Mugabe labels Mujuru “too simplistic” to lead Zimbabwe

President Mugabe this afternoon gave the closest hint on the fate of embattled Vice President Joice Mujuru when he labelled her ‘too simplistic’ to lead Zimbabwe.

President Mugabe, who is expected to dump VP Mujuru as his deputy at the Zanu PF Congress this week, was speaking at a meeting with military leaders and war veterans in Harare.

Mugabe said of Mujuru: “….thinking with your simple mind, you could not withstand the pressures of statecraft.”

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  1. But then Mr Mugabe appointed a simplistic person to be his deputy. Who, then is simplistic, the appointor or the appointed? In simple logic it is like this: if you appoint a monkey to be your deputy, who is more monkier than the other, the one who appoints the monkey or the monkey?

    1. you are a fool dude.

      1. chazva, what is your point? Civilised people simply put forward their arguments without resorting to insults. Only a simple minded person can have someone serve as his deputy for a whole decade then label them unfit to lead. In 2004 Mugabe said Mujuru should aspire to lead. But then again, this is a man who is being led by a copy typist to plunder national resources.

      2. true true that dude is a fool better yet a monkey. we cant be led by a traitor who infact was given a privilege to be in the privilege ahead of the favourite mnangagwa who had sccoped the most provincial votes ahead of the ingrate…..

      3. You have no respect u zanu pf thug

    2. You are 100% Chenjerai for it cannot take a clever person a good 10 years if not 34years to see that this person is simplistic unless you are worse than that person. What it basically means is that Mugabe is simpler than the simplistic mai Mujuru. I am not Zanu so I read things from a neutral point of view, unlike those in Zanu who ululate for anything Mugabe says without thinking whether it makes sense or not.
      What has he achieved in this country by being unsimplistic from all the ZimAssets we have had since gore remasimba evanhu?

    3. Mugabe is a real fool if this report attributed to him is true, I don’t understand how some can be your confidante for 10years who acts in your absence and you only realise she is not good for the office you let her act while you went for cataract operations unless it was for brain surgery.

      1. The reason is simple. Put a person with no capacity to take over from you as your deputy then your position is never under threat.

        Tge problem only arises when you want to pass on the baton. You know for sure that that person does not have capacity but by virtue of her/his position as your deputy he/she is expected to take over. To avoid that you bastardize the person.

    4. In addition-Mugabe by seeing the simplicity in JM is suggesting that he is a bit more sophisticated but that on its own is laughable looking at the state of his party and country. He can’t even manage his hure (the one that blackmailed him to award her a PhD she without reading a single journal article let alone publish one). Without suggesting that Mujuru is a genius l will bet my bottom dollar that she would do a much better job than the self proclaimed genius from Zvimba.

    5. Its part of statecraft mr hove. You put a person with no capacity to become president then your position is never under theeat. It is because of this craftness that mugabe has managed to rule for 34 years. Before mujuru it was muzenda.

    6. You mean you do not know people in power want a fool for their deputy so there is no threaT to leadership, zvaunotokundwa kuona nachematama asina brain zvachose

    7. Mujuru was coted into power. Mugabe did not oppoint her Jack ass

    8. @Chenjerai your logic is flawed. It may have been an error in judgement on Bob’s part but what he is saying today is true. People are appointed to positions and the dissapoint. We appointed Bob to presesency but we realised we made a mistake.

      Mujuru is too simplistic. She lacks depth. Some statements she says show she hasn’t grasped basic ethics of the position she is in. Like saying exposing obscene salaries in parastatals will destroy the party. What’s nonsense is that?

  2. Chenjerai Hove’s logic above is that of a clever fish in a fishbowl. Dr 10% is naive and a simpleton….pouring Tea for a US diplomat !

    1. Clever Fish, what of the simpleton who appointed her in the first place? The same simpleton married a copy typist who is preoccupied with fashion and plunder.

      1. It is the same simpleton who didn’t have the guts and skill to propose love to a single unattached woman and opted for one of his typists who happened to be of easy virtue.

  3. Chenjerai Hove u are 100% correct.If she a simplistic person, why did u allow her to deputies u for do long? Why didn’t u remove her soon after appointing her if it became clear that she was going to be a simplistic person?

  4. remember mujuru knows the secret of Zimbabwe

  5. We all know she hasn’t what it takes to lead the country. Infact those backing her wanted to use her to fulfil their political ambitions & dump her later. Remember her elevation to post of vice president was not purely on merit. Mark my words zpf will emerge stronger after the congress while mai mujuru & her fellow conspirators will be relegated to the political dustbin.

    1. Emerge stronger than what?

    2. Mukanya, you are right she doesn’t have what it takes. I would say the same applies to Mugabe because he turned a rich country into a basket case. Anyone who leaves a country worse off than they found it is incompetent. He cannot point to one area in which he excelled. Unemployment was less than 10% in 1980. Now it’s over 10%. From zero corruption to a place in the top 10 most corrupt countries in the world. He should hang his head in shame, but then again, that would be too much to expect from someone as simplistic as Mugabe.

      1. Abbie,

        I agree with you. Over ten years ago I listened to an interview by the former Botswana president Masire. He was asked what his failures and achievements were as president. His response, I quote, “After 14 years as vice-president, and 18 years as president, you can blame me for everything the country got wrong and give me credit for what the conutry got right.”.

      2. Abbie you are just an empty vessel.Shut-up.Mugabe is a complete African King who is striving to teach thwe world true democracy.

        1. What gives you the right to tell me to shut up? Only primitive people seek to silence other people. You do not seem to have a valid point hence you can only resort to insults. Since when have kings ever been associated with democracy?

    3. If she han’t what it takes, who then has? Mugabe himself has run the country down- he therefore does not have what it takes to run a country.

  6. Who really killed rex nhongo

  7. Tired of that rubbish from people who got rich through public office,we want food on our tables. Zimbabweans want better live not who will go where. If you don have a solution for Zimbabwe juss go in peace than stay in power to protect ur stolen wealth

  8. mugabe is simply saying im looking for a more hard hearted person for Zim. clear

  9. is this country not likely to go for early elections?

    1. Looks like that to me also.

    2. Not necessarily. Mugabe can retire at the congress with zpf appointing a replacement to finish the term. Only. A vote of no confidence in government can lead to elections if the presidebt decides to dissolve parliament otherwise he can dissolve cabinet and appointment of a new one. The other route will be for parliament to rwfuse to pass the budget also known as the appropriation bill. In that case president can dissolve parliament and call for fresh elections.

  10. whats wrong with being simple minded if you listen to other people s opinions you cant lead is that what mugabe mean ,when tsvangirai was charged with treason mugabe said the same words,he said he knew it for a long time ,the same with nkomo the same with ndabaningi sithole,its a shame a grown man living a lie

  11. Those needed should be sophisticated enough to fragment the country into ten and more provinces, and into one hundred plus districts at a time when everybody cries foul that resources are being overspent on financing the salary bill.

    1. saka mati todii nhy changamire

  12. Mugabe is the one who appointed the simpleton!

  13. U re 100% correct Mdhara, and even the political miopic Tsvangirai knws that Mujuru is weaker than him.. @Hove wakafa brain, evrybody needs a vice arisimple asinga challenge his leader but if it comes to the whole nation’s cause Mujuru is very weak to withstand it…!

    1. Not so. Only those who are afraid of being challenged appoint incompetent people to deputise them. What that means is Mugabe is incompetent hence his mortal fear of being challenged and his disastrous record says it all.

  14. Simplistic my butt hole!! Show me who is not simplistic in Zimbabwean politics. No identifiable or defined ideology that informs our politics…to me that is the definition of simplistic. Zanu PF preaches left but treats it’s citizens worse than a right wing Nazi party! No good thing comes out of shifting paradigms, opportunistic and expedient politics. It is like masturbation. Masturbatory politics is simplistic and the president is the commander in chief of political jerking off!!!!

    1. Classic! “Masturbatory politics is simplistic and the president (RG Mugabe) is the commander in chief of political jerking off!!!!”

  15. It’s very rich for the hopelessly inept Mugabe to belittle Joice because the worst leader to run this country has been Mugabe, anyone can do better than Mugabe. Mugabe is the man who engineered a world record rate of inflation – that will take some beating. Running a country is not simply being able to string together sentences in English. I can bet Joice will do much much better than Mugabe. Even Grace can do better than her husband. I have not seen anything that shows Mugabe is shrewd. the reason why Zimbabwe is using the US dollar is because of Mugabe’s incompetence. Not even Idi Amin took Uganda to such a mess.

  16. Pane here dofo pakutonga ringadarike ranga riri panyanga for the last 34 years

  17. tooo simplistic my foot. If our dear old hardliner of all tymz is not simple and soft then why did he wait for his woman to confront Miss Teurai. He should have done so himself a long tym ago, after all he is the one who simply appointed her deputy president. Pliz Mr Old Man be reminded that we dont need you to appoint presidents for us, leave that to the electorate. We know the leaders we want, otherwise the Unsimplistic lyk yu have since been rejected!!!!!!

  18. Mr President appoint me as a President of Zimbabwe and then I’ll give it to Robert JnR when he is old enough

  19. i like it. we knew it all along that joyce is a simpleton. you are spot on mudhara even chiwenga concurred. actually the poeple in her faction are more powerful than her and now she is crumbling like a deck of cards. oasi na dr 10% nemagamatox ake ese

    1. ngwena ngwena what of the simpleton who uses the US dollar while shouting obscenities to America on a daily basis and is now being advised by a copy typist how to run his ruined country?

    2. ipapo ipapoo cde ngoma ngairohwe, gama gama out……period

  20. Dr Muzeee veFirizitiiii. Now Joice. Baba why do u love simpletons for deputies. Izvozvi wohwa kuti Tongai Muzee igammatox

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  22. Its not for RG Mugabe to decide who shall and will be the President of Zimbabwe, but only WE! The people of this land called Zimbabwe. Bob can go to hell with his complicated overstated capacity to undertake State craft. He is good a holding a begging bowl giving away of prized assets and pride. We are bigger than that. There is nothing complicated about State Craft, unless you have extreme delusions of grandeur and don’t know what you are doing. That’s why pane Parliament Ye Vanhu! Ma Courts ne Executive. Mese muri vasevenzi and can be fired for failed performance at any time. Mandate inobva kuvanhu. Unobvunza vanhu kuti chii chamunoda, kwete kuti inini ndoda therefore mese munofanirwa kuda ichi. Bob has been the problem all along ndosaka system yacho yagara ichiramba kushanda. Mdara uyu is a joke, gore ne gore excuse after excuse, ESAP, corruption, sanctions nhasi Ndi Joice! We don’t want fake complicatedness. Public administrarion is a transparent vocation unless kana usingagone graft. Arikutya kuti she will upstage him nembavha dzaakachengeta makore ese apfuura. We want simpicity! You need change especially mu Zanu menyu. Joice Mujuru is the face of the progressive change. Simpleton or not, choice ndeyedu kuti ndiyani President. Zvechibharo neginya yaGire haditi. Ngochani, mahure, mbavha nemhondi dziri kurwisira chii? Ndiani mbavha hombe muZanu macho? Munoba mese kana kuti kachikwata kadiki kanodya kega chete ndosaka mava kukiyana? Ibvai apa.

  23. Mujuru & her team should waste no time to rise to the occasion by disassociating themselves from the Munangagwa’s fuction that is fronted by Mugabe.Failure to do so will render them useless in this interesting fall of the tyrant. We expect them to take Mugabe heads on.

  24. Mugabe is saying Dr Mujuru’s mind is too simple for a presidential post not vice

  25. Idiot

  26. You must be out your mind.How can you tell the world now that your wife of 10yrs is not a good cooker when she was cooking for you all these years,is it because of this typist whose ego is too extreme for you to deal with.Be mature ,imbwa hora dzinonetsa

  27. Zim needs tht at e moment. Zim is too small to b commplicated. wats this bulshit abt
    ‘Zimbbwe will never b a colony again’
    fast track Land reform
    this has destroyed Zim.wch was a great country in a simplistic way we need her fo only 1 term of 8 yrs

  28. Mugabe failed to raise leader for 34 years and he calls himself a leader what a shame, He is making this a joke, If I were Mugabe and loved my family I would not leave them in politics because they have to face the wrath of Zimbabwean after he is gone, which inevitable a few months to come. Mugabe is a devil personified who will protect his family in few months to come when he is dead?

  29. simple ton or not Zimbabwe currently shut for business

  30. Dai Mugabe akanga asina kungwara dai MDC yakadohwinha kare. lni ndoziva hangu kuti vaMugabe havazi vekutamba navo. Kungoti chete isu ndisu tisingadi kuvhura njere. Politics is about using other people to get where you want to. But madam vakambodyavo 10 years here? Ko inga VaMnangagwa vakatsungirira wani kubva 2004 here vakomana. I think we miss the point…. This is zpf elective congress apa panoda kutopinda vanenge vari 100% PF. Saka sungayi dzisimbe takukwidza makata…… It will get better just next week after congress!

  31. Who then has what it takes to run the country? Mugabe, for being ruthless, killing any voice that voices a different opinion. Surely is that what we need? Is there anything special that would make Mugabe a better leader? He promised us better government that the Smith regime when he was given the mandate to lead the country in 1980. If we would tell each other the truth, would we have voted for Mugabe had we known he would run down one of the best economies of Africa to a mere busket case? Honestly who is better between Mugabe and Mujuru? She has clean hands thats why all this mud slinging, kudakusvibisa vakachena kuti tinzi takafanana. What about those that you killed in Matebeleland? Mapfupa avo achamuka chete. Zvimunhu zvinoperawe, zvaMwari ndizvo zvoga zvisingaperi. Watch the space. Ini zii zvangu.

  32. ollder pple must resign and pave way for others.simple.we can not put some one who is not able to lead but only to dictate

  33. You guys are are very sick. Murikumtukirei Gushungo. Tikwanirei!! He is right Mujuru is a simpleton, she is not the right presidential material, akaisiwa semvhuri kana kuti bhachi raPresident so that kunongoonekwa sekunge kunomunhu kusina. You then know that there is no threat to your leadership. VaJoice navanaMunangagwa are the brainless yes robots who can not raise one dissenting voice in the entire alleged misrule of 34 years. Zveshuwa chii chavakaita kana kutaura zvakavaka veruzhinzhi ever since? Zero!! But Bob kunezvakawanda zvavakaita. If Gushungu is a simpleton, the same goes with the electorate who always votes for simpletons. We are the employers hence we must take full responsibility for employing simpletons to lead us as a nation. Those in political offices were voted in by us. There was never a coup in real sense. Mapenzi ruzhinzhi rweZimbabwe. You want a simpleton to choose another monkey to take reins. Very simple minded simpletons vanotuka their own president. Actually Robert is very clever among fools who claim to be clever and educated. He will choose another stupid who will safeguard his family and illgotten loot of his and that of his comrades and you simpletons will vote for them until madonki amira nyanga. Aluta continua ne corruption. Thanks to the shonas. The electorate have the mandate and power to vote in the right persons. But kana uchitonga mapenzi anything goes. Akushandisvi pfungwa but unongotenga povo nedoro nembanje, wovavhundisira the simpletons vote you in. In other words until marapiwa pfungwa any one clever one man person like Bob will take the entire useless nation singlehanded at ransome and you will do his bidding without raising a single voice even if the despot abuses you. Saka siyai kutuka munhu mukuru, the only clever sane veteran. Ndisu takamuisa. Avana kuzviisa. Necabinet yake ndisu takayiisa. Zvikuru isu mashona ndisu the majority anovatsigira. Mandevere akamuramba kudhara. Next elections imboyisayi mudzviti tione, isu makaranga nehama vanahomi vanamusharukwa nemavitori we are simpletons. We make up the 80% of the electorate. Mandevere are the minority and will never get a chance to be the president unless kwava ne amnesty. Lets not blame or look up to Robert for a successor, its not his responsibility!!! Simpletons!!!

  34. What a waste of time. A decade wasted grooming someone only to realize that it’s not the right candidate to take over.? 34 years and counting and still you can’t find your successor??. Dictators never cease to amaze me. Whatever you are doing Mr Mugabe, will lead the party and the country in a worse off position

  35. If Mujuru is such a simpleton, how come she put herself in a position to challenge Mugabe without resorting to the sort of thuggery and intimidation we are seeing right now? She became a threat through brains and guile, but she is being chucked out through violence and thuggery.

  36. The only time that I heard this simplicity woman say something was to defend corruption. I bet all those close to her are amongst the richest people in the country. Goodbye gamatox woman.

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  38. Java Programmer

    Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication……

  39. I see this ZPF crumbling after next week. The hunter will become the hunted. Keep on enjoying the drama dont care after all we are in this messy because their very poor policies

  40. I said a long time ago Grace will be the next President. And she is getting closer to that position. Because of her age she will be President for a long time.

  41. Point is, why say it now? Obviously he knew yhat all along.else he is the simple one to take 10 yrs to pick up kuti his deputy is simple minded.i think he is taking those military and police heads for fools in not twlling them the real reason he is firing her.

  42. Chirombo Musango

    I really wonder what Mugabe think he is to the general populus of Zim, hero ? No he is a vilian period . How can a Stateman say my son Chatunga would refuse to shake him hands whenever he was with Tsvangirai? A good leader would have said Tsvangirai is also my child i will show him the correct way not to vilify him becoz of little Chatunga. So who has a simplistic mind here one embrace everyone or one who desregards others only becoz of political differences ? To me Mugabe is the worst leader the world over becz @91 he should have passed on the button to someone who is not simplistic, and we would have been a better lot.

  43. I don’t think we need to be debating about existing leaders. Any mp, minister is outdated. As zimbos tinopurudza nhema. We are too silly hatidi change. We need complete new leaders.

  44. So what has the toughness of our dear leader benefited the nation?. All tyrant are tough and selfish. They are obsessed with power which makes them paranoid. It is an ever growing sense of insecurity that drives the need to be tough. But tough with who?. The economy in tatters and unemployment at an all time high and all that we hear about everyday is the same rubbish words ” central committee” , ” Politburo”. We are better off with a simplistic Mujuru than a tough Bob who brings poverty.

  45. I agree 100 percent with Mukanya zanu pf will emerge stronger after the congress cause all those plotting to ouster our president will have been dealt with and thrown into the political dustbin, this cleansing have been long overdue

  46. Mr President, you are very right that Joice Mujuru is too simplistic to rule Zimbabwe. Not only is she simplistic but she is also very corrupt and we are afraid that if she becomes president the country will literally lie in ruins as her corruption runs rampant. My question to you is who in your Zanu PF is not simplistic and corrupt.? We know that you have got the dirty files for all of them which you only use when they have made you angry and you want to cower them to silence. In other words you use their dirty files to mentally blackmail them to remain faithful to you or else you use the files to send them to prison. The fact that you dont use those files to stop corruption makes you a very bad leader that has brought us this far in the doldrums and it is the main reason why Zimbabweans now hate you and want you to step down from the presidency. Today the 3rd of December 2014 before you choose and announce the new VPs I want you to read again all those dirty files for each one of your Zanu PF comrades and then choose a successor who is not corrupt, who has Zimbabwe’s best interests at heart, who is intelligent, ethical and a natural good leader. That person should have a strong character so much that he/she can not become anyone’s puppet. That person should be morally correct and scandal-free. I doubt if you will find that person within your party Mr President.

    1. good comment still waters.

  47. Hapana chsingapere..we will forget zvese izvi..

  48. if it took him 10 yrs to see that Joice is a simplicity then how many of his fellow friends looted on his watch? how long will it take him to realise that the look east policy is not working. at least he saw sumn it seems the eye ops in Singapore worked. now they should give him a brain op.

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