Harare faces waterless weekend

HARARE City Council has warned residents to brace for a dry weekend following a shutdown at Morton Jaffray Water Treatment Plant to allow for the installation of new pumps.


The local authority in a statement yesterday, said the plant
would remain closed until tomorrow.

“The City of Harare wishes to advise all residents of Greater Harare that there will be a complete shutdown of Morton Jaffray Water Treatment Plant from 1600hours on Friday the 9th of January 2015, to 2200 hours on Sunday the 11th of January 2015,” the statement read.

Harare Residents’ Trust director Precious Shumba said council authorities should have provided alternative clean water sources in areas where waterborne diseases were prevalent.

“To us this is not being done honestly as the council has two waterworks,” Shumba said.

“The council should have also provided back-up like bowsers for people who live in areas like Mabvuku, Tafara and other areas where there are resurgences of typhoid.

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“Our expectation was the city would make available those, to residents who are vulnerable to get constant supply.”

Refurbishment of Morton Jaffray Waterworks has been on the cards for a while now after the city fathers secured a $144 million loan from China to procure equipment.

The project, according to council, is meant to replace pipes, pressure-reducing valves and equipment at the waterworks to increase water supply to 80% of the city’s population.

On average, the city council produces about 470 megalitres of water a day against demand of about 900 megalitres.

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