MDC petitions Mudenda over Grace’s Zupco posters


THE Welshman Ncube-led MDC yesterday petitioned the Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Mudenda, Transport and Infrastructure Development minister Obert Mpofu and the Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo seeking the removal of the First Lady Grace Mugabe’s campaign posters from the publicly-owned Zupco buses.


MDC’s Matabeleland South chairperson Pilate Ndebele said it was wrong for Zanu PF to drag the public transport company into its internal party fights and campaigns.

Several Zupco buses now carry large separate posters of President Robert Mugabe and his wife, Grace.

Grace was recently nominated as the Zanu PF Women’s League designate boss, as well as into the party’s central committee, paving the way for her husband to appoint her to the powerful politburo, at the elective congress in December.

Ndebele said it was sad that Zanu PF had gone to the extent of personalising State property by reducing Zupco into party property.

He said pasting Grace and Mugabe’s posters on Zupco buses was a violation, abuse and undermining of State property.

“And now there seems to be failure to distinguish between government and the First Family,” Ndebele said.

“The wife of the President, Grace’s imagined or real rise to prominence within Zanu PF seems to be coming with a lot of expenses to the State.

“Her rise is of no concern, but what is worrying is when parastatals begin to be used to advance her interests.

“The pasting of her image on the Zimbabwe United Passenger Company buses raises a lot of questions and undesirable discord.”
Ndebele said Grace’s status as the First Lady “does not warrant this sort of pontification”.

“Instead, she has proved to be a liability on both international and local fronts,” he said.

Ndebele said in the international community, she was infamous for suppressing media, as she was captured attacking a Hong Kong-based media practitioner a few months ago.

“Locally, she is popular (sic) for land grabbing, lavish spending, while masses are languishing in dire poverty and lately her insults to those who liberated this country,” Ndebele said.

“It is, therefore, my belief and request as a citizen of Zimbabwe, that authorities should ensure the pulling down of
Grace’s portrait from State-owned transport service providers.”

He demanded to know if the First Lady, the First Family or Zanu PF were paying for the advertisements, indicating that Grace was not in government and it was improper to have her pictures on State property.

He suggested that only people like the late Vice-President Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo, Lookout Masuku and “all those national heroes who contributed immensely to the liberation of Zimbabwe deserved to have their faces on such State property”.

Mpofu recently defended the pasting of the First Lady’s pictures on Zupco buses, saying advertisers were free to place their adverts where they saw fit.


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  2. Gire is not popular but notorious for land grabbing, husband grabbing from the ailing Sally(may her soul rest in internal peace) grabbing a PHD and grabbing a position in zpf. She is just a grabber. She is uncouth, good for nothing second lady. The late Sally is our first lady and Gire did admit that she was a second wife(small house) hence second lady

  3. This Raymond guy must stop pasting his nonsense here. Miracle PHD you are right, she is a silly notorious empty headed grabber

  4. gthe problem is nt with grace bt its her sugar daddy hubby whose spoiling her. Think she will be put as president simangale nje sonke.

  5. its a point bt u slowly reacted to the problem …..chasara kuona the face of our beloved first lady imprinted on GMB silos or ….paMasvingo chaipo……take action or lets just sit back , relax & enjoy the madness …….also that guy Raymond ☜ stop posting bulshit….u ar so irriteting

  6. A story once happened at Kutama college when Russell Gorezara , Grace Mugabe’s son was learning at Kutama College. The one was so big headed about his mother being married to the president to the extent that he became so arrogant. He would get into unnecessary fight with the other students at the school knowing the CIO had his back and front covered. Then one day he insulted some boys in his hostels and the young boys said enough is enough and they told him that his mother was a husband snatcher and probably a woman of questionable morals. After that they gave him a thorough beating. Word quickly got to the mother and what follows was a disaster. A whole police unit was instructed to visit the school and watch over the young student. The unlucky boys were expelled at the instigation of Grace without being put to their defence. Amongst the boys was a son to then Regional Education Director Mrs Nziramasanga. This got to Grace’s ears and the Public Service Commission was forced to put Mrs Nziramasanga of forced retirement with immediate and with no notice. Such is the other side of Grace and to tell the truth wherever Russell goes someone is likely to get in trouble.

  7. “Locally, she is popular (sic) for land grabbing, lavish spending, while mas*es are languishing in dire poverty and lately her insults to those who liberated this country,” Pilate Nd*bele of the Welshman Ncube-led MDC said – UTTER, UTTER GARBAGE. This British-construct was not “liberated” by anyone. It was our votes which got Zanu into power in 1980 after Muzorewa’s reign. It is a myth that some people “liberated” this country which was created by the colonialists. My questions to Pilate Nd*bele are – (1) would we be having more jobs had we not been colonised or (2) less jobs had we not been colonised or (3) no jobs at had we not been colonised? Before the whites came in 1890 this country was in the Stone Age and the whites catapulted us into modernity how can it make any sense at all to say colonialism was bad when we were in the Stone Age with no schools or industries and using one badza per village? The GEJO was brought by the colonialists.
    Pilate Ndeb*le please do not mislead people – you are very ignorant.

  8. One sentence should read, “My questions to Pilate Nd*bele are – (1) would we be having more jobs had we not been colonised or (2) less jobs had we not been colonised or (3) no jobs at all had we not been colonised?”

  9. I think newsday has a way of screening some comments,like Raymond ‘s one comment has been appearing on every article and senseless ,i also think commenting on an article is a right and we must express our rights.this article is a very good article and am supporting that idea of removing the grace ‘s pictures otherwise we will be forced to have them on our clothes and property

  10. Emotions aside,Grace has the right to have her poster anywhere. BUT only as long she has paid for that. The problem comes if those posters were pasted there without a single cent going to Zupco. Furthermore, if it is proper for one to advertise on those buses and not based on partisan basis then we will be ok with it. If otherwise then it is a gross injustice and abuse. Totally unacceptable ! Nekut tikudawo kutoisa ya Save pamabhazi ipapo!!!

  11. face ya grace yadiiko nhai, ko ndiye ati musaisewo vakadzi venyu pama bus enyu here.padzimba dzenyu, p ahembe dzenyu, pama bhurukwa enyu pese pese.itaiwo hamurambidzwe kani itaiwo izvozvo

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  13. dear makandiwa miracle baby
    in case u ddnt know, the ‘Z’ on ZUPCO dsnt stand for “ZANU” hence the complaints.
    If u still don’t understand, I try’n a sae ZUPCO haisi ye ZANU or Grace.

  14. @ Kutama, story yako yandirwadza chose. It is issues like these which must immediately come to the attention of the nation the moment it happens. Manewspaper oisa pafront page so that everyone knows what an evil witch this Jezebel is. How can one jeopadise school kids just to protect your rotten spoiled brat. I hear her other boys terrorise people kumanight clubs as well.

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