Mujuru loyalists chased away at Mnangagwa bash

SOME Zanu PF top officials and party activists believed to be sympathetic to beleaguered ex-Vice President Joice Mujuru were on Saturday denied entry at Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s rural home in Zvishavane where he was holding a fête following his rise to the apex of the country’s politics.


Party youths led by Gokwe-Kana MP Owen Ncube stood at the main entrance to the Mnangagwa homestead screening out all perceived Mujuru allies.

One of the biggest causalities was Zvishavane-Runde MP and Mines and Mining Development deputy minister Fred Moyo, who after being initially allowed in, was fished out and sent packing.

This came as Mujuru had shortly sent a congratulatory message to Mnangagwa wishing him the best in his new position.

“The Honourable Dr Joice Mujuru congratulates Cde ED Mnangagwa and Cde Report Phelekezela Mphoko on being appointed First and Second VPs respectively. I wish you all the best and success in your new positions,” Mujuru said in a terse statement on Saturday.

Mujuru was relieved of her party and government positions last week on allegations of plotting to topple President Robert Mugabe.

She has, however, denied the charge, claiming her ouster was engineered by her detractors.

The celebration party at Mnangagwa’s splashy and imposing rural home at Mapanzure village gave the poverty-stricken villagers a rare taste of life of grandeur and merry-making enjoyed by the ruling class in the country.

Mnangagwa slaughtered five cattle, several goats and innumerable chickens and dished out an assortment of beverages, including expensive whiskeys and promised them more bashes until year end.

The VP told guests that he would hold another bash at his Sherwood Block Farm some 14km outside Kwekwe and at Mugabe’s rural home in Zvimba.

“There will be another party in Zvimba which will be attended by all politburo and central committee members. It will be to thank our President for the love.

The other will be in Kwekwe at my farm. This one will be over a number of days and there will be enough food and drink for everyone,” Mnangagwa declared.

His fancy rural mansion seats on a mountain top overlooking several squalid pole and dagga homesteads — effectively separating him from the rest of the poor villagers in the tiny Mapanzure village in terms of financial and social status.

Speaking at the same function, Mnangagwa’s eldest son, Emmerson Jnr said he wanted to surpass his father’s political achievements and was targeting the President’s post.

“I have always been taught to do better than my parents, but the standards which you have set for us dad (Emmerson) and mom (politburo member Auxilia) are high, but attainable,” he said.

Emmerson Jnr recently launched his own political career after being elected into the Midlands provincial Zanu PF youth league executive.


  1. Thanks amai for wishing them well hope they will copy from you , Mnangagwa its time u show a sign of maturity , we can’t all think like u .will always oppose u in good and in bad but that does not mean we are fighting or your enemies

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    2. I remember he even hugged her when she was made VP in 2004! Now isn’t that a gentleman!

  2. Poor cattle.. Eaten at funerals and eaten at weevil parties. Nxaaaaa.

    1. Is it now okay for Munangagwa’s son to talk about the position of the president while Mugabe is still there and have said he is not going anywhere. Why is it treason for other people to say we want to be presidents but it is not when Munangagwa’s son says it.

  3. Thieves galore!

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  5. mapingire we belingwe

    vogwadziwa havozve vegodo zvokwadi zvokwadi -famba ne bhora gwana gwavatete. we behind you

  6. mapingire we belingwe

    usacheuke muridzo wezhira

  7. Is it now okay for Munangagwa’s son to talk about the position of the president while Mugabe is still there and have said he is not going anywhere. Why is it treason for other people to say we want to be presidents but it is not when Munangagwa’s son says it.

    1. have you just arrived in Zim? buy or read old newspapers from 1980 going forward. As Minister Shamuyarira once said, “its not a game of kisses and hugs”. The first shall be the last!

  8. Zvogotipei zvesvipati svesvipfukuto? Svowedzera kupfukuta isu kuno Binga tichikuvara nezhara. Nonsense. Directionless. A bash for directionless morons. Musi wasvichaitira pati pamba pasekuru ndopasvichadzingwa huVP ihoho, svopihwa mhosva yekuti svasiya svaisa nyanga pamba paGushungo. Rega uone.

    1. taura hako chief mola. Zvichati zvonzi zvasiya nyanga yokuda kutora hu president

    2. zvakagozha hazvo.

  9. @mapingire we belingwe, shut up gwana gweshuro.

  10. ko ivo vaidei kusi kwavo?

  11. Mugabe and his kin are going to HELL.

    Bob will die a painful death, followed by an even more gruesome end for Grace.

    And when the REAPER comes for Emmerson, he will cry out for mercy but there will be none.

    Each of them have sentenced me to a life of poverty by their selfish and godless actions.

    Beelzebub himself is awaiting their arrival in his flame-swept lair; they will all be joining him shortly, mark my words.

  12. Evil spirits are moving over the land of Zimbabwe. Death is in the air and war is on the horizon.

    Woe to you, Zanu-PF, for bringing destruction to our beautiful nation.

    Robert Mugabe, Grace Mugabe and his evilness himself, THE CROCODILE: you will all have the eyes of your carcasses picked over by vultures and your sexual organs devoured by hyenas. Lions will rip the lifeless limbs from your bodies and Satan himself will drink your blood. The three of you have sentenced this land to war and you will each pay the prescribed price: DEATH!

  13. Ko poko wedu hasi kuita party

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