Permithius Kisses Butterphly


JOHANNESBURG – Yesterday Butterphly blossomed into a big girl who handed Permithias the letter of law. The often shy gal from Zimbabwe took a stern turn with her buddy for crossing the lines.

While quiet Butterphly was not be taken for a push-over and understood herself enough to know when she felt compromised. She was getting better and better at expressing herself and slowly emerging from under the radar.

Apparently Permithias had been taking liberties in their friendship and perhaps blurring the lines between them in a way that was making her increasingly uncomfortable. There is a way that friends kiss one another that is different from how, say, lovers smooched. It was either Permithias was oblivious to the difference or was merely trying his luck. But not on Butterphly’s door he wasn’t.

In a fair tone Butterphly levelled with Permithias as someone she considered a friend inside the house. While he was the “touchy-feely” type she was not. For her a kiss was sacred and if they were to carry on as friends he would have to respect that and respect her space.

Permithias was getting closer to Butterphly and he often took refuge with her when life in the game was taking its toll. Sometimes they clicked so well that they were like two peas in a pod. But it was all platonic.

While he retorted that it was only peck on the forehead he later apologised to “Butti” for making her feel uncomfortable and told her he didn’t want to lose her friendship. He also then explained to her that he was going to have to be less of himself around her seen as she felt this way.

This made things a tad awkward between them as Butterphly wondered how she didn’t pick this up about him from the onset. It was clear that she found the whole thing down right suspicious.

Maybe Permithias was just craving that human touch, either way he had to play by Butterphly’s rules.


  1. kiss beung sacred when she has two kids out of wedlock tibvirei apo if it wasn’t on tv she could have already given it all up to him

  2. Kkkkkkkkk doti , its called shy on camera as well strategic element of the game hope she will not lump this week as she is on execution

  3. about the two kids she said it herself and tried to bring in culture she really wasn’t clear about it,,,maybe she is avoiding to end up in the bathtub with pemithius (on camera) who knw who did it last year

  4. Kkkkkk amana regai mwana ashiliwe 2 months without e stick is a long time. But I’m happy for her tt e 2 children she has are of e same father. Zvekuita vana vemwana Shumba,Mukanya, Shoko. Mm ma1

  5. Well . Kuita vana 2 haisi mhosva . Kusagara nababa vevana haisi mhosva . Butterfly mkadzi ane hunhu . Vose vanyora doti kuzvitadza chete . Dai maive shasha mungadai murimi matimiririra kubba kwacho . Anozvigona Tariro . Rwadziwai makadaro . You shall watch her and not vice vesa . Kkkkkk . Godokai . Failures . Nxa .

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  7. The only thing that bothers me about this story is the number of grammatical errors. Proofreading is the key Mr/Ms writer.

  8. Vana batafly ave ma offlayerz. Ane vana 2 vasina baba. Kana kuita celebrity kuchireva kuti munhu ngaabatwe magaro pa tv ayiwa ini ndaramba

    • Baba we hapana mwana asina baba . Kana kuve celeb kuchiti batwa magaro patv kusiri kwenyu its your choice not hers . Sometimes ngatiregei kuseka nezvinhu zvinorwadza mumwe munhu . Please munhu kadzi wese ari normal process ndeyekuita vana muhupenyu . Its actually an achievement . Saka hapana chinoshamisa. BBA haisi yemhandara chete . Anozvinzwa kuti anozvigona anoenda uye anoatenda ma. Auditions clearly she made it there. Something you couldn’t . Be greatful for the winning one .

  9. vanhu musarwadziwe na butty, kana rikaita joki iwe unorwadziwa nei, pane paakauya achikukumbirai help here hanty anozvichengetera ega vana vake. b 4 u judge make sure u’re perfect

  10. Its a shame kuti in this day n age we still have people who think its funny to be a single parent. There are certain things in life which happen not because you are good or bad. why blame the mothers n forget they became single because a certain man did not take responsibility for his actions. zvimwe ngatifungei

  11. tibvirei apa kuva mvana is a shame even 20 000 years into the future it will still be ashame its a sign of failler never condoned by god

  12. being a single mother is not a thing……hats off for all single mothers because they are doing a double job………fathers take responsibility….the only people who understand this are the single mother and the child……some of u didnt choose to be born out of wedkock neither did some of you choose to be in a proper family….its jus by Gods will and grace

    • God’s will kuitasei, angagarawo nehure iro butterfly ndiyani, tibvirei apa. Kubig brother kunotoendwa nemahure, unofunga mwana akakwana angaenda ku a shameful and disgracefull show like big brother. Hapana zvaunoda ku justifaya apa, butterfly iduzvii, mboko, hure ndosaka in the first place ariko ku show yemahure, vanhu vanogeza africa yese ichiona nhengo dzese dzemuviri wako, iko kusanyara, tibvirei apa. She is a disgrace to her family. Mboko i mboko

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