Chinotimba vows to stage another solo demo

BUHERA South MP Joseph Chinotimba has threatened to stage another solo demonstration next week in solidarity with pirate taxi drivers who have been accused of operating illegally and causing traffic congestion in Harare’s central business district.


The Zanu PF MP held a solo demonstration on Tuesday to pressure his former employer, Harare City Council, to allow the pirate taxis to operate freely in the capital city. He accused the city fathers of clamping down on unregistered taxis while failing to attend to the city’s potholed roads and improve service delivery.

Although Harare mayor Bernard Manyenyeni has dismissed Chinotimba’s protests as a cheap publicity stunt meant to promote anarchy, the outspoken MP yesterday said he was unmoved by the criticism from city fathers.

“If a person sees something wrong and demonstrates against it, there is nothing wrong. In fact, next week I have another demonstration which I will not pre-empt,” Chinotimba said.

“I am a politician and not a policeman and am therefore defending the public against injustice. Even (Harare West MP Jessie) Majome at one time demonstrated against smashing of windscreens and what is wrong with Chinoz?”

Chinotimba, the usually comical lawmaker who controversially won the Zimbabwe Human Rights defender of the year award, yesterday said he would continue with his demonstrations.

Chinotimba recently sparked outrageous debate on social media after he was controversially presented with the human rights defender award by ZimRights.

His critics blasted ZimRights for awarding Chinotimba as a human rights defender despite his documented history of violent behaviour, most notably at the launch of the land reform programme in 2000 where he led violent farm invasions.


  1. Chino Timba father of Sean Timba is ryt but he don’t deserve human rights award

  2. trying to divert our attention from his shameful invasion of another black zimbo’s farm recently

  3. Municipal Policeman

    This weevilian buffoon never stops being stupid. Pirate taxis are illegal and dangerous, and yet this ignorant fellow wants to tell us otherwise… Fck you blaz.

  4. If legislators are the ones calling for laws and by laws to be disrepected, hasnt the country gone to the dogs. its shame Cde Chinoz, l thot you were one legislator who had changed but seemingly as the days goes by you are changing for the worst, the Cde Chinoz we used to kno.

  5. Mr Chinotimba is now ahead of the pack in promoting lawlessness in the country.And where does illegal parking and issue of potholes come together?While the issue of potholes is a concern to all right minded citizens,Chiotimba should be reminded that the Harare city council is operating under very difficult economic conditions.If the central gvt fails to properly pay its employees what more of a mere local authority.He should be advised to direct his sorry demos against mugabe and the zanu gvt for failing to grow the economy.

  6. ‘If a person sees something wrong and demonstrate against it, there is nothing wrong’, well said Chinotimba. In your opinion there is nothing wrong with the illegal operators paying tax to the council? Does it occur to you that the revenue collected is responsible for ‘repairing’ those potholes? The city council use illegal operators failure to pay up as an excuse for not having enough money to carry out repairs so, pay up and see what excuse they bring up. Demonstrating against Robert or Corruption by those who see that as bad is considered wrong by Chinotimba and his war vets, how does that work?

  7. Skippy blaz, how can something illegal be asked to pay tax. An illegal act has to b stoped. Common sense blaz. Council go ahead and impound these taxis that are a death trap in town. They are parking everywhere disturbing free flow of traffic and pedestrians. Who in his right state of mind condones lawlessness

  8. Iri dofo iri rinzwireiwo tsitsi kani. Kufunga kushoma mukoma wangu. Go back to school my brother. I think you can start even grade 7. You operate a illegal pirate taxi and you want chaos in the town. Who sold you a raum? Thats what you call business in your sense. ZPF plz batai benzi renyu rakutisemesa iri.

  9. The late vp Simon Muzenda once told people to vote for whoever is imposed on them, even a baboon. People took heed of his word, hence the emergence of baboons among lawmakers. It is very unfortunate he did not tell us how to deal with the baboons when they show signs of insanity.

  10. The vacancy for Bozo the Clown is always open

  11. He is demonstrating at Manzou farm next week

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