Sacked minister, Harare mayor in Facebook brawl

SACKED Justice deputy minister Fortune Chasi and Harare mayor Bernard Manyenyeni were early on Monday involved in a social media brawl emanating from the former’s fate.

Chasi is among the seven ministers who were fired by President Robert Mugabe on Sunday for what a government statement said was performance “below expected standard”.

Chasi posted the news of his sacking on his Facebook page and Manyenyeni reacted with an attack.

“Good evening Friends! This is to advise that with effect from today I have ceased to serve in the capacity of Deputy Minister of Justice in the Government of Zimbabwe after being relieved of the same in terms of Section 108 (1)(a) of the Constitution,” reads Chasi’s posting.

The MDC-T mayor responded Monday: “Why should good people ever be Zanu PF in the first place? I
really struggle with that. I even find they have youths whose futures they have destroyed. What do they see that we don’t? The country is directionless.”

Chasi immediately hit back at Manyenyeni saying: “If you are a true democrat, you ought to respect other people’s political choices in as much as yours must be respected. Exactly the same sentiment you make can be made about your party, but it will not take the country anywhere.”

The brawl attracted other Facebook users who took sides with either of the two public figures. Some said Manyenyeni had gone too far in his attack on Chasi while others sided with him.

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  1. I also used to struggle how any reasonable and just person can be a member of an undemocratic and murderous ZANU until I saw the light. The light is that they are two groups of members in ZANU- the selfish and the gullible. The selfish remain in ZANU to use it to plunder the resources of the country. The gullible are used by the selfish to protect their interests like we recently saw when they swallowed hook, line and sinker the Mugabe assassination hogwash. These foolish people couldn’t reason that treason is not a politicking issue but it’s so serious to warrant swift police action against the alleged perpetrators. This is just a fresh example of how the majority in ZANU are used as pawns in the political game of the elite.

    To Chasi- you can’t rightly talk of rights and democracy when your party denies people of different persuasions free space. We can’t even comment on media using our actual names because of the intolerant environment created by the monstrous ZANU. Nevertheless, credit to you Chasi for standing up against the covetousness of the First Family in favour of the Mazowe peasants. God of the oppressed bless you for that!

  2. Come on guys. Is this deserving enough to feature as an article?

  3. taura hako noncense. give us important things not this rubbish, not newsworthy

  4. no one is even serious in Zim…the opposition splits…zhanu pf purging and madness. now the media gives us crap as news!!!

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  6. Oh shame! Mugabe kane mishonga chete. Kari kusura kari kure kwakadaro uko vanhu votoshaudhana kuno. Ayas! Kkkkkkkkkkkk.

    More seriously, who is firing ministers while Mugabe is away on annual leave? Interesting, isn’t it?

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