Muchinguri, Mutsvangwa retain Zanu PF central committee posts

OUTGOING Zanu-PF Women’s League boss Oppah Muchinguri and Manicaland Senator Monica Mutsvangwa yesterday easily retained their central committee seats when they were elected to fill the Manicaland women’s quota ahead of the December congress.


Recently before the tables were turned against Vice-President Joice Mujuru, the chances of the two retaining their positions were seemingly slim as the Zanu PF provincial executive was reportedly decampaigning them.

However, with the recent entrance of First Lady Grace Mugabe into mainstream politics, the two’s political fortunes have been rising.

Muchinguri is now tipped to land a powerful post in the party after the December congress.

At one point, there were fierce clashes between Mutsvangwa and Zanu PF secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa who was backed by the Manicaland provincial executive to strip her of the central committee seat.

The decision was, however, reversed by the legal department of the party led by Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Mutasa was, until recently, considered by Manicaland godfather, but his power base has been severely weakened by a relentless attack by Grace and Mnangagwa loyalists.

In announcing the winners, Women’s League secretary for security Shuvai Mahofa said those against the nomination of Muchinguri and Mutsvangwa were linked to “Gamatox”, a reference to Mutasa and the faction led by Mujuru.

Mahofa warned that anyone who opposed to the two would “face the music”.

The five members who qualified for nomination into the central committee were Muchinguri, Mutsvangwa, Judith Mawire, Emelda Gondo and Cecilia Maradzamunda.
Mutsvangwa implored people of Manicaland to be united and ensure that Zanu PF wins the 2018 elections.

Meanwhile, Makoni South MP Mandi Chimene told delegates that women in Manicaland should make a resolution to allow President Robert Mugabe to choose his deputies and the national chairman.

She said elections would create problems for the party.

Others said all people linked to Mujuru should be barred from contesting the central committee positions and also to be stopped from attending the forthcoming congress.

Meanwhile, in Mashonaland West, prominent businessman Phillip Chiyangwa, Lands minister Douglas Mombeshora and Prisca Mupfumira were also elected into the central committee.

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  7. The road to the central committee has been really ugly for some of the names…How long will they be able to hold on to these posts in all this ugliness is the question… It looks like they robbed others of the posts does it not?

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  9. Goodbye Dr Mujuru and your faction. I am sure you have plan B.On this one you are done

    1. @fax- It might be too early to write the lady off..Dont they say nothing violent is permanent?

  10. Nhai Mandy what problems would be caused by elections asi munotya kudyiwa. You don’t want elections in zanupf that is why you are firing those who were elected by a popular vote. Chamagona henyu is to make sure vaya vanoti ngatiite ichi vozogonya pamebri apo vosiya umwe ari one this time you have all showed them the door now they have no chance the have to stick with theirs. Mujuru woyeeeeee.

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  14. kkkkkk Zimbos are very funny indeed. When Chematema told you that this party was unti people you shouted at him and called him names. All this nonsense that is happening all shows kuti everyone in ZanuPf is fighting for his on selffish end. They want to protect their ill-gotten wealth. Painzi election is being rigged the likes of Mujuru, Goche and all those who are cry foul maiti chematama anopenga nhasi ndezvenyuwo taste your own medicine. I will not shed a tear if l do it will be surely a crocodile one.kkkkkkkkkkkkk tatsuranai chaizvo.kkkkk mugodashura.kkkkkk mugo guranawo maoko malong sleeves ne mashort sleeves.

  15. Even the school prefects were voted in a transparent manner during my school days,but this mob is just out of touch with modern day needs.

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