National Arts Council in the dark on dancehall violence


THE National Arts Council of Zimbabwe yesterday said they are yet to receive information on the ugly scenes of violence at Sting 2014 held at the City Sports Centre on Saturday.


Police are reported to have fired teargas canisters after skirmishes on the stage and in the crowd in a bid to disperse the crowd that had become rowdy.

But that proved costly for Chipaz Promotions, the organisers of the event who are reported to have incurred huge losses due to looting and destruction of property by rowdy youths.

Although Patson Chimbodza director of Chipaz Promotions yesterday refused to answer any questions, reports are that he had hired a public address system from a local church which was destroyed and was also likely to face further charges from the Harare City Council who own the venue.

“We had a show that was well attended, but I cannot comment on anything else. I do not have anything confirmed. Everything to do with security is now left with the police,” said Chimbodza.

Police yesterday could still not give information on the melee although it is understood several people sustained injuries while there are rumoured deaths.

NewsDay was thrown from one office to another to no avail as all the concerned officers were either not reachable or said they could not comment.

Elvas Mari director of NACZ said they were waiting to get a report from the promoter and the police.

“Everything that we may have to say is based on the report from the promoter and another from the police,” said Mari.

“We cannot comment without factual information. Our comment cannot be based on hearsay. We have to be specific on what happened then we can be specific too in our comment.”

Mari, however, made it clear that the council does not have a policy on violence.

“Violence is a non-debatable issue and we do not need a policy. The law deals with that and we do not necessarily need to have a policy on violence,” said Mari.


  1. l think these dancehall thing should be stopped ASAP if they do not behave well. Moreso their music does not much vita in the society. most of the messages is just bragging about themselves and denouncing each other thats why they crush when they try to perform togehter and nyaya dzekutorerana vasikana and abusing of drugs and alcohol

  2. the council should take stern action towards artist who insinuate violence and those who compose songs that is not suitable in our society. these had caused a lot of confusion within our young people today with what we are calling the so called talent.

    this is really shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. i think the most rubbish pple are the ones who play, listens and attend the shows of this barbaric music so called zimdancehall, why u cant just abort it, listeners are the biggest fools PERIOD!

  4. Barn this dancehall nonsense.The gigs are characterised by drug abuse, immoral behaviour and violence.

    Its only a matter of time before we see people dying at these shows.Look at the Jamaican Dancehall artist and see the kind of life they lead .Some of them are in jail.The artist who fanned the violence at the show must be punished severely.

    And the police should act responsibly.How can a sensible person fire tear gas in a building with such large numbers of people.Someone should be taken to task over this.

    • You are dead right @prince marondera, I also think that teagas in a crowd, in a closed area is pure murder!! There is need for training for our police force, they were doing their job, but not in the correct way. They were simply not ready for what happened. The crowd too had a lot of youngsters, who can’t hold their alcohol (and drugs) out for trouble. These things are bound to happen.

  5. no wonder why these guys’music dont even last a month after listen to it the day its released,then two weeks down the line its all noise to your ears.its all composed and produced by 1 man,in 1 room,probably within 1 hour.some of the producers produce international standard instrumentals,e.g:Fingertips Riddim,but unfortunately their efforts go down the drain when these so called zimdancehall performers lay their voices on it.hapana kana chine sense kunze kwekutaura “kukwira ndege ndoenda kuIngirandi”.this can throwing nonsense has become part of zimdancehall nonsense.someone out there is stupid enough to think kuti zvinoshamisira,shame on you guys….

  6. Zimdance music is genre which must be accepted by every music loving zimbos,why not being proud of this,the crowd ws not violent only that overzealous policeman threw tear-gas in a clossed place,how many football games were abandoned.due to crowd distabances,are those teamed dismissed from the face of our local game ,chimbodza is doing gd to promote these unemployed youth,don’t just criticise for the sack of criticism

  7. next time this show should be held out of harare you will never witness the behavior inevanhu veku mbare. ma promoters aya they are only after money they dont care about the safety yema youth . how could they sell beer to young people vanofunga kuti kana vadhakwa vanoita sei.

  8. um ngatisasvorei mbodza neinozvimbira coz vakarira tinongooona ana momz vachizunguza musoro kunge gunkung.they neeed tutorship on Perfomng live shows. even their lyric should be edited quiet well to suit our environment. talent z ther. n zimdancehall pamberi

  9. this zimdamn shit shud b stoped forthwith
    its nonsense plus,i dont c y ppl worst their precious tym listening to it

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    LOL! i have never seen and what an odour! Dancehall is represented on youtube by its proponents as nasty, lewd, degrading, depraved and downright sick (in the original sense of the word). Maybe it reflects our Jamaican culture. The topics discussed in Dancehall need to be presented in such a way. So don’t be surprised if other countries don’t want their societies contaminated. The depths to which dancehall has sunk is anti-cultural, anti-social and anti-civil. Sir, eat the herrings and face reality.

  12. you are going to pay for your barbarism if you continue to follow these so called dance-hall “artists”. stop that ASAP.

  13. zim dancehall to the world. banning….thats madness. ko Robert zvarikuita zvekumamira nyika makamubanner here. tsvakai kokupedzera hasha not kutaura zvamusingaziva. if the police fire teargas becoz of skirmishes on stage, then they are culpable. the artist ddnt kill a person, the police did, they are the direct causa cadit questio

  14. mapurisa emuzimbabwe haafunge. how can u throw teargas into a crowd in a closed space. remember they did it kunational sports stadium that year vanhu vakafa. the police are plain stupid corrupt idiots

  15. havana mabasa, havasevenzi vapfana. vanoswera pama bridge vachiputa mbanje vachiridza avanoti mangoma. havana mabasa havasevenzi vapfana. zvenyika ino zvavakona.

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