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Swiss Jet introduces Christmas wedding package


SWISS JET, an aviation promotional company has introduced a wedding package for the festive season to spice up nuptials.


Launched last week, in conjunction with MARS, the package so far entails having the newly-wedded couple making a grand entrance with a Robinson R44 helicopter. According to Honour Moyo of Swiss Jet the package will include a lot of other facilities like a limousine car.

“It’s only a few people that have done this in Zimbabwe and one of the couples had to spend up $40 000 to bring in a chopper from South Africa,” said Moyo.

“We are charging $4 850 only and that is a huge difference.”
Moyo said they introduced the package rather too late for the festive season as a lot of couples have already done all the planning for their weddings.

“It’s just that we introduced it rather too late, but as for next year we will have bettered it and it will have a limousine which will take the bride to the chopper. The chopper will take her to our venue Imire Lodge where she will then make an entrance on an elephant,” he said.

Moyo said all along they have been using the chopper for transportation of minerals from mines around the country.
Swiss Jest is an aviation technology promotional company which engages society from different levels.

One for their schemes takes school children to different resorts around the country as well as holding exhibitions for the children to familiarise with aircraft.

“Flying used to be for the elite and we are fighting to get out of such a stereotype. People have to familiarise with aircraft and it also inspires children,” said Moyo.

He said the helicopter can pick up a maximum of three passengers from designated places in Harare to approved wedding venues in and around the city.

“We are also able to drop off the wedding parties at most city hotels. Although helicopters can virtually land almost anywhere, the service will only be available from designated places to comply with aviation regulations. Efforts will, however, be made to provide the service to as much of greater Harare as possible,” he said.

“After picking them up, the helicopter will do a very slow flight at the pace of ground vehicles to allow the cameras on the ground to capture the departure. Once the camera crew are happy with the footage, the helicopter will fly at a normal speed towards the wedding venue.

“The departure and arrival routes will be over the roads leading from the pickup point and to the drop off point. This is so to allow vehicle mounted cameras or camera men on vehicles to capture the event in full.”

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