Full Statement: Vice President Mujuru hits back


Dr Joice Mujuru_Graduation Ceremony_Dotito Gvt School_Mt Darwin_20141025_0004-001

My fellow citizens and countrymen, each of you will no doubt have seen, read and or heard about what appears to be a relentless attack on my person in the public media. I believe that I carry a national responsibility as Vice President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, and that it is my duty to stay above partisan politicking.

However, I have an equal obligation to you and His Excellency the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe R. G. Mugabe, to only serve this nation, if I am and remain fit to do so.

I regret that certain persons have elected to make false, unsubstantiated, malicious ,defamatory and irresponsible statements about me, solely for the purpose of engineering their wide spread publication in all forms of media across the world , and bringing the Ruling Party , Zanu Pf (“the Party”) , the Government and the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, into disrepute.

There has also been an unconstitutional call for my resignation and /or removal from BOTH Party and public office , on the spurious grounds that I am “corrupt”, “a gossiper”, “demonic”, “jealous and divisive”, “inept” and “ [ that I am ] unfit for consumption by flies and dogs” .

In the interests of Party and in keeping with its established protocol, I have previously chosen not to issue any statements.

However today, the 16 November 2014, The Sunday Mail Newspaper, in its banner head line story, has accused me of treason. I am accused of being involved in an attempt to overthrow the legitimate Zimbabwean Government led by His Excellency, the President and First Secretary of Zanu Pf , and Commander in Chief of the Defence Forces, R.G. Mugabe .

This allegation which is wholly untrue and cannot go unchallenged, in the national interest.

Leaders are elected by the people to serve the people. I am an elected servant of people of Zimbabwe and as such I can only serve this country in any capacity, when elected by the people. Unbridled ambition, misplaced self righteous adulation and hubris, offends the Lord, and can only lead to the ruin of the person (s), and the Party and therefore Government.

Whilst I personally believe that “silence is golden”, in the face of such unprecedented , systematic and coordinated attacks on a serving Vice President of our beloved Zimbabwe, I have been obliged to make this statement, for and on behalf of all current and future national leaders who may face the same problem in future.

I deny any and all the allegations of treason, corruption , incompetence, and mis-use of public office being routinely made against me in “The Herald” and “Sunday Mail” Newspapers.

I have briefed my legal practitioners to take the necessary steps, at law, to restore my good reputation, political standing and dignity.

I stand ready to defend myself before the Party, and in any court of law on any of the allegations made against me , at any time , in accordance with the laws of Zimbabwe.

To you my fellow citizens I say, that I, Joice Teurai Ropa Mujuru, am here to serve the people of Zimbabwe , and the party ZANU PF, that I have always been a member of . No amount of malicious, hurtful and false statements about me, my late husband, my family, children , associates or business interests (real or imagined) can deter me from the mission at hand, that is to assist His Excellency President R . G Mugabe in driving the social and economic programmes of his Government to successful fruition.


In so doing, I will forever be guided, by due process, and respect the Constitution of Zanu Pf, and the Constitution of the Republic of Zimbabwe.

I thank you, the people of Zimbabwe for your continued support.

16 NOVEMBER 2014
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  1. Concerned Zimbabwean Citizen

    We are behind you Chimhamha Chacho!

    1. am sadaned by the publication made so far about u the Vice President otherwise u resemble a motherly figure to me.TOCH NOT THE ANNOINTED ONE OF GOD. says the bible as the delayed is not truth denied. God’s time always the right time. we are just waiting fo the wrighting on the wall as the signs starts to show fo the awaited time.

      1. A criminal even if all odds are against it remains adamant it is innocent. Why is she not calling herself to be investigated by the authorities to clear her name.

        1. iwe mbavha haudzizive here, usada kutinzwa.

        2. inga vati she is ready to go on trial only if the law says so,kwete kungotedzera chero munhu auya nekanyaya kake

        3. I think u have not read her statement in full.

        4. If at all you read papers. That is exactly what she said long back. This is now stale news.

        5. Timmy, didn’t she just say she is prepared to defend herself in any court of law? What do you reckon that means?

      2. Mai Mujuru, your defence has also been our defence all along since the days of Joshua Nkomo Zapu. Mugabe, Herald , ZBC and Zanu has always told lies about everybody(ZUD, ZUM,MDC, FORUM ZAPU, Tsvangirai, Josh, Tekere etc), because they did not play tune to Mugabe and Zanu thinking.

        Remember how you and the Herald labelled Strive Masiyiwa as a white man front and not fit to run mobile business in Zimbabwe. Strive was not even given an audience in the public owned media.

        Today our sons-artists(eg Mapfumo), academics(eg J Manyika), business people(eg Masiyiwa) recognised all over the world do not have a say or given the opportunity to be heard in their country of birth because Zanu does not like them.

        I wonder whether your side of the story will even be heard in the public owned media which is owned by all of us as tax payers.

        Anyway God is a forgiving God and hope this experience has been Paul Damascus encounter to you. Begin speaking for the justice of the people of Zimbabwe. A justice to which you sacrificed. Not a justice which is worse than Ian Smith. Inga Thomas Mapfumo taimunzwa muradio Harare Rhodesia Broadcasting Corporation (Harare Studio).

        This Zanu Mugabe patronage system must go!

        1. never be intimidated

          Powerful words for the VP. Just as God forgves those who genuinely seek his forgiveness, the people of Zimbabwe are indeed ready to forgive you Teurai Ropa Nhongo, and even embrace you as our next president. Never be intimidated by those making false accusations against you. They have thrived on these lies for a long time, but this time around their lies will backfire. Stand firm mama and know that the whole nation is behind you!!! Viva Teurai Ropa Nhongo, viva!!!!

          1. madoda n(dont publish my name)

            We need to pray for the nation. This is no time to dine and marry but to ask God to forgive our sins so that we may a better image before him which is not a curse. So its no time to talk but say “GOD REMEMBER US AS ZIMBABWEANS”

        2. She forgets she once labelled Joshua No more “senile old man” coz he had urged the powers that be to issue Masking with a mobile licence? What goes around really comes around. I do not sympathise with her at all. They are all thieves.

          1. Is she being persecuted for having once insulted Joshua Nkomo? Sounds like some tribal sentiments. How many times was Josh insulted by the president himself? She has responded at the most appropriate time. Never uderestimate the support she enjoys- forget about the state-controlled media demonisation of the VP. This is jona at work and he should be laughing his lungs out.

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    3. Mujuru must not be charged alone.He must be excuted along with her cartelpf for subverting the will of the people for personal gain…And all you who sympathise with her.

      1. Yes you really subscribe to the sayings of old. Wafa Wanaka. The dead dont’ tells stories.

      2. you can’t even tell he from her , haunakukwana.

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  2. No ambition, happy to play second fiddle. Grab the proverbial bull by the horns. Patronage is not the answer.

    1. I hope it was true.

    2. Taura zvako iwe… ambuya wakaswera wachitaura nhoroondo wanotonyura…. ndimi makanyudza Simba Makoni after he came into the open. Now Gumbo naMutasa vari pama1 but muchiri kuimba kambo kenyu kepatronage manje muchadya izvozvo

  3. The pain you caused Strive Masiywa when you were at the helm of the information ministry is now haunting you. You also insulted VP Nkomo saying he is senile and old when he was fighting for Econet.Now a much older man is after you. You saw what you reap.

  4. i think its too late .that statement is of little use now.you have remained quiet too long to your detriment.the weavils have triumphed.to salvage anything now you should gird your loins and start playing dirty as well.Bob is nolonger worth your respect because he nolonger respects since he unleashed his dogs on you.

  5. doctor while i appreciate your response, though not so convincing like what the other reader said grab the bull by its horns, this is a toothless defence, undress those who also undressed you in public, this is national politics not college politics.unearth their ghosts they are also hiding from us, we know you know them.

  6. Why should you swore allegiance to bob who has shown that he is not on your side, come out you have the numbers behind you, make a quick decision otherwise you will be humilliated and never recover, ndeyeropa kazanu …are you forgetting

  7. wil neva let u down momie,,we are thr fo u,let thm sae wateva they deemed necessary bt wil neva rally agnst u..

  8. Don’t be timid, Cde Joice Teurai Ropa Nhongo Mujuru. Just go to a press conference and announce that Robert has been suspended from the party for 25 years for violating the party constitution and taking advice from the rumour mill as well as attempting a bedroom coup. On the press conference you must be accompanied by Cde Rugare Gumbo, Cde Temba Mliswa, Cde Didymus and other courageous fellows. This is the time Cde Joice!

  9. I feel no mercy for anyone in Zanu for you are the one who makes me to be what I am today all the pain and suffering where caused by you so you deserve it fill stop

    1. Senator I agree with you. A thief is still a thieving crook.

  10. sorry mama you killed your husband now you are loosing the position.Who will comfort you

  11. patakanga tiri kuhondo vanaJonso vaive vatengesi nhasi ndoovotaura zvisina maturo. Dai baba vaMugabe vachimborangarira kuti vakabva kure neteam yaakunzi iGamatox nhasi. ava vanamafikizolo ava ndevekukambira kudya zviripo. Pamberi naamai vekuHondo Joyce Teurai Ropa Nhongo nee Mujuru. HAUSUNDI UKASUNDA WAACHIPFUKUTO.

  12. It`s ZANU PF ndozvairi

  13. I have thought hard and considered what is happening to the Cdes in Zanu
    PF. I feel sorry for them, yet on the other hand I also consider it an opportunity for them to experience first hand the injustices suffered by the rest of us no-name Zimbos. This is a system they presided over for many years and now its eating them alive its eating its own children. I feel sorry anyway!

  14. “In so doing, I will forever be guided, by due process, and respect the Constitution of Zanu Pf, and the Constitution of the Republic of Zimbabwe” – see this is problem…the Constitution of the Republic of Zimbabwe always comes second to ZANU PF’s constitution. So please do not appeal to us “fellow Zimbabweans” because you have no respect for us at all. Appeal to your comrades in PF!

  15. Amai, yes i agree with Tik Tak for being too late to respond though i still feel they have over done it to you. The moment mudhara, responded, that was when you should have responded as well. Your silence seem to have agreed to all this leveled against you. at first i felt the same that you were not supposed to argue with Dr Amai GM as she has no authority at all to do what she did to you, too junior a position she has , ahh no, a position she will have in December but the moment mdhara had a comment, you should have defended yourself spontaneously…….Surely this faction is not strong than yours, what they resorted doing is to grab/snatch the media from you thru jonono and lashing on all your men and women. to weaken your arms, dont stop, pple supports you, varikushandisa ginya, asi munhu haachada zvekumbunyikidzwa,

    1. Haiwawo! People like you will say this “support; behind you” nonsense until push comes to shove. Ask Makoni…. If Dr VP wants to save any shred of dignity she should just quit and put her PhD to good use. Truth is all in ZPf are corrupt and she’s no exception or angel of sorts. Quit now before the big issues start coming out….

  16. anoti haasi corrupt ngaamire timuone mbavha dzoga nekuti makaba mukapedzera mari kuma girl friends maakuti mai mujuru chino nechino go to hell.think b4 u tok.murikutovhiringidza economy nenyaya dzisina basa.be serious.

  17. Amai…your people love and respect you. May God be with you at the up coming congress. It looks like all these attacks are leading there.

  18. but e punch is not that strong a weevil can simply resist put more effort gamatoX

  19. Am sure its just a statement amai. You are not expecting any sympath from the oppressed Zimbos. Birds of the same feathers fly together.

  20. I feel sorry for all those who sacrificed all for their country only to be shown the middle finger by the weevils pf. Im so dissapointed with such injustice l cant even eat my food

  21. Bob akanganwa Tsholotsho Declaration. Amnesia hahahaha

  22. Makudo ndemamwe

  23. End of the road amai.kutaura kudai kurikunzi pasi nemi kumazoe and ku congress ndiyo slogan.u better quit or regroup naana rugare moona yekutamba outside their structures.zveshuwa nzira dzasiyana

  24. Manyorerwa naniko??

    1. Patricia Muungudza

      Ndi Rose Kasambira avanyorera

  25. Im eager for the after congress act……………………………………………………………….

    1. Cnt wait 4 it too.

  26. Ahhh, inga mutori gwara nhayi? Instead of invoking sympathy, your apology seems to be addressed to Bob and not the public that you are aiming at. Endaika kuna Bob mobva mapfugama, ko Grace akataura wani kuti huyai mukumbire ruregerero? There’s no amount of “appeasement” that you can do now, it’s late, they are done with you .. that article about you is simply a “mop-up” operation. Munonyanya kudya mega as if nyika yacho ndeyenyu moga, hezvo matosvorana, kuluma parikulumiwa nemukuru wembavha …musatinyaudze kana mabaiwa mudanga. Gochanayi moga ikoko nemari dzenyu tione kuti kune mari hakufiwizve. Mbwa dzevanhu. Mwari harisi benzi, nyangwe Bob wacho one day chet he will be like you infornt of the people of Zimbabwe .. he will need to answer for every penny…varipi vana Hitler, Mobuto, Banda, PW Botha?? Handiti vaifunga kuti vanodzinga rufu neruvoko? Hezvokaizvo .. huyai kuvanhu nguva ichiripo mukumbire ruregerero ikoko, kwete kunaBob kana ZPF yenyu.

  27. it seems to me lke MAI MUJURU is weak ,why the hell were you quite all along.All your close lieutanent have been eliminated now ,you nolonger have inside support.If you think congress is going to clean your name then you are delusional maam. MABHANZI said it you should have responded during “graces’ rallies”.Sometimes i wounder kuti vanhu havafunge here.mandirwadza mai TEURAI people wanted you for presidency,im also worried if ur PHD is real

  28. Mbuya avo ndovekuda kutora mari yese ye war compensation fund nekuti vaiti vkarepwa nageneral nhongo,mbuya avo ndovekutuka mudhara wetu vachinyima masiiwa permit,zvino nhasi zvakuwana,kounogoti maloyers ako achasota media pakudii iwe munhu akataura kuti siya basa unehuori haumuzivi,sungisaka Dr amai,getaway iwe,,no sympathy with yu until waudza mugabe kuti sit basa,

    1. Patricia Muungudza

      Solo do you remember Obasanjo gave the husband solomon $6 m US as the comrades were coming back from war yakaenda kupi tiudzei amai imi musada kungwara makazvidyaira zvekudya mari, that money was meant for the comrades and those who had lost their lives imi makusvikotenga bindura yese masiyanei naMpofu akatenda Vic Falls yese musatinetse mhani mbavha imbavha


  30. I remember buying a dozen of eggs , the first four eggs that i broke to cook were all rotten, that left me with no reason to believe i was going to find one that wasn’t. Too bad amai that the great number of people in your party are know to be corrupt , thus have no reason to believe that you are not like them .Just know that this is the beginning of the end , not just for you but for the entire crate of rotten eggs , watch the space.

  31. Mothers we have heard your side of story and your line of defence,until u admit that u being out played and u know very well the playmaker here,then im sorry to say this your political future is doomed.Your husband is gone thus why they pushing u left,right and centre.Mothers now u n.eed BALLS and take the bull by the horns,your only option is to jump ship and form a grand coalition with the likes of Simba,Biti,Dambengwa for the sake of Matebeland trust me Zanu Pf will explode remember its cracked already.But tambai makachenjera otherwise u will join Rex at the Shrine.Good luck and God Bless.

  32. Its a pit we don’t hv an opposition party in Zim,ths was the right time to kick Zanu pf out of goverment..they failed us long time

  33. give the public the chance who they want by means of voting,Grace,Robert and Joyce who ever wins runs Zanu. i bet you Joyce will come a winner.

  34. imba yavakubvira mhuri iri mumba,dirai petrol kudzima moto uyo.

  35. What a political week!!
    Learning outcomes in your political career

    Place your iron hand inside a velvet glove- Jabulani Sibanda

    An emotional response to a situation is the single greatest barrier to power, a mistake that will cost you a lot more than any temporary satisfaction you might gain by expressing your feelings. Emotions cloud reason, and if you cannot see the situation clearly, you cannot prepare for and respond to it with any degree of control. With his influence, the axed war vets leader should have worn two deceiving masks, one for his friend at heart Mujuru, and the other for his rival Mugabe. Coming out in the open air only spectacled the ignorant bowman Chinotimba and forgotten Mutsvangwa to find his heart on radar and shoot. No doubt Jabulani was influencial. It was better to keep him inside than let him out, a terrible mistake Zuma-ANC did on Malema. Keeping him inside would enable the ruling party to control him. Now the two headed South African President has sleepless nights over Malema. Who can control him? Only God knows. Looking back to the French Revolution, Napoleon Bonaparte was right when he said ”Place your iron hand inside a velvet glove.”

    Use selective honesty- Rugare Gumbo

    When you are entrusted with the microphone, everyone’s ear drums at the circus are yours to explode with your theories and utterances. It can be a thrill to talk without anyone objecting, but bear in mind that it is not about the listener, but the songwriter. Being the mouth of two fighting bosses, it means maintaining your independence and taking more time in selecting what you are going to say than the talking itself. Gumbo only realized his mistake upon being told that he will be out of the scene until 2019. See you in heaven, Madyira!

    Plan All the Way to the End – Joyce Mujuru

    The ending is everything. Plan all the way to it, taking into account all the possible consequences, obstacles, and twists of fortune that might reverse your hard work and give the glory to others. By planning to the end you will not be overwhelmed by circumstances and you will know when to stop. Gently guide fortune and help determine the future by thinking far ahead. All the hard work installing sympathizers in party structures in the last 6 years will be forgotten because the last 30 days were not planned for.

    Do Not Commit to Anyone – Sidney Sekeramayi

    It is the fool who always rushes to take sides. Do not commit to any side or cause but yourself. By maintaining your independence, you become the master of others – playing people against one another, making them pursue you. It is interesting to realize that the Minister of Defense appears impartial (because no one is). He is in every faction leader’s structures. Not very powerful yet being pursued. If he maintains the same stance, all he is going to do is win, win and win.
    #Make_a_fortune #being_etinos

  36. I am afraid but this is a letter that should have been part of a lawsuit against the 2 newspapers and not a letter from a VP to the nation. The problem madam is that whereas you correctly highlighted that you carry the position of VP, you made this letter about yourself. You should have kept it at a higher level. Just call for the media to be more objective and stay away from pettiness, the party should be united and desist from name calling and also to wait for democratic elections to take place in 2 weeks.

    Instead you named the Herald and Sunday Mail as the papers who attacked you. You should have kept it at just ‘the media’ without naming anyone. You also detailed the allegations “treason, corruption, incompetence, and misuse of public, a gossiper, demonic, jealous and divisive,”. It becomes petty for a VP to say she has been accused of being jealous and gossiping. Now you have just challenged those papers to reveal more details about issues we had no knowledge of. As Zimbabweans we all know there are indeed more stories and specifics.

    Again this is a letter that should have been part of a lawsuit against the 2 newspapers and not a letter from a VP to the nation.

  37. Patricia Muungudza

    Ambuya tendeukai zvakaita mamwe madzimai enyu ana Dokotera Olivia vakaenda kwamudara vakagwadama.

  38. Nonsense! We have lost all the respect for you Joyce. pack your bags and leave not just Zanupf but leave Zimbabweans alone. Mbavha economy makaparadza iwe uchitotiwo hee masunctions shame

  39. ‘Stay above partisan politicking”??? You are now seeking sympathy? You have to face the monster you created. When you are accusing and insulting other persons like Tsvangirai, is that not partisan politicking? Surely since when has Dr 10% stayed above partisan politicking? Dyiwa urinyama iwe! Face the music, Usatambe naMudhara.

  40. Tinemi amai mumakuhwa ese anotaurwa aya. Ndozvavakauraira Rex kuti vasare vachikushungurudzai. Kwavo kurikuda kuramba vachitotongwa nekaharahwa kanenge kachazvimamira kachifamba aka. We stand by yu nomatter what

  41. it has always been like that. That’s the strategy of ZPF. Any sane person can see that these are lies peddled against Mai Mujuru. If she is innocent God will protect her. lies will never turn to truth.

  42. You were calling the exposure of corruption ‘huwori’ and accusing those of the exposure enemies of the party seeking for them to be thrown out of the party. Mutasa further went around every province openly calling for the firing of Mnangagwa and calling him a weevil and you never rebuked him. Nhasi you want us to believe you are above name calling?

  43. each man 4 himself and God for us all. munhu nemunhu achamira oga kana otongwa naMwari ,
    who r we to judge. The truth will come to light. Rine manyanga haripitirwe. God bless Zimbabwe and most importantly the people. Mwari anonzwa kuchema kwavanhu vake.

  44. Do these guys realise you are the only one who can stand a better chance of getting the vote.. People should not be overclouded by their own ambitions and create some sort of virtual reality in which everything goes according to their plan. Mugabe should not allow the Party to be destroyed like that. or is it that there are people who are simply taking advantage of his old age.
    In any case just take the step and leave them and then they will wake up..

  45. Mwana weZimbabwe

    Hon vice President,
    This may be God’s doing so that you maybe on the side of the pple,that yu may experience the torture and injustice that we go thr evryday, watever is happning to you is but nothing compared to wat happned to us 2008

  46. Your fellows today?wy dd yu terrorise us 2008

    1. kikiki… wataura. kutya jeri kani kuzotiziva….

  47. Ko nhai dr mujuru, ko zvataurwa na dr grace kuti vane video yenyu muchinyengwa muchinyomba president todini??

  48. Kikikikikikikikkikikikikikiest! Wadyegora wadya mangava. Aya masuka mukanwa hombarume haiguti nekunanzva banga. Ngatisanganei kuCongress. Secret ballot ndomboma manje.

  49. Teurai we in mdct are bored by your love for Mugabe so everything you say becomes null and void.To everyone afta reading your bembera we take you as a prodigal son.The best for a prodig is to go back to father nd for u its to be redeployed but dont forget many bi guyz were fired becoz of you.Hold a public meeting with them now, in mbare or mt darwin make me yo adviza kkkk

  50. amai Mujuru vabuditswa muPolitical Spherejust like C. S. Banana…

  51. my fellow Zimbabweans, let us not only concentrate only on one side of the coin, let us also talk about our own president, what he is saying about her wife’s actions,and what he did in the past. No one in the Zanu-PF party has a clean record, so let us not only dwell upon Mujuru but everyone in the Zimbabwean government. God bless Zimbabwe

  52. Hohwamupengo uzere zanu PF.

  53. Mujuru is just wasting her time. She must go and worship Mugabe that’s what others are doing. Issuing meaningless statements will not save her skin. Besides, she is not fit to be Vice President, does not deserve to be Vice President after they lost the 2008 election. She and everyone else in that evil party denied Tsvangirayi his deserved victory. They think them alone are electable. Them alone must rule. Mujuru is as bad as Mugabe, because all along she supported what was done to other Zimbabweans. Now that it’s happening to her she is crying foul. Futsek

  54. ornithological species of identical plummage perlambulate in close proximity.heya nhasi zvorwadza.makanganwa long sleeve and short sleeve.zpf ndeyeropa.call Masiyiwa and ask how he feels.mdhara Nkomo amuka chipoko.what goes around comes.this is what they term politics of mudslinging

  55. Imi ndimi vanhu vakaipa kwazvo imi. This is so wrong at many levels and just proving that Joyce’s advisors are poor. And yet here you are claiming she has hit back! How can a sitting Vice-President have a press release? Let alone to answer to media allegations of gossip and jealous! PR dzekukiyakiya chaidzo!

  56. It’s very irritating when these ZanuPF politicians start using the independent media to air their frustrations yet they were part of the gangster regime that bombed the Daily News. Even Jonathan Moyo, the arch-enemy of independent press, is desperate to write his drivelling inanities in the very same independent media which he has done everything to destroy. Go back to the Herald I say.

  57. Kare haagare ari kare. Welcome to our world Joyiii. Ndokuti uzive kuti nhamo inorwadza sei. Do not put us Zimbos in your problems. Makatishungurudza enough imi maboora ngoma,makauraya pamwe nekuchekeresa. Zvino aikutuma wacho nhasi akupandukira. Politics is a very dirty game,you dig your own grave. Chikonzero munokanganwa vamwe modya mega. Nhamo haijairike wena,come Congress we will be waiting by your grave side tichikuimbira “tambirai mwana wenyu”.

  58. Independent Candidate

    ZANU and Ebola are jus the same, no one wants em. Mugabe is being used by Mnangangwa to weaken Joice. ZANU has failed us as a national and its annoying that they still think they matter to us. Joice is no saint she has been part if this nonsense group since the 70s and now she wants our sympathy becoz her old bosses hates her guts now. come on, we r not blind. if u r serious Joice attack em bek by opening their can of worms. silly.

  59. Who cares when you were killing people since 2000 you were ok. Now the axe is on you, you are shouting from the hilltop

  60. Makakurumidza kumedza kutsenga kuchada amai. Nezvituta zvinyu vana Mutasa naGumbo hakuna kwamunoenda. Muri kumhanya nemakarimwa

  61. Joice my advise to you is to resign from the party and government but remain a card carrying member. I can tell you that come december you will no longer the vice president of the republic of Zvimba or sorry Zimbabwe. Listen to what amai said- gwena is fit to take over. He is taking over ! Resign Joice resign mai Mujuru , Resign joice, Resign Joice, Resign Joice. If you avail yoursef for shame election then thats it. Zvatakaita Chamatama kutiperekedza kufinishing line ndozvamurikuita apa mai Mujuru.

  62. WOW what a statement, im impressed by this good public speech, im inclined to believe that she is worth to be a President. Lets like the facebook page “Real Talk TV Zimbabwe” and get more views from others, lets meet there

    1. Tmbwai nechirungu… kikiki…

      1. meant “tambwai”

  63. Kikiki… Ndiani avanyorera nechiraparapa amai ava, dhokotera?

    Why having business interests if you are the Vice President?
    Why not freeze them to avoid conflict of interest?

    Vanozivana. Gore rino tichanzwiririra. Regai zvitosvorane.

  64. mapoliticians kunyepa! Haaa! Munonyanyengererei muchipfirwa kumeso nepwere idzi dzichivanda seri kwemunhu wamunoti it’s your responsibility to help lead this mahumbwe country? Muri kutivanzira zvakawanda saka no tears for you. Birds of a feathers. The differences among you PF politicians are cosmetic.

  65. Zhara izhara hayo vakomana asi Zim mazuva ano irikuspaka. As long as mabinga ezanu achirovana pachawo ega its fine with ME.

  66. Dr Grace maybe stupid or whatever people may think but she has done a good job for the nation. Ataura zvinosityisa kutaura. She has opened the flood gates for open criticism to the top leadership of any kind. Am sure if anyone knows anything about her or her husband can now say it out.

    The fight has gone beyond imagination, Mujuru can only survive by openly challenging Mugabe @Congress not going for Vice. Otherwise she is finished. If she calls for a press conference and announce that even those that are going to congress on ED ticket will back her.

  67. I am loving this…I hope the fights continue and the Party that has made our lives a living hell perishes….bt there is a lesson from from this…If u have a problem wth a colleague at work ask your spouse to intervene!! Sorry VP in as much as i sympathize wth the attack on your person, u are not entirely innocent ..u have to give us more than an apology for what you and your party has done to us .We continue to suffer because of your party`s incompetence.Change will come and i hope you will all leave long to enjoy it.

  68. U said too litle too late.U had the means and capacity to rescue yo fellow zimbos bt u chose to wage a war againsty zvipfukuto
    .No sori for u .pedza nyaya yako

  69. Zanu pf haisisina Simba,
    Zanu pf haisisina Midzi
    Zanupf haichina kana weku Themba
    Kana wekuJabula naye…
    Zanu pf haisisina Rugare
    Aiwa Gwanetsa gwupenyu ugwu
    Zanu Pf yatotarisazve Nhema
    Arikuenda kani hapachina Muchena
    Bato rasara risisina Kunaka
    Zanu Pf aiwa yaaDambudzo chete
    lnogona kudzoka kuCongress isisina Joy.
    Yadyiwa neMujuru

  70. Dont worry real Dr. JT Mujuru. Dr.Grace Mugabe is under a certain force. Can you wait until the President Cde RG. Mugabe has fired you. You are the Vice President of Zimbabwe even after the congress. If President does not appoint you as second Secretary of ZANU PF, please be resilient and tell them that you cannot serve Zimbabwe in any position other than the VP. All the late VPs they served until they died, you are not an exception. Firapo. Kana zvanetsa say you are forming your own movement.

  71. eheka nhasi zvorwadza pamaibatira ana strive masiiwa maizviita shasha nhasi zvozikanwa nhai. makauraya nyika ikezvino vana magraduate varikutengesa etym murank but yu still saying our beloved Zimbabwe for what. Ngazvibayane. We love Zimbabwe so much but yu let us down yo children

  72. Dont worry VP all your challenges will work out for your good. God is with you

  73. Dont worry VP all your challenges will work out for your good. God is with you amai

  74. u guys u nid a deliverance as far as your analysis is concerned don just shout about corruption against vice president is this the only corruption that deteriorates our economy. think out of the box u Zimbabweans.

  75. I am glade the world is turning around it will show itself . MayGod save us it has been long the political System has failed us . What can we turn to?Who can we trust .
    Only God is trust worthy and nobady easy.
    Kana mwana wamai vako anogona kukuuraya.
    Kana maivako vanogona kukuuraya
    Mazuvano zvinhu zvachinja.

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