Gono senatorial bid flops again

EX-Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor Gideon Gono’s bid to land a Zanu PF senatorial seat in Manicaland suffered a heavy knock after the party’s Manicaland province dumped him over the weekend.


The province also recommended that former provincial chairman Mike Madiro should bounce back in the same capacity to replace fired chairman Ambassador John Mvundura.

The central committee members from the province led by newly-appointed Higher and Tertiary Education minister Oppah Muchinguri instead recommended former Central Intelligence Organisation deputy director general and Home Affairs deputy minister Shadreck Chipanga to take over the post and replace the late Buhera Senator Kumbirai Kangai.

However, Chipanga yesterday said he had not yet been briefed on the matter, while Gono’s mobile phone went unanswered.

The Zanu PF politburo early this year endorsed Gono to replace Kangai before the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission blocked the move, arguing that he was not a registered voter in Manicaland province.

The legal impediment was later cleared paving the way for Gono to assume the post, only for Muchinguri’s team to send his political ambitions skidding again following reports linking him to fired ex-Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s camp.

Party insiders said the decision to dump Gono and recall Madiro was made soon after a provincial co-ordinating committee (PCC) meeting held at Marymount Teacher’s college in Mutare on Saturday.

Madiro, who was reportedly a close ally of newly-appointed Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, told NewsDay yesterday that he was still to be advised of the new development.

During the PCC meeting, members openly chided the party’s former secretary for administration and fired Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa with provincial deputy youth chair Mubuso Chinguno proposing that all fired members, including expelled Energy deputy minister Munacho Mutezo, be suspended from the party for five years.

Before he was suspended from the party last year, Madiro and his then deputy Dorothy Mabika had crossed swords with Mutasa who accused both of them of corruption and stealing President Robert Mugabe’s birthday gifts.

The matter was, however, dismissed by the court.

Under the new order, Madiro will now be deputised by Energy minister Samuel Undenge, who was acting chairman after a vote of no confidence was passed on Mvundura in the build up to the party’s 6th congress early this month.

Mabika is set to bounce back as provincial secretary for administration, replacing Kenneth Saruchera whose future hangs in the balance for reportedly being linked to Mujuru.

Although Muchinguri and Undenge could not be reached for comment as their mobile phones went unanswered, sources told NewsDay that the elevation of Madiro and others on Saturday was likely to be challenged as it was not done procedurally.

Party sources said the matter was supposed to have been handled by the provincial executive.

During the meeting, Muchinguri, now viewed as the most senior provincial party member after the ouster of Mutasa, warned officials against aligning themselves to the Mujuru camp.

“Zanu PF eats its own eggs. You saw the dismissal of those people (Mujuru allies) and whatever you do, you should know that you cannot beat Zanu PF,” she said. “Let this be a warning to others and please I warn you: Don’t just follow things, follow the President alone.”

The province also set up a taskforce to go round the province briefing party structures on reasons that caused Mujuru to be relieved of her party and government duties. Mugabe last week accused Mujuru of plotting to topple and assassinate him, but the latter denied the charges.


  1. This is dictatorship within dictatorship

  2. ‘ZANU PF eats its own eggs..’ You are very right, Oppah. You ate Didymus and other Gamatoxics.

  3. Why only punish people linked to one faction?

  4. Mike Rusununguko

    Gono should not waster any more time. He is a big gamatox, and gamatoxes are out of fashion right now.

  5. People were saying Grace does not have a Phd. The strategy to destroy the Gamatocks was a master stroke. Who needs a Phd?

  6. Wait till Grace intervenes things may be different, nowadays one must not jump to conclusions as long as Grace have not yet given the final word,

  7. Oppah you were in the same car that claimed Josiah Tongogara’s life. You were also present at the scene of Moven Mahachi’s demise!

    One day you will surely have some explanations to do nedzungu rako iro! Gushungo is not going to be around for you. Mira uone hako!

    1. One can only imagine bitches like Oppah giving instructions at these Wasu meetings!! Taura hako True Makepekepe this Oppah thing is always there when people have accidents saka pane nyaya. Killer woman..Webanga anofa nebanga. Watch my words. Gono you were never going to make my man…the real ZANU crooks are at their games ska hauna chance, maybe you need a secong PHD and I can be your moderator and author of your thesis this time!!

  8. ” Don’t just follow things, follow the President alone”, said Oppah Zvipange Muchinguri. This is the sorry state of ZANU PF and the Government of Zimbabwe. So while the great Bob will be holidaying in the Far East all things will be at a standstill. No-one will ever take any initiative and all will wait for the great and immortal Bob to give direction before they move. What it really means is that people must not expect any development in Zimbabwe before now and 2018 assuming that uncle Bob does not RIP before that. Thanks for reminding us Oppah!

  9. Poor Oppah is only telling the truth as it is, that Bob is the alpha and omega in both ZANU PF and government. Nobody in those two organisations is allowed to think independently. The success of both ZANU PF or govt will entirely depend on Emperor Bob and his missus and no-one else.

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    1. the fact the you advertise your course on comments shows that is a useless one…. just saying

  11. I wonder how many followers of Mujuru will be purged and how many people will then remain in Zanu. It is obvious these leaders were voted by the people that supported Mujuru and so am wondering how many will survive the chop as this is likely to go down to the cells…………………….hameno

  12. Hang on a minute… Is it Gono who is pursuing this or the would be benefactors. If it Gono himself then he is a not a good businessman as we are meant to believe. He should concentrate on his personal life and business unless he still wants to draw the attention of all Zimbabweans who upto now think he is the creator of our suffering.

  13. zanu pf eats its own eggs, now a hen that eas its own eggs is it any good

  14. zanu pf eats its own eggs, now a hen that eats its own eggs is it any good

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