Mugabe should set his priorities right

THE infighting within the ruling Zanu PF party which reached a crescendo last week is a sad development for the country and government.

NewsDay Editorial

Whatever happens to the factions between Vice-President Joice Mujuru and Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa in the near future, the truth is the infighting has condemned the country to the dogs.

Therefore Zimbabweans cannot expect Zanu PF to resuscitate the comatose economy under the current environment. In short, the suffering of the people will have no end in sight for now.

Zimbabweans are worried because President Robert Mugabe who turns 91 in four months has decided to bring the economy to its knees as Cabinet ministers have taken to fulltime dogfights in the ruling party in a bid to secure their political future.

It is clear that Mugabe’s failure to work out a clear succession plan in Zanu PF is to blame for the factionalism tearing the party and by implication government.

It is regrettable that the infighting in Zanu PF reached new highs when Mugabe’s wife First Lady Grace went on an offensive accusing Mujuru of graft and plotting to oust the President. Ads

No doubt that Zanu PF is at war as a result of Mugabe’s selfishness despite remaining in power for far too long.

What is more is that Mugabe has taken sides with his wife hence he’s decided to retain power even if the country continues to burn.

One wonders why Mugabe has created a negative perception domestically and internationally yet his supporters appear to be blind and oblivious to that.

We believe any politician that fails to read the national mood is doomed — and that is Mugabe’s folly.

Why has Mugabe failed to ensure Zanu PF has a clear succession plan? And why is that Mugabe is even prepared to see a whole liberation movement being decimated by factional fights?

Zimbabweans believe that Mugabe should have learnt from Zambia — although not archetypal African country in one sense, it has successfully managed successions in high-stake elections that would have torn many other more homogenous countries apart.

What’s even more worrisome is that the revolutionary leader has sacrificed all party structures at the altar just to ensure he remains in power.

It’s no secret that the war veterans, Women and Youth Leagues are now more divided than they were before the latest onslaught on Mujuru and war veterans’ leader Jabulani Sibanda.

Mugabe has to ensure he unites all the warring factions as he draws towards the end of his political career. That way, he would have safeguarded his legacy which currently is fast waning because of his failure to introduce concrete systems that binds the centre together.

If Mugabe allows the madness in his party to continue unabated, it won’t do him any good because he risks eroding his legacy.
Mugabe’s priority should be the economy first to cushion the majority of the populace.


  1. Mr Editor, I’m sorry to say you are just wasting ink. The Old Man is no spring chicken at 91. It’s difficult to take advice at 91 and it’s even more difficult to even hear the advice. Let us just pray !

  2. Just praying for his death. Thats the only solution. For how long should we continue suffering under the leadership of this dictatorship. God have mercy on us.

  3. what kind of a prayer is that!!!……………………………………….

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