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Povo Afrika Trust officially launched


PEOPLE of Valid Opinion (Povo) is now registered as a trust.


Conceived 10 years ago with the purpose of serving as a platform for progressive citizens to express themselves in the global world on all things Zimbabwean and voice their opinions with emphasis on arts and culture, Povo Afrika Trust was officially launched at a cocktail party held at Gallery Delta in Harare last Thursday.

An array of artistes who included Edith WeUtonga, Hope Masike and renowned poet Chirikure Chirikure to mention just but a few entertained guests keeping the event lively.

In an interview with NewsDay, the editor of the Povo Journal Archibald Mathibela said their brand was promoting the arts and culture sector of Zimbabwe through the eyes of ordinary citizens.

“Zimbabweans are a very opinionated people, yet these opinions are only confined to informal social gatherings without documentation for posterity,” Mathibela said.

He said the project was a platform to reaffirm the positive elements that exist in the Zimbabwean socio-culturescape and told entirely from a Zimbabwean point of view.

“To date there are three main platforms we offer for the people to air their views namely the Povo website, the Povo Journal and social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.”

The publication is a celebration of Zimbabwe’s intellectual property and active citizen participation in all issues pertaining arts and culture.

Mathibela said Povo will eventually stimulate engagement in various youth empowering exercises, collaborating with all partners who have a desire to promote the local arts and culture sector.

Since its inception in 2004, Povo has become an alternative source of local content pushing the boundaries and eliciting a more personal approach from artistes who don’t often talk openly about themselves.

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