Copacabana terminus to be demolished


HARARE City Council says it will next month demolish Copacabana commuter omnibus rank and build a state-of-the-art $20 million shopping mall that would accommodate banks and some of the displaced minibuses.


Council’s business development committee chairperson Herbert Gomba confirmed the development yesterday, saying the move would be in line with council’s 2025 vision to build a world-class city.

copacabana 1

He said the project would give the city a fresh look and enable council to monitor commuter omnibuses operating at the site.

“Copacabana will be demolished to build a shopping mall and a three-floor parkade. It’s a $20-million investment between Harare and Costham Investments, a Chinese company. It will be something modern, a new complex,” Gomba said.

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Harare is pushing towards a world-class capital by 2025, but the ambitious plan has been hampered by poor administration and corruption among council executives in charge of the project.

Gomba said council was working towards plugging holes to ensure money was channelled towards real development.

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He lamented corruption and vandalism especially at Mbare Musika Market where council lost equipment worth $400 000 through vandalism.

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  1. World class…..ko ma crater muma roads ne tsvina yakazara zvese ndiyo world class nhai??? Mr. Gomba look at the rot around town tell me what class in the world you rate it at.

  2. kkkkk kook wasiya kuti they promised demolition of 4th street rank for a similar project three years ago. We are still waiting nanhasi

  3. Dear City Fathers

    Before your so called “ambious plans” can I recommend the following simple measures you can undertake baby steps now until 2025 and beyond.

    1. Replace and repair all street lights/lamp posts. Paint the lamp posts etc.

    2. Make the payments world class: a) get class one builders skilled at laying pavers. Not this hump hazard manner as the case now. b) Ensure there are no holes on pavements. c) Pluck out all grass growing on pavements and trim grass appropriatly.

    3. Cleaners & sweepers: Great innovation has been done in terms of mechanising that process. Teams can be sent to super clean nations and understudy how they do it. Naturally thiis is coupled with a world class waste management/refuse collection policy.
    But before that you can have a couple of women/men manning every street/park/open space to pick litter, sweep, clean, shine, maintain day in day out 365 days of the year.

    4. A team of grass cutters: Tractor drawn cutting along streets; ride-on mowers and push mowers, brush cutters cutting grass in City parks. Consulting expert landscapers on most appropriate lawns to plant, low maintaince shrubs, palm trees etc. Really make it world class. Please not hiring your wife or girlfriend who has only been as far as Sam Levy Village and feel its world class standard.

    5. Municipal police and ZRP to manage street vendors to designated areas. Not this I can put my wares anywhere I want on the street payment

    6. Roads: The biggest nightmare of any motorist is potholes. The is a local company subcontracted by Group5 to tar the Harare – Mutare. Speak to those how best to do it and appropriate machinery to undertake the job effectively. Not yoir tired old sekueus from the Rhodesia era who only know how to patch and fill holes.

    I could go on, but City Fathers please lets be more creative and innovative not stuck in the dark ages. You and I can make Zimbabwe the cleanest and most organised country in Africa. All thats required is that first step and for you and I to play our part.

    • Dimudim
      From property development point of view, this sounds very noble and if done properly the project will contribute to the resuscitation of the local construction industry and acts as a economic catalyist for several industries, upstream and downstream processes. The project would result in employment of many people in different skills and categories. However, the project is stated to include a three storey parkade and nothing else is stated. Can the authority come up with a proposal that maximises the use of the piece of land. Also it is better for such proposals to be spelt out fully with more details to invite more constructive critiquing. It is about two weeks ago when The Herald reported that the Market Square was also destined for upgrading but without and detail! I hope its not meant to just give a false hope. I await the day when the local authority will have both proposals advertised for public inspection at their Cleveland House offices. I personally think the reporters should obtain more details of the proposals regarding costs, funding and timelines.

  4. Haiwa apa, pedzai mapotholes first.taneta nenhema your mall elsewhre and leave cabbana alone.noexpansion yepi iyoyo?

  5. Before I saw the receipt that said $8235 , I have faith that my brothers friend was actualie erning money in there spare time from there labtop. . there uncle has been doing this for only twenty one months and at present paid for the morgage on there appartment and bought a great new Dodge . Hop over to here ✎✎✎✎✎✎✎✎ w­­w­­w.J­o­b­s­F­i­s­h.c­o­m

  6. You are turning Harare to be A Giant flea market… No more space for Administration in the CBD. Kupererwa here varume. Where are u Mr Chombo? Salisbury wava musika mukuru asi vanotenga Hapana

  7. There are two huge ‘parkades’ which are grossly underutilised and in a poor state of repair, another one ??

  8. 20 million will end up being 100million, vajaira kuba asi no basic service delivery.. mbavha dzevanhu

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