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Jah Prayzah leaves out emotional track on DVD


MUSICIAN Jah Prayzah who released his DVD yesterday morning has said he decided not to do a DVD for the song Mukoma Makaoma due to its emotional nature.


Mukoma Makaoma was done for his brother who committed suicide earlier this year.

The track’s touching message had many people expecting it to be one of the tracks to look out for on the DVD.

But the musician said he felt it was inappropriate.

“Normally when I compose a track I do so with a video concept in mind and this particular track would involve the portrayal of someone dying and the song being about my brother I thought I would not be able to live with it,” Jah Prayzah said.

The DVD carries tracks like Kumbumura Mhute, Makanika, Dali Wangu featuring Motswana Charma Gal, Moyo Wakaoma a new track, Kure Kure featuring Ammara Bron and Soja Rinosvika Kure.

Jah Prayzah said he had invested a lot of time and effort in the album.

“We worked very hard on this project and we hope it gets the recognition that it deserves,” he said.

“On the track Soja Rinosvika Kure I worked with members of the army and we had to do everything by the book. Sometimes we had to keep repeating a certain act because as a civilian I would have done it the wrong way.

“We also restricted the number of tracks in which my band appears so as to avoid monotony. People know my band from shows and if I am to keep using them on videos they become predictable and their value diminishes slowly.”

The musician has set a huge target for himself with a print run of 50 000 copies of his DVD that have been released onto the market today.

They have engaged distribution partners which include Chicken Slice, all the country’s 90 councils and Zimpost to ensure the availability of the album countrywide.

Given the musician’s record of producing unique videos he is likely to enjoy good sales for the project.

The DVD will, however, be competing with Peter Moyo’s that will be released on November 20.

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