We need civilised language from the top

Zanu PF youths hold placards in support of First Lady Grace Mugabe.

YESTERDAY, we carried a story with the headline It’s up to Mugabe, Grace to stop factionalism, about the fanning of hate language that has erupted from the intense faction fights currently rocking the ruling Zanu PF party.


Indeed, hate language has been used on public platforms. All sorts of insults with equally revolting expletives have been unleashed against the camp of Vice-President Joice Mujuru, who stands accused by First Lady Grace Mugabe and her cheerleaders, including outgoing Zanu PF Women’s League leader Oppah Muchinguri, of plotting to topple President Robert Mugabe.

So, it was strange to hear Zanu PF deputy director for information Psychology Maziwisa give a spirited defence of this obvious and blatant abuse and try to shift blame to the media for merely doing its duty of reporting facts as they are. Shooting the messenger does not absolve the merchants of hate speech. They remain culpable and censurable.

Said Maziwisa: “Everybody has misjudged the mood in Zanu PF . . . Some issues have been blown out of proportion and the media has been fanning hatred and taking sides. We feel that is regrettable and not in the national interest.”

First, saying that everybody has misjudged the mood in Zanu PF is presumptuous and wrong. The whole saga has been played out in public and repeated many times on national TV.

Second, about taking sides, it is the Mugabes who are most guilty of this with Grace openly telling her audiences that she preferred Justice minister Emmerson Mnangangwa over Mujuru, and the much-abused and panel-beaten State media following this as if on cue without establishing the veracity and justification of the accusations against Mujuru.

Instead of quibbling that “If you think Zanu PF will implode, December is the answer. The MDC-T will implode into MDC-Mwonzora, MDC Chamisa”, he should have addressed the issue of hate language. The MDC, Zanu PF or any other party, for that matter, can implode into a million or more factions, but what is unacceptable is the use of hate language by whoever, including the Mugabes. The hate language is on record.

It cannot be denied.

The attacks on Mujuru have been particularly vicious and virulent. That they are mostly of a personal nature, not on political grounds, has poisoned the atmosphere. The Mujuru camp, to its immense credit, has so far not stooped to that gutter level.

The First Lady has led the torrent of abuse, referring, for instance, to the physique of Zanu PF Mashonaland East provincial chairperson Ray Kaukonde as if his small stature has anything to do with his alleged affiliation to the Mujuru camp or alleged disrespect of Grace. Liberally spewing such vile language cannot be good for any public figure, no matter how much they have been angered.

Said political analyst Ibbo Mandaza: “There are people who are supposed to speak out against that, people including the Head of State and his wife, who have fanned factionalism now more than ever before.”

Indeed, hate language has escalated since First Lady Grace Mugabe stepped into the political arena two months ago and announced her arrival with attacks against Mujuru and her camp.

The onus is on the Mugabes to set the right tone of language.


  1. Wats so special abt Zanu pf tht u mention hate language btwn it’s members, editor where were u wen hate language ws being used 2 otha politicians, political parties, n citizens in general. Hate language hs bn used 2 denigrate Muzorewa, Tekere, Dongo, Tsvangirai against éir persons n Mugabe once said ppl 4rm Mbare r totemless after an election. Is it a case of some ppl being mo equal than othas. Let Zanu pf self distract. I dnt sympathise wit any1 in Zanu mai Mujuru included

  2. I don’t blame mrs Mugabe , she knows a lil about zimbabwe politics and she z just a screw driver being used to loosen tyt screws. Hatred is not something new munyika yezimbabwe, that’s y u see no economical progress coz th greatest commandment of all is missing in their hearts (love). Don’t forget how God destroyed bad leaders in the bible. Personally I don’t support zanu pf coz of her hatred towards pipo , hatred only gives birth to pain. I will continue to pray 4 u zimbabwe including the Mugabe’s, I believe that one day this unusuall light of the Lord will shine muzimbabwe. Love u all

  3. Hakuna chinhu chinonzi first family mu constitution yeZimbabwe. That nonsensical statement should be discarded with prejudice. Last time I checked we only elected a president as the Lead Public Servant, pakanga pasina, mudzimai uyu, vana ava, imbwa idzi, huku idzi, nemimvuri yazvo pamusoro. We elected one individual. When a servant fails he is replaced. The question that requires an answer is simply this, Has the Lead Piblic Servant failed in delivering his mandate, if the answer is yes, then we fire him and hire the next better person and move on, nehupenyu wedu. The abrogatting of divine authority on a mere mortal who has overstayed his productivity based welcome is a waste of our grandchildren’s future opportunity. Mugabe has failed, he has excuses for everything and has never accepted accountability for any poor performance by his economic policies, his appointees as a national public service leader. Expecting him to participate in any form progressive action is dellusional as any such action leads to his own hanging at the gallows of truth. So can we move on. Nguruuve hainake pameso pamusaka pe lipstick pamiromo, yaka shata yaka shata, ndopanoperera sarungano. Hatidi Chibharo!

  4. The first lady has psychosis and to unleash het is really unfair on that family. This someone who needs psychatric support and yet we unleash some with such an unstable character. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is not terrorising her own household including the President himself. HelpAge needs to check on the welfare of R.G Mugabe. These are the old that suffer in silence. Achembera anaka. Save the guy from this mad woman. Sad too for those that have taken advantage of an uneducated, uncultured, lose character woman. God Please helpe them for the sake of Bona if the first family is still to be talked about. As for the silly misguided short time paid youth help us God.

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