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Zinara moves to de-register unlicensed vehicles


GOVERNMENT has ordered owners of vehicles that have remained unlicenced for a period exceeding two years to renew their licences by month end or risk deregistration of their cars.


In a statement, the Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (Zinara) said the exercise was aimed at introducing sanity of the country’s roads and enabling the government to have an updated record of roadworthy vehicles.

Zinara said the move was in line with provisions of the Vehicle Registration and Licensing Act Chapter 13:14, Section 12 which empowers the registrar to cancel licences for vehicles with outstanding fees exceeding two years.

Part of the statement reads: “The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Development, the Zimbabwe National Road Administration (Zinara) and the Central Vehicle Registry (CVR) would like to inform the motoring public that all vehicles that have not been licensed for a period exceeding two years will be de-registered from the CVR database.

“We appeal to our valued motoring public to comply by ensuring that their affected vehicles are properly licensed during the window period running prior to November 1 to November 30 2014.”

According to Zinara, once a vehicle has been de-registered, its re-registration would require the submission of a certificate of roadworthiness from the Vehicle Inspectorate Department, police clearance, re-registration fee of $160 for motor vehicles and $140 for motorcycles or trailers and settlement of outstanding licence fees arrears.

The latest information on the Zinara database indicates that the country’s vehicle population now stands at 1,2 million, although there has been a significant mismatch between the number of vehicles and those paying licence fees.

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