Members of Zanu PF statement to the citizens of Zimbabwe


NO 1 OF 2015


Fellow  Comrades and Friends:


We are pleased to address you on behalf of all the loyal members of ZANU (PF) who are determined to restore the image of our party. Needless to say, this is a response to the unprecedented and destructive events before, during and after the so-called “6th National People’s Congress” held unconstitutionally in December 2014, the summary expulsions and suspensions of loyal members and the imposition of party leadership by one person, effectively abandoning the “one-man-one-vote” that we fought for.  This statement  states our position and concerns and those of the members  we are representing. We also make reference to the contents and substance of Cde D.N.E Mutasa’s letter to the SADC Chairman in which he asserted the following points:


  1.  We are dismayed by the unlawful conduct leading up to and surrounding the purported congress;
  2.  He indicated that we will remain married to the principles we fought for including, “one man one vote”, where majority rule prevails , which was not recognized   in the recently unprocedurally amended ZANU PF constitution “adopted” at the illegal December meeting which masqueraded as a “Congress”. It gives all votes to the First Secretary and President alone and also violates the supreme law of the country. It is therefore, in the eyes of the majority of Zanu PF members, null and void along with all that transpired at and the purported resolutions at the so-called “Congress”.
  3.   We call on ZANU PF to operate as it did before the so-called 6th congress, which itself was unlawful.
  4.  We also appeal to all party members everywhere to remain peaceful as we strive for the democracy that we fought for.
  5.  This meeting was flawed, and held outside of Zanu PF own constitutional guidelines.


As loyal members of ZANU (PF), we agree with these points and further appeal to SADC to assist in resolving this crisis created by the so-called “congress” which continues to be a serious threat to the stability of ZANU (PF), Zimbabwe and the region at large.

 Before we deal with the shortcomings and illegalities of the so-called 6th National People’s Congress, we categorically refute and dismiss once and for all the  allegations peddled by certain counter-revolutionaries, that Amai Mujuru and others plotted to oust the First Secretary and President of Zanu Pf and the Republic of Zimbabwe, Comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe from being President through assassination.

 Amai Mujuru and others categorically deny the allegations. The allegations are malicious and preposterous, and have no foundation whatsoever. It is a clear political smear campaign intended to tarnish and obliterate Amai Mujuru’s history of commitment and dedication to the liberation of this country and the betterment of the people of Zimbabwe.  ZANU (PF) has never been a platform for settling personal vendettas, but a revolutionary movement with a clear mandate to foster unity, peace and development, and most importantly to champion the economic recovery of Zimbabwe. We should go back to the founding principles of the Patriotic Front.

 We refuse to allow our beloved party to be destroyed by power hungry political imposters who have abused party structures for personal gain. All provinces under the leadership of the ousted chairmen had unanimously endorsed Comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe as the First Secretary and President of the Party. How could they rebel against a President they have endorsed? This was propaganda which was aimed at making people fear to associate with Amai Mujuru, and must be dismissed with the contempt it deserves.


Now turning to the illegitimate congress, our position is as follows:



We observed a number of irregularities arising from the total disregard of the ZANU (PF) constitution in the period leading to, during and after the congress:


(a)    Questionable Constitutionality of the so-called “6th National People’s Congress” of December 2014.


ZANU PF is a party that upholds its principles and guidelines as pronounced by the constitution, which has  clear provisions guiding the holding of congresses and presentation of business for the congress.  According to the constitution, a true Zanu PF congress must be elective, providing a free and fair platform for all the party members to elect leaders of their choice without intimidation, victimization, fear or trepidation. This unconstitutional meeting denied  members of Zanu PF, their constitutional rights through often violent intimidation and coercion and the last minute illegal amendments made to the  constitution.  The politburo and central committee meetings immediately preceding the so-called congress were shrouded in threats, fear, and total failure to express individual opinion. This unconstitutional meeting therefore denied innocent members their constitutional right to freely elect leaders of their choice.


(b)    Unprocedural changes to the Constitution.

Article 30 of the ZANU (PF) Constitution as read with section 253 states that the power to amend the Constitution shall vest in the Central Committee, and shall be ratified by Congress, BUT with the following pre conditions:

(253)(3)   The Provincial Executive Council shall, in the case of all proposed amendments, whether these emanate from it or from subordinate Party organs, forward the sane to the Secretary for Administration;

(253)(4)   Any proposed amendments shall be submitted to the Secretary for Administration, at least THREE MONTHS before the date of the meeting of the Central Committee at which the amendment is to be considered;

(253)(5)   The Secretary for Administration, upon receipt of the proposed amendments, shall cause the same to be circulated to the Provinces at least two months before the date of meeting.


The above procedures were not followed deliberately and thus the changes made to the Zanu PF constitution are a nullity. The Central Committee remains the supreme decision making body, and hence allowing one individual or a clique to put their interests ahead of the collective interests of the majority of party members will eventually transfer power from the masses to one individual. It negates the supremacy of the Central Committee outside Congress and of Congress itself when in session.


We believe that if ZANU PF allows this to go unchallenged, we would be indirectly posing a threat to the National Constitution of the Republic of Zimbabwe. This approach to constitutionalism by a Ruling Party can pose a risk to constitutionalism at the national level.


(c)     Unlawful and irregular “votes of no confidence”

Our Party is governed by a member-driven constitution with clear provisions on how issues are handled.  The build up to this illegal congress was littered by a barrage of unlawful “votes of no confidence” across all the provinces.  Our points of concern about these votes of no confidence are as follows:


  1. i) The alleged “votes of no confidence” were only aimed at people perceived to be associated with or sympathetic to the Second Secretary and Vice President of the Party Joice T R Mujuru. It must be noted that it is not a criminal offence to agree with someone’s point of view, and / or to appreciate their integrity as a leader in upholding Party values and principles. The culling of the Provincial Chairmen and people who were elected by the majority of members in their provinces by small rented crowds of hooligans, ( purporting to represent the majority provincial members  who had previously voted by secret ballot) was and remains  unconstitutional and therefore illegal.


  1. ii) We refuse therefore to allow this poisonous weed to blossom within the party for which many gallant sons and daughters have dedicated their entire political lives to and many more died in pursuit of the principle of “one man- man one vote”.


iii)    The purported “votes of no confidence” were effected just before the illegal December meeting was held, without any charges or disciplinary proceedings being brought to bear on any member, let alone being completed.  If the Targets  were inept in the discharge of their duties within the provinces, why wait until the last minute to take action? This was a well-calculated move to instill fear in the Zanu PF rank and file and thus deprive  party cadres of their right to elect leaders of their choice.  If indeed these were justified, why have the same improperly elected “leaders”  now issued a moratorium on the so called “vote of no confidence” processes? It is very clear, as it was then, that these “votes of no confidence” were and remain illegal. We are therefore calling  on ZANU PF cadres to join us in refusing to accept the illegal congress and its outcomes, we call on our dear  Comrades to stand united  remain resolute in their defence of the true values of the liberation struggle towards which we ALL made contributions which has been hijacked by Amafikizolo.


One man one vote”  –  ma Comrades.”


  1. iv) We are therefore calling on all peace-loving patriotic and loyal ZANU (PF) cadres to join us in refusing illegality and remain resolute in our defense of the values of the struggle.  We reject and dismiss the unconstitutional appointments made at this illegal meeting.

(v)    Members were robbed of their constitutional right to appeal through the National Disciplinary Committee as provided for in the ZANU (PF) constitution.  The continued threats on party office bearers rendered the National Disciplinary Committee powerless, and further eroding the democratic principles and values that have been the foundation of the valiant party since its inception.

(vi)   The “votes of no confidence” were passed by people who were not in the party structures.  How could a person elected into office by thousands in the province be removed from office by a group of people who are not even provincial members? These “votes of no confidence” were illegal, null and void.  We reject the summary dismissals of people without following ZANU (PF)’s own constitution, and the basic rules of natural justice provided by the Zanu PF and National Constitutions, such as the right to be heard, free of bias and prejudice.



We note with regret the resultant erosion of internal democracy as follows:

According to our Party constitution, every member has a right to vote, and or be voted into any position according to Party guidelines.  It is also common cause that the party has gone through unashamed violations and abuse of all the democratic tenets and common decency within the party.  This has been eroded by dictatorship and personality cults created as a weapon to gain and/or retain power.  One of the key values that motivated the liberation struggle was the aspect of “one-man-one-vote”, which was denied the people of this country by the  Late Ian Smith regime.  This has been eroded and power has been centralized into a group of selfish individuals driven by greed and hate. Instead of fostering internal democracy as espoused in the ZANU (PF) founding principles, a clique emphasizing hate politics has overtaken the original principles of the party established right at the beginning of the struggle. This clique has introduced a sinister political culture of hatred, corruption, conflict, division, indiscipline, manipulation, and recklessness, which is the antithesis of the traditional democratic norms, and characteristic of ZANU (PF).




The rallies leading to the so-called “6th National People’s Congress” left a trail of destruction and division in the party.  Outside the party and the country’s constitutions and any moral tenets, Amai Grace Mugabe went around the country preaching the gospel of hate in the presence of our very impressionable youths and the traumatized impoverished population. The following is worth mentioning:


  • Collaboration with the President.


In the build-up to this illegal congress, it became clear that this clique of evil plotters had successfully waylaid Amai Grace Mugabe and Comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe and started using them as weapons to unleash venomous and uncouth statements against anyone they perceived to be standing for the original ZANU (PF) values, ideals and ethos. As upright cadres of the revolution, we resolutely and patiently waited for the cardinal direction of our elected First Secretary and President of ZANU (PF), but his customary clear and unequivocal stance did not come until this undemocratic congress.  In disbelief ZANU (PF) and the whole nation listened to their leader berating his own protégés not only in the party but in government and the august house of parliamentgovernment.  It will go down in the annals of our ZANU (PF) history that for the first time the elected leader alienated himself from the people by this behavior.  Instead of mapping the road for Zimbabwe’s economic recovery and major policies uplifting our people, the congress became a farce and degenerated into a praise and worship playhouse.


We strongly and regrettably bemoan the fact that this clique has robbed President R.G. Mugabe of his legacy as a unifier, a rational thinker and not only a national leader, but also one who inspired the region and the continent of Africa.  After the 2014 whirlwind of legislation of mob rule, summarily expulsion of loyal members for perceived support of a sitting Vice President and as mentioned above, departure from the undisputable tenet  of the liberation struggle – “one man-one-vote” to imposition of leaders, we now wonder how the nation, region and continent view our once revered President.



Given the illegality of the so-called congress, there is neither constitutional nor moral authority for it to form structures that can lead both the party and the government. We are therefore calling upon all loyal members and constitutionally elected leaders, to remain calm and promote peace as we pursue appropriate legal channels to reclaim the leadership of the party from the jaws of political vultures. 

We are therefore calling for the legal:

  • Nullification of the entire process of the so-called congress as constitutionally flawed.
  • Re-instatement of the entire constitutionally elected office bearers of the party in all structures of all wings, as at the 1st of July 2014.
  • Nullification of all purported constitutional amendments drafted and rail-roaded immediately before this so-called congress.
  • Restoration of the elective dignity of congress and the one-man one vote principle as enunciated by our armed struggle and constitution.

The sad events of the past months reflect a deep-seated historical failure by the Party leadership to correctly handle internal contradictions in the party. Each time the party faces challenges, it resorts to brute force. It fails to sum up its mistakes and experiences and provide durable solutions. Contradictions within the party and society as a whole are natural and expected, but these are non antagonistic and should be resolved through debate, dialogue and negotiations. Leaders’ energy should be channeled towards enhancing democracy, freedom and unity within the party. Constructive criticism and self-criticism are some of the positive core values of the liberation movement and should be encouraged and embraced.

This statement is issued in the broad interest of democracy and in defense of the ZANU (PF) founding principles.

Pamberi ne Zanu PF

Pambili le Zanu PF




On behalf of the following:

  • The entire membership of the party who believe in constitutional law and authority, and the principle of one-man one vote.
  • All elected office bearers who have been unconstitutionally and unceremoniously removed from office without charge.
  • All current office bearers who recognize and accept that they are unconstitutionally appointed.
  • All past members of ZANU (PF), expelled or who dissociated with Zanu PF voluntarily in prior years due to perceived the lack of democratic principles and practice in the party.






  1. welcome back zanupf gamatox, now we can start reading news again

    1. Suluman Macheso

      A good start to the year, the Gamatocks in full gear! Arlutsa Kotapeya!!

    2. When MT said it Mutasa laughed, so why does he now expect Zimbabweans to pity him? Welcome to reality! What else have you been doing together that we need to know so we crucify you all?

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  2. Chenai Chipikiri

    Halalala!!!!!! Where have you been all these years Cde Mutasa. It would be interesting compare and contrast the events surrounding the 11 th hour constitutional amendments of 2004 and 2014. But all the same Cde Mutasa has got balls. Is this the first man to stand up to the bully, I wonder.

    1. He is just crying over spilt milk!

  3. One man one vote my foot. I guess you have been in India over past 6 elections in Zimbabwe. Welcome back.!!!!!

  4. For now we are going to support you cde Mr and your team,not because we like you,but because for the moment we seem to have a common enemy in Zanu Pf . However after dealing with these thieves, let me remind you that we will still be having unfinished business with you and your team well for all the pain you have inflicted to the nation and all the corruption you have and are still doing.So what we are basically doing as aggrieved Zimbabweans is to dissect our complex problem into small manageable problems hence our need to support you now and deal with you later.Dont ever fool yourselves ad think we like you “NO” we don’t like you at all after all you have done to us. So now what next move should we take cde,you seem to understand the zanu pf retain better than most of us.

    1. wise words there

      1. Wise words indeed..

      2. Spot on Masvinudza

    2. Agreed. May the real games begin! Mr. Mugabe is determined to die with the party. Salvation is nigh…

    3. Stupid logic. So after you help these corrupt tyrants to get back to power how are you going to remove them? Where have you seen such a thing happening? Without these goons help Mugabe could not have been where he is. They must rot in the wilderness. You can’t loot the country and the day you fall out of favour with Mugabe you run back to us. We’re not fools.

  5. Mutasa just form a party called ZANU .ZANU(PF)is not immune to what happened to MDC.You can call it United ZANU.

  6. Too much noise. As Mugabe himself pointed out recently Tsvangirai 2008 had 74% of the vote according to the 1 man 1 vote you allegedly fought for. Why didn’t you make so much noise then? What about the nikuved election last year. You know that if you put a dog’s backside on a ballot paper and Mugabe’s face and ask people to vote between the two Mugabe won’t win anything.

    And you’re asking that tea party useless SADC to intervene on what grounds? Zanu PF whether gamatox or weevil or combined does not constitute the nation of Zimbabwe so what,s the point.

    Less noise macomrade plse.

  7. Idzi ndoombanje idzi. Cde Didymus when did u become democratic? An iron fisted fella calling the oot black? ZANU PF will summarily dismiss you by end of this week. Why dont you engage thr President privately and also leave alone Mujuru from your battle?

  8. one scrotum one vote is the cause of all our problems

  9. Crd the problem is there are very few men but far too many bloody scotums,one man one vote is a good cause indeed but how on earth can a bunch of scrotums run a responsible gvt?

  10. it is amazing to see how people can feel the pain when it is them who are the victims, when MDC was crying foul all along about the erosion of democracy in the country those now crying the loudest ( Mutasa and others)were laughing loudest at the time. though in reality certain things that happened were not supposed to happen, I think this serves as a good lesson for Mutasa and others that when others are genuinely concerned about a realistic issue for example MDC in the previous years , without taking sides one needs to look at a situation from an objective and realistic point of view not just moving with the crowd because you are a party member, more so especially issues issues that affect the dalit lives of zimbabweans

    kwehla ngampimbo munye madoda, feel it

    1. It is great to hear from you again after so long..I missed your contributions..and compliments for 2015. It looks like this year has started off on its head…As the chinese will say..may we live in interesting times..

  11. This is though the first logical document I have ever read from a ZanuPF cadre for years. I wish Mutasa had substituted some wording to put MDC because this was their Mugabe they know who changes rules at the last minute and little did they know it will come back to haunt them too. If only from now they learn to live by principles Zimbabwe will never be the same again. We Zimbabweans have a heart that is why we sympathise with this statement even though it is coming from the wrong quarter who wined and dinned with these crocodiles. When the fish (read MDC) ran out the crocodiles turned to their own babies. What we see in the statement has been the true state of ZanuPf for quite a long time except that the victims are now different maybe except Rugare Gumbo.This man has seen it all. We wait to see what the justice system in the country says. But my advise is all principled MPs must just quit Parliament in protest then we will know we have amadoda sibili. I applaud Chasi in Mazowe there fighting a lone battle.

    1. Are there any principled MP’s in Parly? No one in this nation seems prepared to sacrifice for the good of all. Everyone is in it for themselves. Maybe Itai is different!

  12. Interesting to see someone that is willing to stand up to the Head of State and Government, Commander in Chief of the Defense forces…

    Will this be a game change for Didymus Mutasa and crew? We’re not too sure if running to SADC will do anything for him/them or if they should have been looking to the people of Zimbabwe. Yes, elections are far and technically the people can not do anything just yet, but this might solidify themselves for the next election in 2018.

    The FULL story of Mutasa can be found here:, while the FULL description of the Factionalisim in ZANU PF can be found here:

  13. Lord Cremora arikudyamari but arikudzoka manjemanje. Mirai zvenyu muwone zvaachasvikoita kuma bharanzi eGamatox….

  14. Interesting. Cde, Shefu Mutasa, may I quote you?

    “…One of the key values that motivated the liberation struggle was the aspect of “one-man-one-vote”, which was denied the people of this country by the Late Ian Smith regime.”

    Do you see the irony in that statement? You and your party have denied Zimbabweans the one-man-one-vote for the past 35 years and now you bleat about it just because you and your fellow looters have been kicked out of the gravy train? Well, since you could previously not understand how it feels to be denied your right to vote for someone of your choice, all I can say is welcome to our world. Now you know how you have hurt us for all these years.

    “Each time the party faces challenges, it resorts to brute force. It fails to sum up its mistakes and experiences and provide durable solutions.”

    Again you knew that all along, and kept quiet? Because maybe you were afraid that if you spoke out you would be kicked out? Well, I kindly refer you to numerous previous NewsDay, The Independent, The Standard, Daily News editions from the year 2000 up to now. You will be surprised to find that they have been talking about those very same issues. You may be surprised to also read denial statements by someone with a ‘similar’ name to yours, one Dydmus Mutasa, a member of the ZANU PF Presidium. That man, and others in ZANU-PF would call one Morgan R. Tsvangirai and the newspapers that quoted him about ZANU-PF brutality all sorts of names.

    That what a certain race term ‘the shoe being on the other foot’. Kana isu totiwo ‘Dindingwe rinonaka richakweva rimwe, kana rokwevewa…..’

    1. Well said Dindingwe. Ngaambowonawo moto Gamatox.

      1. Spot on Dingingwe! There is almost a total lack of leadership in Zimbabwe. I think it is good though that Diddy is standing up; someone needs to stand up to that lot at the top. I just hope is sees the irony of the whole thing and realises how abusive the whole of ZPF has been to a suffering nation.

  15. This is surprising coming from a Zanu PF Cadre like Mutasa. All along when things were ok for him pretended everything was fine, now he has been bitten by the monster they created he cries foul. It is a good start, lets see how it goes Zimbabwe needs this kind of thinking within Zanu PF.

  16. Am I dreaming or what. Someone pinch me please. Did i just read what I think i read?

  17. Good show, Didymus… Now you have seen the light. But be assured shasha that Lord and Lady Matibili are not going to take this lying down.

  18. Ndikoka kunonzi nevakuru kurumwa nechekuchera uku.


  20. This is RubbiSh comrade Mutasa. you along with all other party cadres who where displaced are cowards and you continue to hero worship the person who is responsible for your demise. now you consider the opinion or sympathy of “fellow citizens” of Zimbabwe simply because of your ouster. Please spare us the whining and show us what you are made of. if you have the support of the electorate as you seem to be insinuating then why not start the revolution tat will see things changing. you re no difference to Morgan Tsvangirai who complains after being out smarted in the political playing field. im no fan of all those that where awarded snr positions in the new setup in Zanu PF but they played their game well enough to see you guys being reduced to mere card carriers. Stop complaining and gather your comrades and show us what you are made of! Simple! SADAC does not care about Zimbabwe. the longer we continue in this state the better it is for them. they are laughing at us as a nation because of your party and lack of courage to change your leadership structures, which in turn brings about change in the country. many have come and gone in ZANU PF, you have an option, to fight for your legacy at all cost, or just end up in the ZANU PF dustbin of used condoms!

  21. Hamba sheleni lami.., ngitshiye abantwanabami ngivalele endlini……hayibo nkosi Lobengula la kuzanuka umswane wendoda!!!! La sekufuna amandoda bo hatshi abafazi bakhe!!!! Lingaphi bo mandoda lakuzanuka umswane sekufuna abantu bakhumisane umlotha siphephe, Morgan, Ncube, Dabengwa labanye sizani ilizwe izinja zingalumani.

  22. Very good times for zimbabwe ahead. It seems the word sellout will be consigned to the rubbish bin forever as we enter a new era. Long live Zimbabwe. Lets give the man the benefit of doubt at least for attempting to clear his mess. Lets all remember that even the great Joshua Nkomo was forced to capitulate by this dictator.

  23. kuvadzanai maZANU. Muri katsi mese.

  24. comrade vadzvanyiriri imbwa

    Ayas……Dzamutsana mutsana…tsuro nembwa

  25. Traumatised and Impoversihed….ndisu zvedu. Ndopatigere pano pamakatisiya………. Shame vaMutasa whilst you are putting out story yenyu ko yedu the traumatised impoverished icha nzwikwa rini?

  26. Quite interesting this. At least Mutasa for now, has conjured up some courage to dare challenge Gushungo and the dangerous gang of omafikiizolo on issues to do with constitutionality.Happy New Year…

  27. Kkkkkkk…… Kana dindingwe rokweviwa hanzi game iri rinoda mulawn We hv all along bn living that life. Thanks though for finally remembering that we ALl participated in the liberation of zim

  28. So now people forget little Christpowers just because Mutasa is against Mugabe? Come on zim is this guy doesn’t care about us he is fighting for his place at the feeding trough…he wants another chance to loot from us and ki our kids….let zanu throw him I to the bin

  29. Before ndatanga lets get one thing straight first.I am NOT your comrade nor am I your friend.Kungoti panguva ino, anything that will weaken ZANU I will support and right now you and your Gamatoxes seem to be the closest choice to do that.Asi kana makuvadzana we will deal with you-mark my words.Vana veZimbabwe vatekeshera pasi rose kutiza nhamo yawakakonzeresa iwewe Mutasa-ehe, ndiwe wakakonzeresa.Vana veZimbabwe vave chisekwa pasi rose, hatisisina chimiro pasi rino pamusaka pako nevamwe vako including Mujuru saka we can NEVER be friends let alone comrades.Zvisineyi, bhora rinotambwa riripo kunyangwe chiri chikweshe. Maburitsa statement iyi saka mamirira response kubva kuna Jonha nhaika???Ko mukamutsa musangano wenyu motorana nevamwe vose vakadzingwa zvineyi?Chatirikungoda kuti Zanu iparare chete,

  30. Shumba Nyamuzihwa

    Fellow sane citizens who are fed up of the evil dictator and his party, please don’t be quick to castigate or congratulate Mutasa on the basis of the statement released. I might be wrong, but I am NOT convinced the statement was from Mutasa at all. The statement looks and feels clumsy as if cobbled up by someone with an entirely different agenda to the one it purports to represent. Do we still remember the “dossier”described by one judge as “good for bedtime reading” in 2008 that was supposedly authored by Tendai Biti? Just as in the latest statement, there is use of American spellings to accompany the poor grammar, layout, lack of depth or sound arguments. I appreciate Cde Diesel Mutasa is not the brightest fellow, but if as the statement purports, it’s been crafted by more than one person, surely there must be one guy who can present something better than this amateurish statement.

    Biti was arrested and charged on the basis of that childish “dossier” that might as well have been written by Grace Mugabe after she flunked her English language tests for the degree she attempted. There have been stories in the Herald about it taking long for the police to investigate and bring charges on Joice Mujuru and those in her camp. This new statement from “Mutasa” must be read in the context of that admission by the Herald that they have nothing on Mujuru that stacks up in a court of law. Jonathan Moyo is itching to get all those in the opposing camp expelled from ZANU PF and this statement is perfect ammunition for him. Now Mujuru and her camp will be accused of disrespecting His Highness the president and will be summarily expelled from the party. How dare they describe His Excellency as “once revered” washed up has been? How dare they describe the First Lady as a divisive moron?

    Just wait for the hullabaloo and vitriol from the Herald tomorrow from the usual “experts” and unnamed commentators in response to the statement then you will realise it was most probably the author of the Biti “dossier” in 2008 who planted the latest bullshit in the media.

  31. Haiwa nyika yanaka manje

  32. Kana dindigwe rokwevawo roti mavara angu azarevhu. Wanya mudhara

  33. Can a rotten egg make a fresh omelette?????

  34. He should just go and hang now that the shoe is on the foot his feeling the pain. He speaks of democracy when they where the champions of subverting the will of the people, victimising, and terrorising ordinary Zimbabweans for their personal gains.

    Now that he does not have an outlet to be corrupt and finance his small houses zvarwadza Didma ( singular ) Didmus ( Plural ) kiss our fat little behinds and go hand boet.


  36. Kkk ha apa bhora harigohwe ka paghedhe pave nemunhu apa.
    Saka bhora musango cde

  37. Read this thing again and again. His salutation is Secretary of Administration. Not Zanu Pf Secretary of Administration.

    I wonder why all over the papers Zanu Pf members are saying he is dreaming and still living in the past. Is it because this salutation can only be used in Zanu Pf circles. In that case everyone in Zanu Pf is mad for wanting to monopolize even the English salutation.
    Mutasa is a Secretary for Administration. Full stop. Representing who?. No one never asked.Saka kungo ridza mapito without getting the facts right.
    Pamberi na Secretary of Administration

    Yours truly

    Secretary of Administration.


  38. Gabriella Jones

    Mutasa, Webster Shamu and the rest; YOU ARE GONE, FINISHED, SPENT! These are the last kicks of a dying donkey. You tried to grab power in ZANU and you failed.

    DEMOCRACY? ONE MAN ONE VOTE? My foot!! You, the ones who declared we will never be ruled by MDC even if they get 90% majority (Dzikamai Mavhaire)? You, the ones who declared “we cannot be defeated by PENCILS when we have the GUNS (Webster Shamu)?

    The Karanga (Shona) proverb “Dindingwe rinoda richizvuzvurudza vamwe, kana rokwegbwa roti mavara angu azare vhu”

    If you think you can go against Mugabe’s dictates, ask Rugare Gumbo, he has been kicked in the testicles several times by the same Mugabe (and Mnangagwa was the prosecutor in Chimoio!). Let ZANU handle its succession process the way it always did, and YOU, Shamu,Mujuru and Didymus Mutasa should know….No Cold Comfort here.

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