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Rubaya needs $130 for tests related to HIV


AUGUSTINE Rubaya has developed immunological failure because he is no longer responding to HIV treatment and requires money totalling $130 for tests to establish what drugs to be placed on.

Ropafadzo Mapimhidze
Features Editor

“I spent eight months without treatment following deportation of the American doctors in 2010 that supplied me drugs and that is how my problem started.

“Doctors have said that I have treatment failure and although this figure looks small, I am unable to work to raise that amount because my feet and stomach are swollen. I am generally weak and can hardly do any work around my lodgings,” said Rubaya.

Rubaya who lost his wife and eldest daughter a few years ago due to HIV-related ailments said he has two children to fend for, including yet another one that was born with HIV.

“I don’t know how the middle child escaped this disease. She is a miracle. My worry is that if these tests are not done soon, my health will deteriorate into full blown Aids. I desperately need that money for the tests,” he said.

Rubaya added that he wants to work for his children so that they can go to school and pay rent for his lodgings, but he is so unwell that he is failing to feed his small family.

Well-wishers can send money to Chitungwiza Central Hospital Laboratory Department, Zengeza 4, Chitungwiza or email info@diagnostic–excellence.com or call 0783 468 165/ (0270) 31413/31525.

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