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Leonard Mapfumo to perform at own birthday bash


TALENTED musician Leonard Mapfumo, who is one of the most talented musicians and producer, is set to give a one-hour performance at Sphinx Oasis Hotel where he will be celebrating his 32nd birthday party on January 30.

Tinashe Sibanda
Entertainment Reporter

Mapfumo had been out of the limelight since the release of his previous album The Journey in 2010 and suddenly bounced back last year when he releases the hit Ndoita Manyemwe featuring Varaidzo Nyakunika.

“Well, I’m going to be on stage for an hour and my fans can expect a mixed bag of my hit tracks, some from back in the days and other new songs,” he said in an interview with NewsDay.

Mapfumo said he would be releasing yet another new album this year Access Point 414317, which is basically an abstract title suggesting a number or begging of new ventures that eventually came.

He said back then not everyone had a cellphone thus the number in the title was the number of a particular phone that people would share to communicate unlike nowadays where almost everyone has their personal mobile phones.

Mapfumo said although he had released another album last year it was time for yet another project considering that he had taken over two years releasing singles from it before it was finally taken out to the people in one package.

“This album will, however be released all at once simply because we have since discovered a new platform of marketing music and it was also important to go with the world trends of distributing music online,” he added.

Access Point 414317 will first be released online before officially selling its copies to people as the world standards had changed from back then where one had to focus mainly on hard copies.

However Mapfumo said as he had grown in the industry he was looking forward to assist more upcoming talents with their projects by mentoring them and recording them in the studio he started in 2007 together with Joe Machingura and called it Hesh Mfesh.

“I am happy that to date we have artistes that we have produced and are in the lime light including Shinsoman, Yaka and Taurai Mandebvu amongst others,” said Mapfumo.

He added that his life had remained calm and collected over the years because of sticking to his values which were putting God first, his family and then his career above everything else.
Mapfumo said he will soon release three videos of songs from his previous albums including one for Ndoita Manyemwe.

“The key to success for artistes is being there for one another by opening doors to newcomers as this will only improve the nation as a whole and the industry.” He said.

Other surprise artistes are going to be performing at the birthday party to celebrate the life of Leonard Mapfumo.

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