Chinotimba wins human rights award

ZANU PF Buhera South MP Joseph Chinotimba on Thursday scooped the Human Rights People’s Choice awards, beating MDC-T MP for Harare West Jessy Majome and other notable figures like Zimbabwe Peace Project director Jestina Mkoko.

Phyllis Mbanje
Staff Reporter

However, Chonotimba’s victory immediately sent tongues wagging with people taking to social media platform claiming the outspoken MP was not the best candidate for the award as he was linked to past human rights abuses.

The awards were sponsored by the Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights). Chinotimba became a clear winner in a contest in which people voted through texts and Whatsapp. He also won the Male MP Rights Defender award while Majome won in the female category.

In the awards which were presented in Bulawayo on Thursday, Chinotimba battled it out with notable human rights advocates, Rebecca Chisamba, Beatrice Mtetwa, Jesting Mukoko, Phathisa Nyathi, Jessie Majome, in the new category called the People’s Choice.

Chinotimba, whose humour has often left fellow lawmakers and ordinary people in stitches, beat four other contestants to win the inaugural People’s Choice Award for 2014.

Media and Democracy scholar Pedzisai Ruhanya described the whole event as a farce, chronicling how in 2002 Chinotimba invaded the High Court and threatened Justice James Devitte for he ruled that the political murder of MDC-T activists Tichaona Chiminya and Talent Mabika was “a wicked act.”

“This is scandalous and a negation of transitional justice issues given the glaring and largely undisputed cases of human rights violations associated with Chinotimba,” Ruhanya said.

“His role during human rights violations associated with the so-called Zanu PF violent land reform in the farming community, rural areas are too glaring to be ignored. There can never be a cover up of the human rights transgressions associated with Chinotimba and his colleagues in the war veterans association.”

He said the only noble thing Zimrights could do was to revoke the award.

Human rights defenders Dewa Mavhinga and Prosper Simbarashe said Chinotimba’s name is synonymous to human rights abuses and political violence and the award was a mockery to Zimbabweans.

“We believe there is no justification whatsoever for ZimRights to honour Chinotimba at the Community Human Rights Defender Awards held as part of the commemoration of the International Human Rights day.

This blatant mockery of human rights activism leaves a bitter test in one’s mouth. Chinotimba is infamous for massive human rights violations both civil and political rights and socio-economic abuses,” Mavhinga and Simbarashe said.

Clement Moyo wrote on his Facebook wall: “How can this be? Something is definitely wrong with ZimRights. There are people somewhere in the rural areas who are waiting for a democratic space to pin Chinotimba for murder and rape”.

But Zimrights director Okay Machisa defended his organisation saying the people of Zimbabwe had voted for Chinotimba.

“People can comment as much as they want, but we did not nominate Chinotimba. We simply created an opportunity and the people in his constituency chose him,” he said.

Explaining the process Machisa said all provinces had fielded ten candidates of their choice and 110 names were submitted to ZimRights and people voted for him. He said the award was focusing on 2014 alone.

But speaking on his victory Chinotimba said he hoped his achievement would please President Robert Mugabe and his two vice presidents, Emmerson Mnangagwa and Phelekezela Mphoko.

“Despite the negative coverage in the media the people chose me. Vakaona ndisina mhosva dzandainenerwa,” he said bubbling with excitement.

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  1. Zifodhla Re Gamatocks

    Please Newsdead, tell me this story is an April Fool joke?

    1. This ain’t no joke Blazz. The people have spoken, deal with it.
      Pamberi nava Chinotimba.
      Some of thought we were all for the democratic process.

      1. The whole thing was Nikuved. Nikuv has invaded everywhere where elections are held in Zim. Apparently some people were voting 10 times each and I would not be surprised that Cde Chinotimba himself voted via his cell phone!

  2. Magararasangoreuswa

    Its a sick joke. Who was runner up? Jabulani Sibanda?

  3. Magararasangoreuswa

    What price does he get? A tin trophy or a suit made of straw? Kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  4. It must not surprise people that Cde Chinotimba scooped this honour. As Zimbabweans we must accept some facts of life, for example, people change. Cde Chinotimba is the only hardworking MP we have in Zimbabwe currently; he is the only practical leader in parliament; he is the only best unifier at the moment and his constituency bears witness to that. Guys people change and Cde Chinotimba is not the same Chinoz you knew in 2000. Because of that he deserves what he got.
    Let us not be driven by hate or preconcieved judgments, look at reality that is existing.

    1. @Sober good point asi the FACT is people do not forget.Saka what you do today will forever affect your tomorow ,you cant go killing people today then stop tomorow and you expect people to forget waimbouraya.Im not saying vaimbouraya vachinotimba it was just an example but i think you get my point.

    2. It is hard not to respond with an insult when people make such statements…”the only hardworking MP”, “the only practical leader”… you have carried out an objective and systematic analysis of MPs’ contributions in Parliament and within their constituencies. How much does he pay you for making a fool of yourself, Sober?

  5. Ma jokes emu Zimbabwe, l strongly believe people dont know what human rights are. This is not choosing wamunofarira or anoita ma jokes. Chinotimba and human rights do not go in the same line

  6. the same person who spearheaded the butchering of people during the land invasions and the many elections

  7. ChinoIimba is NOT eligibie for any award associated with peace, rule of law and human rights. It is on record that in one of his many unsuccessful election campaigns to be elected MP for Buhera South, he murdered an MDC member and proceeded to parade the body at the back of his pickup truck. He actually went round the villages telling everyone that he had killed “a dog”. Chinotimba was not touched by the police or any authority. This cold blooded murder is similar to that of Talent Chiminya and hundreds of MDC and other nonZANU PF members who have been murdered by Chinotimba and his gangsters in his unpopular murderous party. Do you still remember the “short and long sleeve” chopping of limbs and murders that were visited on defenceless people of Zimbabwe after Morgan Tsvangirai trounced Robert Mugabe? You know that recently Mugabe himself admitted that Tsvangirai got 73% of the vote in the largely peaceful first round of 2008.We are reliably informed that Mugabe had conceded defeat and was ready to return to Zvimba but Emmerson Mnangagwa literally held him by the collar and demanded that he and his military machine be allowed to mount a vicious campaign to enable Mugabe to win in the second round. Mugabe reluctantly and under duress accepted the military’s demand. You know that Mnangagwa was at that time minister of defence. The murderous campaign that led to Tsvangirai pulling out of the second round is well documented. Therefore it was an insult to have even nominated Chinotimba in the first place.

  8. Please read the article and understand it before you comment.The people spoke whether your opinion on this is negative or positive, We the people chose Chinotimba for his humanitarian work not a board or a panel but the people… Accepting the people’s will is the beginning of human rights vana Ruhanya I wonder how you are called democracy scholars when you don’t respect the will of the people, this award is by no means politically motivated, I wonder if you even knew there was voting going on.

    1. Maybe there was confusion between ‘humour’ and ‘humanitarian’. No?

    2. “the people have spoken”, “the people’s will” – such statements should ring a warning bell that what is being stated is BS. So 100 or 200 or 1000 people have voted….so what? Doesn’t make them right or legitimate

  9. Chinoz deserves this award. that’s all l can say.

  10. Shouldn’t this article have included just honourable Chinotimba has being doing which made him a contender for the award in the first place? Editor can we have a follow up article?

  11. Zimbabweans ar 4getful. thts wat ey do as Zanu ‘always win’ despite nasty history.

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  13. josefa chinotimba

    Oh no please,arrest this thug called Joseph Chinotimba.He has got blood in his hands and you say he won an award for human rights,what a joke.

    This thing is a killer,but remember he also died for the country called Zimbabwe.But he is a satanist,vampire,rapist and a thug,arrest this bastard now.

  14. if me Dicklek won it, on planet level , (peace, human r).Why not Chinos??? Think ahead,Zimbabwe.
    Congrats comrade.

  15. The point is none of us is perfect.If we need forgiveness we must forgive as well.PHAMBILI NGO SINOTIMBA.He who is blameless let him throw the stones, but if there are skeletons in your closet – shut up.

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  17. He beat them for humour. The world is falling apart for real. I love God and His Prophetic Holy Word. It will never fail

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  19. “Despite the negative coverage in the media the people chose me. Vakaona ndisina mhosva dzandainenerwa,” he said bubbling with excitement. Lol. So to Cde Chinoz, this is his interpretation of the of the significance of his award.

  20. This a human wrong.

  21. To sober, reasoning people when someone is voted for, it means that person has won a popular vote. So, congradulations cde Chinotimba. Love or hate him, Chinotimba is a popular guy.

    1. Congradjulations? ‘Some of thought’… Whaddya mean by dat?

  22. That’s the nature of Zimbabweans. They have the brains of locusts. You find them defending murderers and rapists you wonder if really is the most literate country in Africa. We deserve our heroes!

  23. Righteous Justice

    Disgusted! Absolutely disgusted. Has this man repented of his past deeds?

  24. I don’t think those who voted actually knew what they were voting for. clearly its not about popularity nor is it about who the people prefer. this is one instance where the saying “democracy means all the idiots on one side” applies. what human rights has this Mugabe official court jester ever defended, having marched into the high court and harassed judges for doing their work. I am appalled

  25. The rural folk who are victims of Chinotimba’s abuse were not accorded the right choose yet you find someone who did not experience the violence saying this was a fair process..This is a farce and does not bode well for the Human Rights Commision as a body that stands for human rights.Iam very disappointed.

  26. This is the democracy we zimbabweans cry for. When the people speak, let’s respect that voice regardless of how we feel for/against someone. For the majority of those voicing against Chinoz’s nomination and win, i wonder how many of you actually took part in this vote.
    I dont dispute the honorable gent has a colorful past. I know him only through what i read in the papers so i am not to judge. There may be cases for him to respond to but that’s for the law of the land to decide.
    Well done Chinoz and from what i have read and seen regarding your performance in parliament, i say kudos to you. To me you currently are one of the few sensible politicians.

    1. “a colourful past”! So you dismiss his actions which include intimidation, rape and murder as “colourful”? Are you hoping he gives you a job? Asshole

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