Zanu PF chefs accused of looting Xmas goodies

SOME Zanu PF activists in Chinhoyi have been accused of looting Christmas goodies donated to old people’s homes and children’s orphanage centres in the city.


Chinhoyi deputy mayor Dereck Matapuri and Chengetai Old People’s Home founder Florence Ndlovu confirmed the development during the handover of Christmas presents at Good Shepherd Orphanage Centre on Christmas Day.

“We hear that some people are following us taking the goods we would have had donated. We want to rectify that problem as the intended beneficiaries are being deprived of the donated goods,” Matapuri said. Ndlovu identified two of the culprits as Lainos Chauke and one Chitate.

“Yesterday, there was somebody by the name Chauke (Lainos) and Chitate, who came and took most of goods donated by individuals. This Chitate came daily to take bread meant for the elderly,” Ndlovu said.

Zanu PF Ward 4 councillor Ignatius Zvigadza described the incidents as callous, adding that alleged looting was caused by the absence of legitimate boards to run the affected centres.

“There are these allegations of abuse of donated goods which came to us and we have engaged the Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare and some traditional donors who have withdrawn their support citing irregularities and unnecessary bickering. Very soon we will find a solution, but firstly, we are going to have a general meeting where a proper committee will be elected,” Zvigadza said.

Last week, Chinhoyi Mayor’s Christmas Cheer Fund raised $8 000 that was equally shared among four old people’s homes and orphaned children centres on Christmas Day.

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  1. Gwakumukwaku Zondo

    Mbavha dzemagamatocks kusanyara.

  2. Have them arrested if they are known. If the former VP can be investigated, why not on these nobodies? Mbavha ngadzisungwe. And why is it easy to abuse the name of ZANUPF to take things from the poor. If someone went and claim to be from MDC and demand donated goodies would they succeed. Something worng kana party yaakushandiswa sehuma kutyisidzira vanhu.

  3. school of thought

    Stealing from the poor, what a shame ,why do they nt get empowerment funds from their bosses or be the first of the 2.2 million to get employed

  4. The name Zanu has been put into disrepute. Why does our police find it difficult to arrest culprits? What kind of culture is this? These questions beg for answers.

  5. This is not a duplication. Please print my message

  6. Your picture and headline hazvienderane. One would assume that the persons shown on the picture are the ones stealing the donated goods. Respect our leaders and your readers.

  7. Righteous Justice

    So what is new. There will be a special judgment reserved for those who trample on the heads of the poor. ZPF have a long way to go to prove to us that they actually care for any one or anything in Zimbabwe except themselves


    This is the problem with us blacks, we are greedy, corrupt, merciless and we destroy. We dont know how to build but to destroy, destroy and destroy. God have mercy upon us.

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