AAG to honour Mugabe

EMPOWERMENT lobby body Affirmative Action Group (AAG) says it is planning to present President Robert Mugabe with a global leadership award for championing the indigenisation crusade.

Own Correspondent

AAG national president Chamu Chiwanza made the announcement last Friday during the official launch of the group’s Chegutu-Norton chapter to be led by Chegutu West MP Dexter Nduna.

“AAG is soon set to give President Mugabe recognition for empowering us. Mugabe is the biggest empowerment genius in the world. We will honour him with the Global Leadership Award sometime in March,” Chiwanza said.

He said the AAG would this year provide vendors with loans to boost their business ventures, adding that they were also prioritising the revival of key industries.

Speaking at the same event, AAG chief executive officer Davison Gomo underscored the need to amend the country’s legislation to rid the economy of colonial vestiges that “disempower” the populace.

“The truth is that most people are now vendors and we are saying they should not be chased away from the streets. We must change the laws and remove colonial legislation that hinders people from freely conducting their businesses,” Gomo said.

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  1. I think people like those running the so called AAG should give credit where its due. The crusade of indiginisation did not start with Mugabe. It started with a small group of brave men and women approaching the President way back in 2000, highlighting the challenges faced by the indiginous people in the business sector. That group was made up of John Mapondera, Strive Masiyiwa, Chemist Siziba and the late Mercy Zinyama. Even the very concept of the AAG was born out of their ideas and strategies.

    If it were not for Mugabe’s bungling of bringing the idiotic Gideon Gono to the RBZ as governor, the indidinisation crusade would have been very far by now. Most of the gains of those well thought strategies by men and women of substance were destroyed and reversed during the Gono era at the RBZ.

    If anyone in his mind thinks that grabing other peoples’ property and handing over to psychophants is indiginisation, they need their heads examined. Proper indiginisation is/was implementing affirmative action to promote and encourage indiginous people to be in meaningful businesses, not making 75% of the population vendors.

    Mugabe does not deserve this award except if these AAG people are joining the bootlicking wagon that seems to be gaining momentum in this country.

  2. This Chamu guy is a very tall, thin bootlicking gay gangster. I have seen him…

  3. Anti Kleptocracy

    You don’t indigenise a nation by taking from others what you have not worked for. You don’t indigenise a nation by handing our freebies year in and year out and making your population dependent on hand outs. I was always taught that you work honestly for what you get. Taking anything from another is theft! And theft brings a curse! ZPF have taught this nation to violently and illegally take what is not theirs; what they have not sweated for. And the end result has been the destruction of an entire nation. You indigenise by building a nation, creating jobs, creating space for new business, teaching young people how to do business and how to work hard and how to be honest. At least two generations have been destroyed by the politics of this nation. There needs to be a complete U-turn. Now everyone expects something for nothing!

  4. Arseholls Androids & Goons (AAG)

    ‘Mugabe is the biggest empowerment genius in the world’. Kikikikikikikikikikikiki… LOL!!!!! LMFAO!

  5. I like the way downtown Harare has been indeginised by vendors selling tomatoes on the pavement. Well done, Matibiri. Also, farmland has been indeginised by the likes of Chinotimba. These Zanoids are good indigenisers. But where is that other great indigeniser, Grace Matibili?

  6. 欢迎到中国
    Downtown was taken away from Indians and given to chinese. There is no sector in Zimbabwe where you don’t find them.
    AAG destroyed everything because they were allowed to lay their filthy hands on anything of their like bur ended up handing over evrything to chinese. Murky deals and quick buck is their credo and will victimise anyone who wants to do HONEST business.

  7. AAG is a useless bootlicking organisation full of gay gangsters

  8. There goes another gay thing barking like a terrier. Honouring who?? Mugabe of all people. I am sure a lot of these ass leakers are smoking stuff these days.

  9. Aaaaaah AAG people are they in their senses. Mugabe did not indiginise anyone except his close relatives and freinds like Chombo and Chiyangwa. This is indeed annoying. Mugabe will continue to destroy our beloved country in the name of indegenisation of blacks.

  10. Its a piece of paper just like a Zim dollar is it, you can’t use it anyway except perhaps in the toilet.

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