1st, 2nd wife fight over sleeping on the bed with hubby

A 40-YEAR-OLD Chitungwiza man told the court yesterday that his two wives were fighting over who would sleep on their matrimonial bed with him as neither of them wanted to sleep on the floor.


Cephas Mutimbira from Unit G, Seke appeared before Chitungwiza resident magistrate Donald Ndirowei facing a charge of contravening the Domestic Violence act Chapter 5:16.

The complainant Ever Chagonda (22), however, refused to testify in court saying that if her husband were convicted she would have no one to look after her and her child.

Circumstances to the matter are that on November 17 at around 1600 hours the complainant was seated together with her husband’s first wife, who was not feeling well.

Chagonda then told the elder wife to sleep on the bed since she was not well. But the accused who was also sleeping on the bed could not hear of it.

The court heard that he confronted Chagonda on why she had authorised the first wife to sleep on the bed and head-butted her twice before assaulting her on her face.

Further allegations are that Mutimbira started dragging the complainant by her weave and told her to sleep outside and threw all her clothes and her baby’s clothes outside.

Chagonda proceeded to the Police and reported the matter leading to her husband’s arrest.

Prosecutor Norman Koropi, however, withdrew the matter before plea citing that Chagonda was too vulnerable and relies entirely on her husband as evidenced by her fear to testify.

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  1. Yaaaa neh why marry two wives if you can not afford two beds

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  3. Svillsoni Nyolloni

    This Unit G guy should give me the second wife. I can sort her out nicely on my own bed. No sweat, just bring it on…

  4. The last time I checked,Grace was accusing the Bulawayo people for making babies,I wonder what Harare people do with two wives and one bed.

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