‘Improve or risk being fired’

MUTARE – Firebrand Manicaland Provincial Affairs minister Mandi Chimene yesterday told district council leaders in the province to improve their work performance or risk being fired.


Addressing district administrators, council chairpersons and chief executive officers in a no-holds-barred meeting held in the boardroom at her offices, Chimene expressed grave concern over the increasing failure by the office holders to expeditiously execute their duties.

Heads from Mutare, Chimanimani, Nyanga, Makoni, Buhera, Chipinge and Mutasa rural districts councils attended the meeting.

“For the short time I have been in the office, I have already seen a lot of rot. There is massive corruption going on within the councils,” Chimene said.
She said her first mandate would be fighting corruption within the councils.

“I know there is a lot of corruption going on within the councils. I am aware that there are a lot of stand deals going on and I want to warn those involved in the illicit sale of stands to stop now.

“I know how I will do my investigations. I have been a very senior CIO for a very long time and I know how to deal with this issue. I want to warn the council leaders who have more than two stands to surrender the rest now before I come there,” she said in no uncertain terms.
“I know that you council leaders are enjoying money through illicit deals and you have numerous stands. Who are you to have more stands? This land belongs to the nation and the nation is the people.”

Chimene said she was prepared to work with professional people committed to their duty.

“Most of you do not work at all. You spend most of your time at girlfriends and using government vehicles to drive to them (girlfriends). Now, this time I am now there in the office everything has changed,” she said.

“I was sent by President Robert Mugabe to implement ZimAsset. So do you want me to let down the President? If you do not want to work with me to improve the lives of our people and implement ZimAsset, therefore, you should resign first before I fire you. I want every operation within the councils to be transparent.”

She emphasized that the council leaders whether MDC-T or Zanu PF should work for the betterment of the people.

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  1. Wait till someone throws some sugar in her mouth, that’s the last time we’ll hear this yarrah yarrah blah blah from her.

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  2. Tough morning talk from Chimene, but the fish rots from the HEAD

  3. Elite Marimazhira

    Good speech from Mandi. Unfortunately, Mandi herself is highly compromised having been put into office through an unorthodox method. We all knows that no-one will be fired. Only Mujuru sympathizers will get the chop.

  4. True Makepekepe

    “…..I have been a very senior CIO for a very long time and I know how to deal with this issue.”

    Frightening! CIOs have a unique way of dealing with issues! They use force to get people to admit to allegations that they might know about!

    I salute her for being the first CIO to tell the world that she is an operative!

  5. haiwawo… takazvinzwa kakawanda izvo. hee i will fire u, hee u r corrupt. if corruption was a crime in zimbabwe no zanu pf operative will be walking free. munowanza dzungu ambuya, kuhakira too much. bvunza anaOppah nanaMushohwe kuti vakatadza sei kubvisa corruption in that city all along? kana kungoda uko. bcoz they were part of it.
    thank u for volunteering the infmn that u have bn Mugabe’s running dog at a senior level (CIO), but kuno kwaMutare hatiire zvemagroup manzwa…..

  6. Ndine mubvunzo….ko what are the key deliverables for these people and when and who is assessing them. I can help you create Balanced score card and performance contract dzavo. Or is that too much jargon kutaura muchigona henyu. Be practical taneta ne ngano dzatsuro nagudo.
    Maakudawo mastand here vasikana. Kana muchiziva henyu kuti vane two two mangamakanyararirei.

  7. A good start. There is an island in Manicaland where Zimbabweans are harassed and abused. The lecturers are gays and lesbians. A couple, lecturers, attended lesbians wedding, one is their daughter. The president of the Republic of Zimbabwe is against such practices. Underqualified foreigners are employed in senior positions when we have postgraduates loitering in the streets. Since the establishment if AFRICA UNIVERSITY, the new Deputy Vice Chancellor called two meetings for foreigners only. This had divided staff at the university. He is forcing researchers to publish with only American journals for promotion. The DVC should be fired. Most foreign staff at Africa University are American agents. The local staff are under siege. Help us, Honourable Resident Minister.

  8. When they say work hard she means be more brutal than before or risk being fired I feel for people in Mutare. Ndakazonzwa kamwe kakuti I was ku congress and we were told that make sure ve Gamatox will not get presidential inputs apa tinoudzwa kuti it is for all nevakuru vacho. Ndomutarisa munhu wacho ndoona kuti ndevaye vairidza ngoma chete vasina chavakanzwa pa congress because dai vakateerera zvaitaurwa na Chinamasa vakaziva kuti it is tough time ahead.

  9. What of Ladies visiting their boyfriends? Is this about corruption or is a target campaign? When they say empower women it doesn’t mean persecute men or does it? Don’t be personal on national duty we have seen enough of that from Robert. Its obvious she wants to please Robert but, that’s not of national interest, even those women with more stands should be investigated, not so? Pleasing Robert is never going to make you do your job, what will happen if Robert’s relative is a Lady and have more stands? Do your job right and risk being fired too, as you know only doing it wrong will guarantee you a promotion, ask Joice.

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  11. Work for the good of the people, Mandi Chimene, not with the aim of “not letting down the President”. It will also help t go about your work quietly, effectively and efficiently. These threats and megaphone tactics don’t always give the best results.

    Good luck, and thank you for disclosing your roots.

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