Zim Cricket restructures

ZIMBABWE Cricket has restructured both its administrative and technical departments in a bid to build a competitive national team to improve results as well as to uplift the association from its current financial troubles.


ZC board chairman Wilson Manase yesterday addressed a Press conference and confirmed that a new post of managing director (Cricket) had been created.

Alistair Campbell has already held discussions with ZC, but Manase said they were keen to interview other candidates.

However, it looks like Campbell has already landed the crucial position as first reported in our sister paper The Independent last Friday.

The move is not necessarily consequent of the disastrous Bangladesh tour where the national team suffered a whitewash in both the Tests and one-day international series, but it could prove to be a popular decision among cricket fans who have demanded the participation of former players in the technical aspects of the game.

Campbell has been critical of Zimbabwe’s technical set up which he argued was too thin on Test experience.

However, it looks like head coach Steve Mangongo’s job is safe for now and the only change could be the beefing up of the technical team with former players.

Manase would not be drawn to comment much on the future of the technical team, but said they would wait for a report from coaches, the players and the selectors before making any decisions.

ZC is on the prowl for a batting coach with Douglas Hondo having already been appointed bowling coach.

Mangongo will work under the director of coaching, a position held by former national team coach Andy Waller.

Manase said the new structure, which was adopted at their last board meeting on Friday, was aimed at improving the results of the national teams as well as to enhance the development of the sport.
“We have had to make the changes so that we move forward,” said Manase.

“We have to strengthen the cricket side of it while also improving administratively. That is why we have said for the position of Managing Director Cricket, we want somebody that has played cricket before at the highest level. On the international front, cricket is changing. We have associate nations pushing to break into top ten and we have to up our game.”

He said that in 2019, participation in the World Cup was not guaranteed and the team would need to improve on their rankings to avoid the misfortune of not participating at the global showcase where they would lose out on important revenue.

Teams ranked outside the top eight will have to go through play-offs to qualify for the tournament.

“High performance is required now to stay at the top. So we are making immediate changes in order for the results to improve. We will do anything and everything to get the results and everybody will need to perform their duty otherwise we will act accordingly.”

The director of coaching’s main thrust will be to identify and develop talent to widen the pool of selection for the national team.

Lack of adequate sponsorship remains ZC’s major handicap and Manase said his administration would work on a tight budget while devoting most of the resources to improving results on the pitch.

“Our major problem is lack of adequate finance. We have sponsorship and we are grateful, but it is not enough. Even the franchises are struggling. We have set out a programme. However, that will see us out of the red by 2019.”

The re-engagement with the England and Wales Cricket Board ECB, which could see Zimbabwe play England in 2018, will also see the ZC’s finances receive a major boost from television rights.

He added that his board would aggressively drive to give the national team more matches.

According to the current Future Tours Programme, Zimbabwe will only play Test cricket in 2016 when they tour Bangladesh again.

But ZC is discussing with Pakistan and South Africa for possible tours next year to fill in the vast void.


  1. What does clueless Mangongo have to do to get fired? This is pathetic.

  2. Mangongo should be fired, he has no clue on how to coach that team.

  3. Mangongo will continue to bring his donkey alongside him who don’t perform stats dont lie in cricket a ZPC Kariba player can do well better than Timycen Maruma the team needs some sessions with vanaMilton Kamwendo vana Author Marara some motivational teaching to unlock their path to greatness……

  4. Mangongo shuld be fired

  5. What number batsman would that Director be? Or could he be a bowler? This Manase guy is a joker. All he is talking about is money. A Cuthbert Dube in Cricket. Lol! To Manase, in Cricket we need Batsmen, Bowlers and fielders, which we don’t have in that team of yours. We need a seasoned coach, not a failure who needshis mama to run on the field in owe because he won a match. We need people to resign based on the current form of this team, starting with the biggest boss, you.

  6. Mangongo should be fired, he has very limited understanding of the game relative to other coaches on the international stage. We need a seasoned batting coach

  7. Please remove your mangongo .he has never played cricket .He doesn’t know his team as well.

  8. Mangongo is not fit to be the coach, especially without proper batting and bowling coaches working alongside him. But even if they were there one wonders if his arrogance would allow them to do their jobs properly?

  9. mangongo shud jst go,he hs proven already tht he has nothng to offer. as long we maintain dead wood we ar not going anywy. Evn Douglas Hondo as a test he wasnt tht gud at al n i wonder wat he hs to offer thz young lads. As for Makoni,the worst bastard i hev ever seen,so ignorant,selfish n big headed yet he doesnt hev a clue of wat he claims to know. He shud be given his marchng orders ASAP.

  10. we forgettin one other element here,,,,,the selectors are also biased,,,,,timcy maruma and chari were biased selections

  11. Manase, if you mean what you say, listen to the cricket supporters please. First things first, let Mangongo go. Let Makoni go. They are both negative forces in our beautiful game. Start form there, because you may have all the players, but if they are treated as kids, with no say, their performance will be likewise. You may have all the talent, but if the selection is not good/reasonable for the prevailing conditions, you are wasting the little resources that you claim tpo have.

  12. i hear all people cry for the firing of the coach, but i want you to know as long as zanu is in this we are going no where. you ask me, are they there. yes from the beginning. did you think the flowers etc left at will. never. they saw everything coming and we said they are racists.

  13. Whatever you do, don’t bring back that divisive and poisonous influence of Alistair Campbell!

  14. All those criticising Mangongo are severely short-sighted and utterly simplistic in their outlook. Not even a team of Boycott, Dravid & Sunil Gavasker would’ve changed the manner the experienced batsmen like Taylor, Sibanda & Ervine went about their batting in the Test series. Not that Raza, Chakabva,Chigumbura&Masakadza covered themselves in glory either.

    The bottomline is Bangladesh along with their fans have long been looking forward to this series. They thoroughly prepared and psyched themselves up mentally&tactically. You could see the determination in the way even mercurial players such as Mahmudullah&Tamim went about their batting. With the green spin attack Zimbabwe had it was always going to be a tough ask to get 10 wickets without conceding a huge lead or taking out a lot of time in the game to prevent forcing a win. I say the result was 8-0 because of Bangladesh, and not because of any failings by the ZIM technical team. If any finger is to be pointed, it must be squarely on the senior batsmen. Bowling Panyangara was excellent as were Chatara&Chigumbura with the ball in Tests albeit being unfortunate not to pick up wickets at times. Bear in mind as well that some of the shocking upiring decisions against Zimbabwe turned narrow matches/potential victories into big losses. Otherwise in periods when ZImbabwe dominated with bat or ball they looked vastly superior to Bangladesh, making things look very easy. At no point did I think Bangladesh really showed their dominance despite the series whitewash. I watched as many sessions and minutes as possible and I’m of the opinion they were made to work very hard for their runs, and were gifted the majority of the wickets. The converse is true of Zimbabwe.

    1. With your kind of analysis he surely won’t win a game ever.Blame the empire and the spirit of Bangladesh?

  15. Manase belongs to the Mai Mujuru camp. He has been stealing from the war vets, Metbank and Zimcricket.

  16. Chief Mugabe openly said he is against white people and women at his congress.So there is very little
    Alistar can do with Chief Mugabe’s reps on his back.In any case why create a position instead of firing
    the useless lot?Calistar has to be careful, all the cricket failures are going to be blamed on him like the West is blamed on the floods etc.

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