Heads to roll at Kadoma council

GOVERNMENT has given Kadoma City Council management a week-long ultimatum to enforce best corporate governance systems and improve general service delivery or risk being fired.

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Mashonaland West Provincial Affairs minister Faber Chidarikire and provincial administrator (PA) Christopher Shumba sounded the warning shots during their unannounced visit to the city on Wednesday where they witnessed first-hand the pothole-riddled roads, overflowing raw sewage, dry water taps, uncollected garbage and the squalor under which some residents were living.

The tour took the delegation to Rimuka, Ingezi and the central business district.

The surprise visit by Chidarikire and Shumba comes amid allegations of gross looting of council funds by top managers under the guise of travel and subsistence allowances. Also, the management led by Malvern Dondo, who is currently on leave, recently bought itself top-of-the-range Ford Rangers valued at over
$65 000 each at time the local authority was failing to provide basic municipal services and pay workers’ salaries which are three months in arrears.

Chidarikire said: “The overall picture is not pleasing at all. We have been to places where sewage is spilling without the problem being attended to, this reflects on how the city is being run. I can’t believe how people are living in such conditions, it’s appalling.

“We want leaders who are committed to serving communities so they live better lives in clean environments. How do you expect residents to be forthcoming in paying rates when there is no service delivery? We should see change between today (Wednesday) and next week when we return.

“If you can’t, then resign or you will be fired,” charged Chidarikire.

Shumba was also unrelenting in his attack on management.

“All indicators are there that the local authority is sinking. We are told there is no money to collect refuse and pay workers’ salaries yet there is money from the same council to buy top managers luxurious vehicles on council-guaranteed loans. If heads under you (Mayor Muchineripi Chinyanganya) can’t roll, I should take it that you are the candidate who should roll.

“If this continues the minister (Local Government Ignatius Chombo) will fall on you like a ton of bricks, then to avoid this be the ton of bricks on your people. Fire people who can’t meet your set targets,” said Shumba.

Acting town clerk Willard Mangwengwende, who is the substantive chamber secretary, and housing director Gear Hanyani were the only present senior managers to bear the onslaught as the rest were reportedly away.

There was brief drama when an audit team brought at the behest of the PA was denied access to records pertaining to senior managers’ travel and subsistence allowances by an expenditure accountant only identified as Chifamba.

This drew Shumba’s wrath who accused Chifamba of attempting to conceal the rot at the municipality before threatening to summarily fire him.

The audit team was ordered to remain behind and conduct an overnight check of all the council’s books of accounts. Shumba alleged top managers were criss-crossing the length and breadth of the country and beyond on “dubious” working visits in a bid to siphon thousands of dollars in allowances which he termed “second salary”.

Meanwhile, sources said a crisis meeting of councillors and management has been scheduled for today with Dondo’s imminent suspension high on the agenda.

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  1. Haiwawo, tibvirei, the officials who are barking this rubbish represent a government that is failing even to pay salaries. if you proved that dondo has the resources and is sleeping on duty or is stealing then fire him. if he is operating within the same environment everyone is operating from do you expect him to do miracles. even if you brought a town clerk from Mars, without resources he will not be able to do as much as a tenth of what dondo has done. lets not look for scape goats

  2. What about us who bought stands at Cherybank 8 years ago and we havent been allocated them for the reason that they are still to be developed.

  3. Here comes problems, a few heads in Chidarikire’s car boot. One week to deliver what ZANU PF has failed in 34 yrs!! I would just resign!!

  4. gross mismanagement…ngavabve, we need an overhaul.

  5. they failed in years…how about in weeks

  6. they failed in years…how about in week(s)

  7. It is all very well for them to fire the Councillors but who fires them for their failures?

  8. we welcome u Mr Chidarikire,can you just demonstrate first in our Kadoma City Council, which was known as the City of Gold. My prayer Mr honorable is just demonstrate to these guys. the City of Kadoma… Haichaite,i think mbavha ngadzibatwe,Kadoma Prison is not full this year plus i heard kune minda hobho inoda kusakurwa ine sora hobho,…….Batai vanhu pliz pliz pliz,taneta nekubirwa

  9. Can you believe that this town was given a city status ?? I moved to kwekwe due to perennial water problems. The roads are in a sorry state especially in cbd . Its now or never,surely how can rates be paid living in a farm like that .

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