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Cheers as Columbus Pub & Grill introduces $2 Fridays


Columbus Pub and Grill in Borrowdale’s Helensvale section has introduced $2 Fridays, a concept that is meant to soften the burden on the cash-strapped imbibers.


$2 Fridays will see patrons at the club buying all their beverages for $2 including a selected list of whiskies up to the end of February.

According to Lucky Nyagota, a spokesperson for Event Worx, the company running the pub, the aim is to draw patrons that may be “suffering from January disease”.

“January has been very difficult with school fees and, of course, the several challenges in the economy leading to shrinkage of disposable income for many. So we are saying to our patrons, we know it is tough but let us come and interact and enjoy together,” said Nyagota.

“All the beverages will be sold for $2, as well as whiskies up to Jonnie Walker Black. That is irresistible and what a way to end a difficult January.”

Nyagota said the promotion would initially run up to the end of February but would most likely continue, depending on the response of the market.

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