Bloodbath in Zanu PF: Rugare Gumbo, 4 chairs suspended

ZANU PF yesterday expelled war veterans’ leader Jabulani Sibanda and suspended party spokesperson Rugare Gumbo as the bid by Vice-President Joice Mujuru to retain her post as President Robert Mugabe’s second-in-command suffered a major blow.


The politburo also upheld the suspension of four provincial chairpersons — Amos Midzi (Harare), Killian Gwanetsa (Masvingo), Jason Machaya (Midlands) and Matabeleland South’s Andrew Langa.

Another Mujuru ally, Manicaland provincial chairman John Mvundura, was given a written reprimand.

The suspended chairpersons are linked to the faction led by Mujuru.

Mujuru and Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa lead factions angling to succeed Mugabe.

Party national chairman Simon Khaya Moyo assumed the role of spokesperson immediately after Gumbo’s suspension and apprised journalists late last night of the developments.

He, however, would not take questions.

“I want to say that I am speaking to you not just as national chairman of the party, but also as spokesperson of the party from today,” Khaya Moyo said.

The meeting, Khaya Moyo said, discussed the state of preparations for the December 2 to 7 congress and received reports from the chairpersons of the provincial co-ordinating committees set up a few weeks ago.

“After extensive discussions by members of the politburo, far-reaching decisions were taken and they are as follows: Cde Rugare Gumbo has been suspended for five years with immediate effect. Cde Enock Porusingazi, who is a central committee member, has been suspended for five years from the membership of the party,” Khaya Moyo said.

“Cde Jabulani Sibanda has been expelled from the party. At provincial level, Cde Andrew Langa of Matabeleland South has been removed from the provincial executive council and as chairman of the province.

“Cde Callisto Gwanetsa of Masvingo has had his vote of no confidence upheld. John Mvundura of Manicaland has been given a written reprimand. Cde Jason Machaya has had his vote of no confidence on him upheld. Amos Midzi has had his vote of no confidence also upheld and Godwin Gomwe (Harare youth leader) has his case pending with the national disciplinary committee which is still seized with the matter,” Khaya Moyo said.

Khaya Moyo said the vote of no confidence passed on Masvingo chairlady Shylet Uyoyo had also been upheld together with that of C Bhasikiti.

In the Youth League, Oliver Huruva had his vote of no confidence also upheld together with that of Tongai Mangomana.

Gumbo, who left the meeting early, told NewsDay last night that he would follow developments from the sidelines.

“I will watch developments from the terraces,” Gumbo said.

Analysts said last night’s developments meant that Mujuru has a tough task to retain her position.

Mujuru has been under incessant attacks from Mnangagwa’s faction which recently roped in First Lady Grace Mugabe in its final assault on Mugabe’s second-in-command.

During her “Meet the People” rallies, Grace said Mujuru should either resign or apologise to Mugabe for allegedly plotting to topple him.

Grace also labelled Mujuru, power-hungry, corrupt and unfit to hold the VP position.

The latest developments come at a time Mujuru allies have been subjected to verbal and physical attacks, with former Harare youth leader Jim Kunaka nursing injuries sustained after he was abducted on Wednesday.


  1. cry my beloved zimbabwe ………….

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      1. iwe wakaitei ne million yawakawana ungadai uchiswero nyora nyora sezvauri kuita….kkkk asi blazi imimi kaa……..we are not fools….dont just tell us zvisingaitike…dai vanhu varikuchema here kana kuchihwinwa ma million iwayo…..dont steal for people

      2. Murder of Southern African President to spark political crisis – TB Joshua

    2. How come the gamatoxicans are not fighting back? Are they cowards? Chii?

      1. Vadyiwa nomunyati! They wanted power and, like MDC, thought the will get it since they have the numbers behind them. They should have learnt from what happened to Tsvangirai and his herd of wildebeests last year and in 2008! When you are dealing with ruthless tyrants like Mugabe with strategic thinkers like Jonathan Moyo backing you – numbers count for nothing!

    3. People were laughing at Dr Grace saying she has no Phd… Now you can see the results of that academic hard work. Four chairmen plus party spokesman out in one go! Matimadiizvenyu magamatocks? Muchadhottah!

      1. Taura hako. The so-called analysts failed to read Dr Grace. They will remain poor analysts.

    4. Me totally vex how Rugare Gumbo, for so long da leading gamatox, so quickly trow in da towel? Dem weevils too rough, boss?

    5. Ndoo zvamaiitawo vamwe izvozvo during elections.zvinofaya handitika jim??kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    6. Watch a Mwonzora at congress Mujuru win

    7. disorder within the corrupt part is what we had been waiting for,,,fo all these years
      Its the explosion of the bombshell..



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    10. its certainly bloodbath

    11. Blame the West?If you can’t handle your own office how then can you handle investor funds?

  2. Haaaa… Ma gamatox aye azopararamanje. Zvipfukuto zviye zvauya zvaa genetically modified. Gamatox iye ya expire. Ko kuzoti Amai vadzoka pa second leg yeku rally? Tichaspakwa!

    1. nice one

    2. Henrietta You take imagery to a different level…kkkkkkkk

  3. Its difficult kunzwira ana Rugare Gumbo and Jabu tsitsi with the way that they used to terrorise fellow citizens and the way they used to denigrate Tsvangcry!

    Bayanai mega ikoko. Kana naJoice wacho…mese muri muZANU PF nhasi you are collectively responsible for the mess that we are in right nw.Whether it be Munangagwa or Joice as VP..the fact is that this country will not know prosperity and/or peace whilst ZANU PF is still at the helm.

    1. Waiting for the closing chapter, the vote of no confidence on Tarubva himself!!!!! then we all will be free, go on Jonso keep the fire burning!!!!!!

  4. ‘I will watch developments from the terraces’… After all his bombastic talk and bravado, I am shocked Gumbo has thrown in the towel so quickly. God help the remaining Gamatoxians.

  5. one by one going kusvika tasvika panaVP…now i see what Dr Grace meant bt “baby-dumping”

  6. “And now the rains had really come, so heavy and persistent that even the village rain-maker no longer claimed to be able to intervene. He could not stop the rain now, just as he would not attempt to start it in the heart of the dry season, without serious danger to his own health. The personal dynamism required to counter the forces of these extremes of weather would be far too great for the human frame.”
    ― Chinua Achebe, Things Fall Apart

      1. This is “Literature” baba. To interpret, just use your imagination

        1. Literature yekuitasei? Sascam.

    1. charles charingeno

      Point of Correction Cde Rigger: It is Dr Amai Grace.

  7. Weevil J. Moyo (PhD)

    Whoever thought ZANU PF was capable of reform has proved wrong. What we have witnessed is gangsterism, thuggish and lawless behavior by the Grace/Emmerson faction. All the reformists have been sidelined. Joice Mujuru’s role as one of the ZANU PF leaders has ended. She is now the Nelson Chamisa of ZANU PF. She may as well pack her bags and start a full time occupation as a farmer. There is no need to wait for the pre-determined outcome of the Congress.

    1. Reformist??

      1. Yes…… instead of these extremist weevils

    2. Yes all those ousted can now go to their stolen farms and try some proper work

  8. so all this is being done to make sure that Robert mugabe does not face any competition. What a sickening undemocratic party that has been so blinded into serving the interest of one selfish individual who imposes himself on the party and knows he would lose in a fair election. What ever they do Dr Grace will face the music when her hubby dies

    1. You know what is really surprising, Mugabe actually believes that the interests of his family will be protected by having Grace dabbling in politics antagonising all enemies, real or imagined. The only option that would have guaranteed protection would have been dignified silence on the party of Grace. Imagine the dignity that exuded the late Mafuyana, the late Dr. Joshua Nkomo’s wife. She was respected by even those who disliked Nkomo and would never have been attacked by anyone.

      Does this mean Mugabe is unaware that events that will unfold after his demise are unpredictable? Doesn’t he realise that all those who are singing Grace’s praises are the very fickle lot that used to sing Joice Mujuru’s praises when her late husband and protector was still alive?

  9. Tendai Chaminuka

    Zanu chioororo

  10. 1GOOD ADVICE: do something for yourself, for your family. Don’t waste your time talking about these already rich soccer celebrities while you are poor. Other people are enjoying their lives with money without even paying attention to these celebrities. See how this poor Zimbabwean became a millionaire just by buying and selling cheap/old/broken houses in any town/location. Very interesting. Go to HOUSESBYCITY.COM to see all 5 companies that she was dealing with to do this business. HOUSESBYCITY.COM, Wake up African people

  11. Inga wani Maggie Dongo akataura wani kuti varume vese vari muZanu pf vakadzi vamugabe. hezvo vari kungohwedzerwa wani vakangoti porozozo.

  12. this country is now being run by a criminal cartel. God help us

    1. Was always and is being run by criminals!

  13. I like that UNZO. LOVE THAT BOOK

  14. What a filthy party Zanu Patriotic Fools..Nxaaaaaaa. This is the end of the end now.

    1. This is the best thing ever to happen in ZANU PF, it shows bravado, all those opposition who want the gamatox rejects, you can have them now, house cleaning i call it. It is the opposition which is crying foul, because your implants have been rooted out. icho

  15. The time, for so long, we hv bn waiting for…

  16. Am sure the film directors in hollywood are taking
    notes,one of the greatest movies is in the making

  17. hapana here angaudzira umwe pakati pemapenzi ayo abudewo nechizanu chimwe zvimame. Zvaitapira zvirikwavasugar nhasi zvovava nokuti zvava kwavamunyu. Suriranai

  18. Emru Kunanti (BSc,BA, BCom, MA, MSc, LLM, LLD, PhD)

    So Jabu is no longer a member of ZANU-PF??? kkkkkkkkk ma1 chaiwo

  19. Tichaona Katanda

    Ini handihwi kana tsitsi, these Rugare Gumbos and Jimmy Kunakas are what they are because of this party and machinery, so varikunzwa mushonga wavo. Let them taste threir own medicine, batai vanhu, vachaziva kuti musangano hausi we ma groups kana ma jokosi… Nxaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  20. These are exciting times headed towards the birth of a new zimbabwe..God is slowly but surely answering our prayers of many years.people like Rugare defended many thugs who killed on behalf of the party..they dont deserve any sympathy from us..Jabulani with total impunity moved around the countryside threatening people into voting for zanu pf and he was even encouraged to do it by people like Rugare and his other idiotic old politiburo geriatrics…we are all elated with these latest developments

  21. Ndizvo zvavanoita

  22. this marks the end of gamatox it is now minority rule in ZANU pf

  23. ngazibayane zvipadzane I won’t shed a tear. my prayer is I hope Jonso ultimately will babydump Chatunga himself and Zim will be free


  25. Jabulani Sibanda aiita system yekutyisidziramachinja, manje ndiye azomama. A real war ver expelled by cowardly non-combatants like Jonso, Zhuwau, Tyson, Oppah, chombo, Chiyangwa…kikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikiki……

  26. What goes around comes around. Acid test, those Patriotic Fools were used.

  27. Yes, we can celebrate the fall of these cruel people but nothing much will change as long as Robert is the head. Wish he was the one given the boot.

  28. zvakaoma mhanduwe I thought all was well in our power struggle ZANU pf so sad so uniting on our party the POOR HUNGRY that blood is now being shed from within no MDCs let’s see wake up tsvangson stage demos now

  29. ndambocommenter pamusoro apo this time ndikuda kungoseka chete madinga aya kkkkkkkkkkk…kikikikikikikikkikikikikkikikik hahahahahahahhahahahahha pwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lol kikikikikikikikikkikikikikikikikikkikiki pfipfipfi…….ah ndakudzipwa mirai

    yah zvaita regai ndisimudzire hahahahahahahahahahahahahah pfipfipfipfipfifpfi kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk bhuuuuuuuuuuu heheheheheheheheheehehehehehehhe kekekekekekekekekekekeke .hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii hahahahahaha lol kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    Yah rugare naJabu soo ka hahahahahaha pwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa kkkkkkkkkkkk

    aah zvakwana ini ndine tsetswa

    kkkkkkkkkkk ummmm regai ndimboshanda mbichana hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehe

    1. Cde Rigger sascam yemunhu. Uneducated imbecile. ZANU moron. Kikikikikikikikikiki

    2. I like I Like…..

  30. Wake up Tsvangirai

    I wonder if Tsvangirai and his bunch of fanatic supporters understand what politics and exploiting opportunites really mean. It looks like their only strategy in politics is to cause anything that brings anguish and more suffering to the people of zimbabwe to get power. Surely with all thats happening in Zanu pf today MDC_T with its huge support cannot come up with a strategy that can work for them? Izvozvi Tsvangirai all he is doing is laugh and laugh endlessly deludingly thinking zanu will simply breakup completely thus creating a vacuum that will see him walk in to takeover government without any sweat. Wakapata Tsvangirai!!!

    1. Nhai “Wake up Tsvangirai ” , Ko iwe wakangwara what are you doing ? Unofunga kuti Tsvangirai alone must work for you. Uri zidununu remunhu. Chaunogona kungo analayza . Hee Tsvangirai mus free us hee Tsvangirai must do this .. Ko iwe . ?

  31. No sympathy for those kicked out. They rained terror. Used and dumped! what goes around comes around. Gire will also be booted out again once bob is gone, simply because she forgot that the bible says be at peace with everybody. These comrade never dumps each other forever, especially the faction leaders. Mark my words she will be worse off

  32. pandakaimba corruption Makati anopenga.ini ndiri kudiaspora zvandakataura ndozvakuiitika ikoko.regai ndigare kuma terraces tione zvinopera sei.miromo yevakuru haiwiri pasi.Dirani police hq ari kutengesa munda kubanket namushayandebvu 1000usd per month until 2019 pabanket 3km towards harare.David Meikles ndiye atove muridzi webanket.kutengesa ivhu chaiko

  33. but why are warvets mubanket macho vari silent.cde chinos,cde nyaruwata kubanket kune mawarvets here kana kuti vese vakatotengwa nadavid Meikles wacho

  34. ndodha genuine warvets muzimbabwe maone.only time shall tell kuti mari dzavanopiwa nadavid meilkes dzacho dzichava nyudza.kkkk…..

  35. no tears for cdes Rugare, Jabu and other victims of ZANU’s mighty tsunami. These people have blood on their hands. They are now tasting the bitterness of their concortion. Mati madii, ngozi iya yave kupfuka manje.

  36. surely we now have zanupf munangagwa/ zanupf mai mujuru /zanupf mai Mugabe ndatozviona.

  37. mabiribobi kukavana kwemadhongi.

  38. motokari isina mabiriki hainzi ndini ndoda kuityaira unobondera vanhu vozoti waimhanya’regai varidzi vaenderere nayo .

    1. Mugabe, his wife and Mnangagwa are over confident after the army promised them full backing. But for all I know, this plan is set to backfire thoroughly. Yes those booted out sensed it long back and are advised to retreat.

  39. Giresi wenyu uyu. Tichamuona very soon ava kutsvaga kwekupotera. Shandiswa hako uchidaro. Vana Dr Mujuru ava wakavaverenga mumabhuku kuchikoro, nhasi woti is incompetent. who are you to judge others.

    All those ‘fired’ from Zanu, I don’t think you should be worried. Kune vamwe vanyerere vari kudivi renyu. Vachafenda vezvipfukuto pacongress.Vanhu hatichadi nezvavo.

    Watching from the terreces like Rugare.

  40. Is that what us Zimbabweans get in return after voting for you mercy less vagabonds such that you utilise and waste our time for development in fights for power ZANU PF 34 years of being your Robots that you can switch to your own goodies its enough gays we are quickly becoming the 2moro’s VETERANS go to hell MR ROBERT and your right hand pple

  41. Kkkkkkkkkkkk haaaaayaa, she is really ruling Zimbabwe straight from the bedroom her name is Grace Goreraza Pamire Mugabe, mese kuZanu pf matove vakadzi munokaura bedzi, Jabulani zvavharana iwe Gumbo we will see you again 2019 after maelections. Mai Mujuru it’s an obvious case, after congress zvavharana basa ratopera Grace akataura from the bedroom kuti haachada nezvenyu sezvo ariye arikutonga Teurai Ropa pack your bags so long. kkkkkkkkkkkk

    1. GOOD ADVICE: do something for yourself, for your family. Don’t waste your time talking about these already rich politicians while you are poor. Other people are enjoying their lives with money without even paying attention to these dirty politicians. See how this poor Zimbabwean woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling cheap/old/broken houses in any town/location. Very interesting. Go to HOUSESBYCITY.COM to see all 5 companies that she was dealing with to do this business. HOUSESBYCITY.COM, Wake up African people

  42. Now that Jabulani Sibanda has been expelled from ZANU PF may the police make sure he returns the AK 47 rifle that he used to terrorise innocent villagers with! He won’t be needing it now will he?

  43. , Why is Didimus Mutasa, the originator of Gammatox being left alone? Mai Mujuru, hezvo mutengesi wabuda pachena!

  44. Bambazonke Republic

    Looks like this Mujuru faction lacks schemers or is full of cowards who lack the guts to confront the real source of their problems which is Mugabe himself and Jonathan Moyo head on.Otherwise they are falling by the wayside and are being outsmarted in every department like a hopeless soccer team without a coach.They better have something extraordinary up their sleeves otherwise as things stand Mujuru and her allies are facing political extinction and oblivion.In politics silence is not golden,you need to punch back as hard as you get like Mutsvangwa does it.

  45. butchwa bonda mtuvi belingwe

    @ reaso vashele/vaudze machinja anosapota gumbo mujuru- aluta continua. yaaa zvandaitaura zviya Rugare wakatiuraira part ku MBERENGWA uko uchidzinga vanhu vese vekwa NGWENA eg JULY MOYO, BEN MATAGA, SHIRI, SHUMBA, MAI MAPINGIRE in 2005 wakandirwadza many pontential and realy part lover were booted out by this gumbo thing nhasi zvaa kwenyu test your own medicine sure

    1. charles charingeno

      But vanhu veMberengwa makavata sitereki! Zvimugwagwa zvinoenda kumusha kwenyu makoronga ega ega. Munotori nemaMP iyemi? Nekudzidza kwamakaita kwose uko munoratidza vudununu hwenyu nekusava neroad kwadzo haaa!!!!!

  46. charles charingeno

    Dr Mujuru and company are paying for having persimissm on the performance of the party in 2013 Elections. Ngwena is being paid for having masterminded Nikuv and ensure Dr Amai and Husband remain in power. But Ngwena is very cunning! All who are perpetuating his rise to power will live to regret. I am surprised that people do not know how ruthless this guy is. He is a soldier who does not blink if someone dies. Asi ndinotizve Mazezuru makatonga zvakakwana, yaanguva yeduwo makaranga! Takagwira rusununguko gwenyika ino tose saka dotipaiwo mukana kwete kungohwa zita remunhu mumwe. Tapinda Tapinda Mavhitori!!!!!

  47. Jabulani Sibanda has been fired by the fasted PhD researcher in this world. Her hand is there for all to see. Rugare Gumbo has been fired by Ngwena and Co. It goes without saying that the next to go (pushed or voluntarily), will be Joice. That will leave Bob exposed with noone to stand by him but his wife, who unfortunately, will realise too late that she has been used to roundly set her husband up as sitting duck when the shots finally rain on him. Clever Ngwena and Jonah….clever indeed! A boardroom coup via a bedroom one!

  48. Its Dog eat dog. Zanupf ingwena or garwe rinodya not only innocent pple but vana varo. All those left its just a matter of time before he starts to kill you.Remember the outcome is that he wants to die at state house after eliminating all threats.

  49. Wow! That was a good read, the comments of course. The Chenua Achebes, the Cde Riggers made the laghter in me burst out without warning kkkkk Cde Ri kkkkkkk kkkkkk ha ha haaaaa

  50. Mujuru goes nowhere, Gumbo goes somewhere yippi we celebrate zvedu isu, its was long over due for the old fool Gumbo, asi makanganwa zvaakamboitwa kuMaputo kuvharirwa matomuita zvishoma dai mamubutsururi muchizarira ndochaakajaira, this saves others factionalists who want to cause problems to our lovely Zimbabwe. I think its time for ZANU PF cleansing itself, to off load some its old selfish horses, like what Makoni, Dabengwa and others did last time they off loaded themselves. Chatisingangodi kuurayana chete lets do the off loading quetly. Keep it up Gushungo.

  51. Icho, chaputika! Zimbabwe firmly in the hands of Zvipfukuto.

  52. Armageddon

  53. jabulani sibanda wakapuhwa good size dzungu uchinyanya CHINOTIMBA kata panyanga

  54. Kwasara ka Ray Kangson ke Marondera.

  55. veSekeramayi munot havazvioni here muchaona zvichaitika pamberi apa.

    1. Nathaniel Manheruson

      Sekeramayi? That useless coward won’t do anything…

  56. butchwa bonda mtuvi belingwe

    iwe unoti vanhu ve MBERENGWA/makaranga takapu iti takanga takanyarara tisingadi zvedu zvekuzuhwa/kutaura nevanhu vanokara vanopoza varimadofo sana mujuru vanotonga nechisimba hauna kuona pana 2004 pakahwina ngwena 8/10 akatorerwa namazezuru anogona kutaurisa fundo pasina. nasi zvadzoka vach vanga’ se cheater tichivabvisa nana Gumbo kupandukirawo kwawakazvarwa. manje ukati pesvupesvu uchiuya pa BONDA or MATAGA paya tokugura msoro.. chaiwo.


  57. heyi pipo, let me tell you one mistake that you are making. mukarega ngwena achienda pachigaro makaura hamumubvisi and that’s a fact. ndozvakauraya zim, zimbos have been weakened by the brutality of those in power. nyange mukahukura sei you are useless to effect any change. maleaders anofanira kupota achichinjwa nevanhu. ngwena is simply cruel. mark my words. leaders who are too powerful are naturally dictators. muchatoona kuti bob ari nani. this is not to say i support mai mujuru. faction yavo ine makoronyera futi.

  58. Nyemba dzinotungana

  59. Opposition parties pliz swallow all your pride and make a grand coalition. We waited for this chance for long time and it has presented itself. Let them fight to lead zanu and you fight to lead the country

  60. the only positive thing about the weevils is that zvine potential yekupfukuta bob from within. i see a situation yekuti bob achamhanya kunotsvaka garmatox kuti adire zvipfukuto but it will be too late.


  62. butchwa bonda mtuvi belingwe

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk this is good how i like this rega nditotenga manewspaper more than 1000 nditumire ne zupco rinomasiya pa MATAGA MSUMHE CHEGATO BONDA-MTUVI BUTCWA vanhu vekumusha vamboverenga ndanzwa nekufonerwa every day kwahi papepa arikutiiko, ko Gumbo haasati adzingwa nanazi. bva nhasi gwana gwavatete gunofara zvokadizvokwadi ndi gumbo here anga atifuwisa isu makaraga. WEZHIRA pfee pachigaro. motor cade yofhuura napo panorton apo via chegutu hezvoko kadoma mukwekwe umo mirai pa road gwelo hokoyo, shurugwi tombofema shabhani mberengwa todzoka nemasvingo pangundu apo masvingo pamvuma apo chivhumdhara/enklidon apo

  63. Rugare,there are a lot of skeletons in your cupboard unozviziwa mhanduwe, the ghost of Chitepo must be haunting you

  64. vakati poltics is a dirty game am sure vane maPHD in politics.

  65. Mu Zimbabwe manaka hama dzangu. paita gamatox ne zvipfukuto. taziva chakauraya nyika hazvichada kuunzwa. Regai zvipfukuto zvisare kana zvoshandukirwa toziva vakanaka havapo vakabviswa. Tinoziva here unity accord was between two parties. Zanu pf haizofi mai Mujuru varipo na Davengwa vacharatidza the true unity accord signed in 1987. Ma warvet munyika muno hapachina kwasara vatengesi. Munofunga dai zvanga zvirizvo zvaivapo nguva yehondo paibuda chii. Ava havasivo here vakaurayisa vamwe. Nyika ino yakauya neropa rakadeuka zhinji asi vachiziva havo ndivo vaitengesa. Nhasi vabuda pachena tarirai zvimiro zvavo

  66. butchwa bonda mtuvi belingwe

    @hezvo unoti ngwena aita utsinye papi kunyarara imhosva here vazhinji vanoona munhu akanyarara sesvi makaranga moti imhondi but rather say vanowawata sana mujuru simba rinoperera mujutaura kuronga nekufunga hapana. give us the proof that ED is cruel leave HIM alone we no kuti u are all mdc t who always sympathise with mujuru. ko iye mujuru ane moyo wakanaka papi just give us proof haikona kungoteedzera vamwe vawangonzwa achiti ngwena is cruel without supporting your allegation. tsekeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee mhaniiiiiiiiiiiii REGA GWEDU GWEZHIRA GWANA GWAVATETE GUTONGEWO ko iwe warwadziwa nei ko wenyu tshangirai haana hutsinye kusiya ka chamisa kaita mhosva yei. haana kurambira pachigaro hamusi kutadza kumubvisa here

  67. why a u blocking my comment y

  68. “And now the rains had really come, so heavy and persistent that even the village rain-maker no longer claimed to be able to intervene. He could not stop the rain now, just as he would not attempt to start it in the heart of the dry season, without serious danger to his own health. The personal dynamism required to counter the forces of these extremes of weather would be far too great for the human frame.”
    ― Chinua Achebe, Things Fall Apart

  69. “You do not know me,’ said Tortoise. ‘I am a changed man. I have learned that a man who makes trouble for others makes trouble for himself.”
    ― Chinua Achebe, Things Fall Apart

  70. “Eneke the bird says that since men have learned to shoot without missing, he has learned to fly without perching.”
    ― Chinua Achebe, Things Fall Apart

    1. Asi ndirorega book rawakaverenga?

  71. kkkk kakuna muti usina matavi/mapazi kana kamuti kadiki diki se ka mdc t kanawoyo whats so special ne zimuti zihombe hombe se ZANU PF kuita tumapazi eg sthole, tekere,dongo, makoni, gumbomjuru.

    viva zanu pf viva rg mugabe viva ed

  72. “Perhaps down in his heart Okonkwo was not a cruel man. But his whole life was dominated by fear, the fear of failure and of weakness.

    It was deeper and more intimate that the fear of evil and capricious gods and of magic, the fear of the forest, and of the forces of nature, malevolent, red in tooth and claw.

    Okonkwo’s fear was greater than these. It was not external but lay deep within himself.”
    ― Chinua Achebe, Things Fall Apart

  73. butchwa belingwe gwana gwavatete

    hapana hapana kana CHAMISA akasara nechitima chinonzi cherusununguko ko ana gumbo {part spokes persons} taimudiiwo. chamisa/gumbomjuru thought that they might use thier post to lure supporter vaifunga vane supoti manje unosara chitima chichienda

  74. nhaka gore rino

  75. Madhlirapazhe matemwa neshanhu chairo muchikondomwise imbogarai kumaterraces , hatigoni kuchema nemwi somwana wokwedu maitifuratira pabudiriro kudunhu kwedu kwaChingoma ndinoti zvaiwana ngwarati kudhla ivete

  76. The Chief Parrot and the goons were booted,me liking it kwaaaaaa kkkkkkk!

  77. saka zvendege zvakazotongopera zvakadaro isina kuwanikwa

  78. Mukadzi wavaAshmolow

    kuti zvinhu zvinyatsofaya pabva Gumbo pangaiswe Tsvangirai tobatana vana vezimbabwe kuti nyika yedu idye ichigutawo

  79. deno zvaibvira kti pamunodzinga vanhu moona vanomutevera umwe taizodeedzera touch is a move akudzosa tsoro kkkk

  80. THIS IS BIG BROTHER ZANU PF NOMINEES FOR EVICTION THIS WEEK ARE ………………………………………………………………………. Hameno ikoko

  81. hapana chakaipa apa. vanhu ivava ndivo varatidza nyika yedu kuti panw vamwe vanhu vanogona kuudza mutungamirir ku no. rugare gumbo murume kwete vakanzi na dongo ma mrs a president. he may have lost his job but he is a principled person not a boot licker. same with all who lost their position including sibanda. these are real politicians.

  82. Kana zvakadaro ndave kuenda ku MDC.

  83. ko zanu munotanga riini kuurayana…hatina kuzvijaira zveku suspender izvi…towards congress toda ma accidents kwete izvi. kkkkkk

  84. Being a member of the Dare Re Chimurenga himself Cde Gumbo should start writing a book .

  85. Urayanayi mupere, mbavha.

  86. long live Rugare Gumbo you are a hero .

  87. sifuna amadoda sibili

  88. This is not a 2014 war. Remember July Moyo and Co. were suspended for Tsholotshlo, We have been at war from within from way back.

  89. mati Jabu haasisiri wezanu inga kkkk tatofanana ka kkkkkk but tirinani hatina ngozi kkkkk chamakadya chamuka ropa ra 2008 hariende rega muchapedzana chete

  90. Finally God has come to our rescue its crumbling now

  91. the more things change the more they stay the same..It is too early for anyone to celebrate..Remember ZANU isinjonjo tamba waka chenjera..I dont think Gumbo and Sibanda can be steam rolled over this easy….More will follow, like they are allowed to appeal and other never ending stories..This is not over, not by a mile.

  92. Stupid zanu really shame

  93. Ndine poisonous gas..Zanu huyai mutore mupedzane….Saka toti kidii..smith was better nhai

  94. Robert mugabe naiye ari munzirawo yekubuda muzanu.most likely by natural means,.grace.emmerson………and the rest are most likely to face civil unrest.they will be the first zimbabwean leaders to be tried for human rights abuse.murder…..and that hw they will follow fellow cdes fired yesterday.hanzi chisingaperi saddam varikupi?ko vaGaddafi?

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