Grace set to evict 200 families

FIRST Lady Grace Mugabe has reportedly renewed plans to evict over 200 families at Manzou Farm in Mazowe district — a year after she forcibly evicted over 700 other families from the property in a bid to turn the vast farmland into a private game sanctuary.


Villagers who declined to be named for fear of victimisation said hordes of police officers driving Nissan UD trucks had been visiting the farm since last Wednesday ordering them to vacate the area.

“They (police) have been coming here ordering us to leave the farm. This is despite the fact that government has not allocated us alternative land as ordered by the High Court last year,” said one villager who is facing eviction.

“We have been tipped that the police intend to come tomorrow [today] in large numbers and destroy our homes to force us out of the farm. We are very worried about the timing of such evictions which always come during the summer cropping season.”

However, police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba yesterday said she was not aware of the matter.
Presidential spokesperson George Charamba could not be reached for comment yesterday.

In March last year, heavily armed police stormed the area and razed villagers’ homes and forced them out of the farm.

The families were later dumped in Rushinga and at Lazy Farm and Blagdon Farm in Concession.

Five of the villagers approached the High Court which ruled that, the villagers, most of whom had moved on the farm at the height of the chaotic land reform in 2000, had the right to stay at the property until government provided alternative land.

Their stay at Manzou Game Park had been protected by the 2006 Rural Land Occupiers Act.

They had tried to engage government to regularise their stay to no avail until Grace identified the land for the expansion of the Mugabe empire in Mazowe. Grace a few months ago confirmed that she wanted to build a secondary school, hospital and university to be named after her husband, President Robert Mugabe.

The First Family already owns a vast dairy project, Gushungo Dairies, an orphanage centre and an elite primary school in the area.
The First Lady also recently reportedly grabbed 1 500 hectares from Interfresh Holdings which houses the Mazowe Citrus Estate.

During her Meet the People Tour rallies last year, Grace said she was unapologetic for grabbing land, claiming she took away disused land and that she wanted the First Family to lead by example and show the nation that the land reform programme was not a fluke.

Mashonaland Central Provincial Affairs minister Martin Dinha had pledged to allocate Grace more land as long as she requested it.

The Mugabe family is one of the many multiple farm owners in the country despite the government policy which does now allow multiple ownership of farms.

High Court judge Justice Ben Hlatshwayo was in 2008 elbowed out of his Gwina Farm north of Harare by the Mugabe family while former Standard Chartered Bank chief executive Washington Matsaira met the same fate on his Nyabira Farm.


  1. Ane huori ndiani Grace or Mai Mujuru.

  2. Yutreswa Bwasellah

    Silly fake doctored woman. Stay there in Singapore.

  3. Grace is getting out of hand.please sm ona help ZIM

  4. Why not? Take all you want Grace. Kana munhu aine nyika yake siyai aite zvaanoda nayo. Mapinda papi. Go go go go Dr Amai!!!

  5. Micah Chapter 2:1-5: Woe to those who devise iniquity and work out eveil on their beds. At morning light they practice it. because it is in the power of their hand.They covet fields and take them by violence Also houses and seize them. So they oppress a man and his house….behold against this family I am devising a disaster from which you cannot remove your necks. Also Jeremiah 22:13 Woe to him who builds his house by unrighteousness and his chambers by injustice. Who uses his neighbours services without wages and gives him nothing for his work. v17 Yet your eyes and your heart are for nothing but your covetousness. For shedding innocent blood and practicing violence and oppression!

    1. Let the Word speak. Those who have ears to hear, hear.

  6. Vaakutoti jairira vanhu vekwa Mugabe nyika yatove yavo iyi coz hazviratidze hutungamiriri zvavave kuita asi zvinoratidza huwori ndo matangiro e hondo iwayo”…”

  7. Taneta naMatibili nehwezu rake isu!

  8. Just want to ask why is it that when the ruling party does somthng the police always say they cant comfirm or are not aware of the matters but if its the oppo parties they are quick to comfirm …..its sad .i think as Zimbabweans all we want is the truth no matter which side is wrong. Is that too much to ask for????

  9. Marie Attoinette

    Not Only did the woman evict families also a SOS childrens home she is the Marie Attoinette of Africa

  10. It is quite normal to have people being relocated when there is a major project taking place anywhere in the world. Several families were moved when Tokwe Mukosi danm was built. Inotambika.

    1. Relocating people to facilitate a private project for personal gain? And relocation by definition means to move FROM one location TO another. These people are being EVICTED – a entirely different concept.
      Don’t be so stupid and expect ppl to believe that this is for the benefit of anyone but the first family.


    What I know everything will come to an end.

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  13. This kind of nightmare will continue until we implement ALL the democratic reforms and restore the rule of law!




    God the almighty is the owner of the land and NOT a mere mortal human being. If that area is suitable for keeping wild animals then let it be provided that the current occupiers are given a better place to reside. I reiterate, the owner and creator of land is God and no one else.

  16. Tsvingudzi yaMugabe “thinks she is entitled.” Kujaidza mabhunhu kudya neforogo varungu varipo kana kuti kujaidza makudo neanokamhina. Ototora kazvake kuzviita mukumbadzetse zvino roti uwori, majerasi neruchiva. Pana Mujuru akaita majerasi Solomon ari mupenyu paakanzwa kuti uyu wayive “womanizer.” Zvino semunhu aipanga kukwirwa aitonzwa zemo achifunga kuti Solomon ane huru inosviko rova pachibereko. Hasha handiti uchenye hwekuishaya yeharabwa kurara kunge mhungu ivete mubako. Mazuvano ma”hot flashes of menopause”omupisa kunge bani rave ngwenga rarobwa “with heat of elniue.” After two years wake tichabata mawoko RIP richarura rototorera madzimai varume vavo. Now she takes advantage of a harabwa yave
    “senile” uye yave ne”dementia” she thinks she is sleak and we can’t see. Pasi chigare uyu aidzi honzeri inezviito zvehodzekwa. Zvino yomuvava haisi mhosva yedu kuramba kuchembedzana newakamubowora.

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