Jabulani Sibanda further remanded

EXPELLED Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA) leader Jabulani Sibanda was yesterday further remanded to February 27 2015 when he appeared before Harare magistrate Milton Serima.


Sibanda, whose application for referral of his case to the Supreme Court is yet to be heard in the higher court, is facing allegations of insulting President Robert Mugabe.

He was charged under Section 33 (2) (b) of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act.

Sibanda, who was granted $400 bail and ordered not to march to any State institutions as part of the bail conditions, is being represented by Harare lawyer and former Attorney-General Sobusa Gula-Ndebele.

The former war veterans leader allegedly claimed that Mugabe and First Lady Grace were hatching a “bedroom” or “boardroom” coup through which they wanted to remove fired ex-Vice-President Joice Mujuru from her position.

Allegations against Sibanda are that on October 27 2014 at Herbert Mine in Mutasa, Manicaland province, he addressed an illegal gathering of war veterans who had come to witness the reburial of liberation war fighters’ bodies exhumed from the mine shaft.

Sibanda allegedly addressed the gathering at which he is said to have claimed Mugabe wanted to use the alleged coup to remove Mujuru from her positions in government and Zanu PF and replace her with his wife Grace.

It was further alleged that Sibanda said he was not prepared for that because “power was not sexually transmitted”.


  1. Ava ndivo here vaSibanda vaitenderera nenyika yose vachishungurudza nekuponda vose vaifungidzirwa kuti vari kudivi rinopikisa hutungamiri hwavaMugabe? Kana varivo saka poritikisi hadzina husahwira hunoenda kure. Husahwira hwechiChina haugare. Tables have turned,the same courts detaining Jabu are those that allowed the torture of opposition activists. Dindingwe rinonaka richakweva rimwe. Forget the courts Cde,kana vakakupinzai imomo vati zvakwana,ndopamuchabuda. Ikezvino imbomedzai firiji murimo.

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  3. Johan Masowe M'postan'ga

    This guy should just go to Sir Cremora and beg for forgiveness for talking about his bedroom being used in a coup, otherwise they will give him such a hard time anefa nepfungwa mufess uyu. Plus mu fake war vet futi.

  4. Iyi yekuzoti power is not sexually transmitted yakapenga! Ndiyani anenge achisexwa wacho ipapa?

  5. bantubonke mthakathi

    When you dine with the devil , you need a long spoon and when you make a devil , it shall surely consume you one day . Jabulani lacked this advise , hence his current mis-demeanor . Jubulani told Bob the truth and unfortunately he had forgotten that Bob is an enemy of the truth and that word does not exist in his vocab .But the reality is , Bob`s days are surely fast approaching . History has it on record that all Dictators were crashed and is no exception .

  6. “The Politics Of Sexually Transmitted Power” the unedited version presentation by Dr JABULANI SIBANDA tonight at 2000hrs at the Herbert Mine amphitheatre, please limited seated available, so confirm your attendance by phone, Thank You
    The Convener.

  7. school of thought


  8. jabulani sibanda aka konzera ndufu dzakawanda achi tungamira kupondwa kwevai pikisa mugabe. U must know that havaku siye uri mupenyu vano ziva une humbowo waka kwana wekupondwa kwevanhu 2008 jubu. Take my words vanoku uraya chete ndobhazi rezanu cde hama yenyu manyika wamai ponda naye akato tungamira. Sano ronga kuti uende kuno taura nehama dzewavaka ponda mhosva dzisa wande kuna mwari tsitsi newe hatina kwasara hama yako lawrence katsiru marondera mudam madzibaba varimo vanhu. Vato nonoka muno enda chete iyo izanu haiku siye ne information never

  9. Here I agree with the authorities 100%! The man deserves to stay in there…. They must also investigate torture allegations and beating and maiming of villagers. Nice one!

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