I want to pay off ZIFA’s debts of seven million enabling them to start on a fresh page. I am sure the whole of Zimbabwe would love to support such a candidate. Why not cast the first stone as a government representative by putting in 10 million dollars to wipe its debt. For years you have neglected sponsorship of the association but demanded fees to be paid to you. My honourable minister ZIFA is not a money spinning business. Why don’t you cast the first stone by turning this economy around, providing employment and attracting investors, then ZIFA can feed on a sound economy. And more people at the turnstiles. Why don’t you ask PSL to find sponsorship that pours reasonable amounts into football, and if you do not know consult Leslie Gwindi and he will give you a piece of his mind. I know you are a mafikizolo (johnny come late to this debate)but kana musina zvekutaura musarote muparliament, taurirai vanhuchokwadi in robust debates. Not just what they want to hear. Dube as an elected Chair stays and so should his board until they are people whothink they can challenge the status quo with something tangible they bring to the table. Dube is just doing what we voted for him to do, and our four national divisions are doing excellent work. All players who have fail us at national level are from the PSL why not ask them. Why don’t you ask them to make greater contribution to ZIFA. Look at the environment, it is not conducive politically, socially and economically, and I know you appreciate that very well and waiting for it to pass so that everything gets back to normal. I bet those normal benefits will filter down to ZIFA as well. Otherwise tangai maisa effort pamvura yakachena nemagetsi and roads, medicines, prisons and so on. Musati mabata ZIFA. We are not prepared to be made an example by FIFA in proposed 15 year ban they are muting. NADA. Heads will not only fall ikoko muhurumende they will be buried in the ground.

  2. As for their meeting with the SRC-ZIFA. I think only Dube can dissolve the current board, albeit only unwillingly, or fire Mashingaidze at great cost. The board should find ways of not fighting their problems with Mashingaidze in the press, in itself both a dereliction and breach of duty of care, and privacy with regards to the image of both the association of all football and their perceived capacity and capability as directors and that of their peers. I would welcome new elections only if both chairman as representative of the board and possibly Mashingaidze agree to it. Neither are not convinced they are at fault, their side is misrepresented in the press or not given time at all. And most of their questions to other parties seem to go unanswered

  3. Long Overdue. Its the Gvts responsibility to protect its citizens from stress ZIFA is stressing us. Besides we are as good as suspended the warriors are out of action and will be a for a long time Might warriors same story under 23 same issue we are already leaving like a suspended nation

    1. iwe malinga firing dube is not the solution and it is not even necessary. if you want to remedy a boil, squeeze it out together with its root. iwe zvauri mu parliament, move a motion for a vote of no confidence on robert gabriel mugabe matibili first because age yake yaipa please then tozosvika kuna dube. kana uri mukadzi akasimba sematauriro ako then move that motion and we will applaud you for that courage.

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