Residents blast council over vandalism

GWERU residents have expressed disgruntlement over council’s failure to investigate vandalism of the main water pipeline from Gwenoro Dam by farm owners along the water channel.


Residents’ representatives notified the city fathers in August that they received reports of vandalism along the pipeline at the farms it passed through, where water was illegally diverted for irrigation purposes.

However, the acting director of engineering services, Praymore Mhlanga, rubbished the claims, saying the pipeline was “well monitored” and the farms were “paying for the water they used”.

Gweru Agenda, an advocacy group, mobilised representatives from three residents’ associations then went on a fact finding mission last week.

The group then found a seven hectare farm about 42km along Gwenoro road owned by Themba Ndlovu that was undertaking a number of irrigated projects.

Investigations reportedly discovered that the extension into the farm from the pipeline was vandalised and the farmer used water without a meter.

A man that was on the farm, only identified as Ndlovu revealed they had never paid the water bill ever since they settled in the farm in 2012 despite having a water meter.

Gweru United Residents’ Association secretary-general Reward Mhuri, said he was astonished how treated water was being misused while some residents went without water in the city.

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