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Local comedian shoots new series on men’s inconsistencies


RISING comedian Norman Chiranga, better known as Landlord Chirebvu, is back with a bang in 2015 with yet another drama series titled Zvinhu Zvinosiyana.

Tinashe Sibanda
Entertaiment Reporter

In the new series, he brings out how some men tend to change in character when they start earning a better income.

“As the year began I had men on my mind and this drama although its comical, tackles a very serious issue and it is a mirror for other men to watch and reflect to their own lives,” Chiranga said.

In the drama series, Landlord leaves his wife in the rural areas to start a new job in the city with the aim of improving their livelihoods after an invite from a relative.

He manages to penetrate into the city life successfully within a short time and he begins to earn a reasonable income.

However, in no time at all his relatives become the devils in his happy marriage when they begin to influence him to upgrade to a better wife too. He is faced with a hard decision to make as he loves his wife dearly and he also respects his relatives who took him from the dust.

“Sometimes as men we come across the most difficult decisions in life, but this drama depicts how important it is to reflect on the long term consequences of one’s decision,” Chiranga said.

He added that a lot of times men are usually faced with the toughest of decisions to make but at the end of the day they have to do the right thing especially considering their family.

Chiranga said he had so far sold over 1 000 copies of his latest offering and he was very happy about how people were enjoying his productions despite the current economic challenges in the country.

“Although we have been severely affected by piracy just like any other artiste there is really not much to be done about it except continue working with the hopes that someday things will get better,” he said.

He also said that it was exciting for him to know that his fans were actually waiting for him to produce another drama after his last successful production titled Landlord Nemaroja, which was part 8 of his productions titled Zva- Zvinhu.

Last year, he got popular with the Zva- Zvinhu series which presented the current day-to-day relations of landlords and their tenant as well as the relations between employers and their maids and gardeners in a witty way.

He began his acting career in 1999 and his first television showcase was in 2010 together with his well know comedian friends Mabla 10 and Kahembe before splitting a year later.

After their first television breakthrough, he decided to go solo as he had a vision of continuing comedy in a way that was different from his friends.

Since then, he was impressed by the response he got from viewers across the country as well as in South Africa, Zambia and Mozambique.
“I am targeting on at least five drama series by the end of the year and I hope to attract sponsors too as it has been a great challenge to raise funds to improve our standards,” he said.

He is produced by Tichaona Pawakwenyewa of Annointed Communications and this is done at no cost.

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