Zambian President Michael Sata has died

(Reuters) – Zambian President Michael Sata has died in London, where he had been receiving treatment for an undisclosed illness, a government source in Africa’s second-largest copper producer said on Wednesday.

The private Muzi television station and the Zambia Reports and Zambian Watchdog websites said the southern African nation’s 77-year-old leader died on Tuesday evening at London’s King Edward VII hospital.

“It is true. We lost the President. The acting president will make a statement soon,” the source told Reuters.

Sata is likely to be succeeded on an interim basis by defense minister Edgar Lungu, who stood in recently as acting president, or vice-president Guy Scott, who would become Africa’s first white head of state since South Africa’s FW de Klerk in 1994.

The constitution says a new presidential election must be held within 90 days, with most analysts saying Scott is unlikely to run because of citizenship restrictions.

The Zambian kwacha was largely unchanged.

“Obviously there will be a sentimental temptation to go long dollars, but I’m also quite confident the central bank will do everything it can to protect the currency,” one Lusaka-based trader said. “In terms of the economy, everything should still be on track.”

Sata left Zambia for medical treatment abroad on Oct. 19 accompanied by his wife and family members, according to a brief government statement at the time that gave no further details.

There was no official update on his condition and Lungu, secretary general of Sata’s Patriotic Front party, had to lead celebrations last week to mark the landlocked nation’s 50th anniversary of independence from Britain.

Concern over Sata’s health had been mounting since June when he disappeared from the public eye without explanation and was then reported to be getting medical treatment in Israel.

He missed a scheduled speech at the U.N. General Assembly in September amid reports that he had fallen ill in his New York hotel. A few days before that, he had attended the opening of parliament in Lusaka, joking: “I am not dead.”

Sata has not been seen in public since he returned to Zambia from New York in late September.


  1. My deepest condolences to the Sata family and the rest of the Zambian Nation. May his soul rest in peace.

    1. GOOD ADVICE: rest in peace Mr president. However, do something for yourself, for your family. Don’t waste your time talking about these already religious leaders while you are poor. Other people are enjoying their lives with money without even paying attention to these bishops and pastors. See how this poor Zimbabwean woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling accidented vehicles. Very interesting. Go to ACCIDENTEDVEHICLES dott COM to see all the 5 companies that she was using to do this. ACCIDENTEDVEHICLES dott COM , Wake up African people

    2. Mandela, mwanawasa, Wamutharika, Chiluba, Sata, Banda, Samora… Vose vaperakuenda Isu tega ndisutinezidhara risingafe. WHY?

  2. Rest-in-peace COBRA. ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION!!

  3. My sincere condolences & Southern Africa has lost another giant. May his soul rest in peace. When we morn, we morn together with the Zambians. Its ur lost as well.

  4. Sad. But zvirinane kuvanhu vekuZambia. Ko vemuno havangaendewo kuZambia kunoita President ikoko.?
    Tayuwira neharahwa weduwe.

  5. 91-77=14. 2018-2014=4. 14+4=18. What is the probability of factoring in 2023? Just checking my Mathematics.

    1. C’mon, you are a mathematician and you are good it. But how are you helping me who is not by posting what i cant figure out. Show some clarity.

  6. RIP Sata. A proper succession plan and democratic process are in place. Flawless handing over of the baton stick Kaunda–>Chiluba–>Mwanawasa–>Banda–>Sata–>Elections. Whereas our own cursed political landscape has a venomous snake whose equally venomous wife now wants to take over, further poisoning our beloved country.

    1. One Zambia One Nation is much more mature than the greedy murdering thieves who rule here

  7. Iwe Garwe, chii ichocho?

    1. Ndati tichasvika 2018 pamwe 2023 tichingoona pakati Mugabe. Vanotungamira zviri nane havasvitsi kana 80 zvayo. Tamama!

  8. @ least nt my husb .rest in peace king cobra

  9. i see TB Joshua perdicted right again a southern african President died. And zanu ran of thier months condeming the prophilier for that he was mean one foot in the grave mugabe

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  10. i see TB Joshua perdicted right again a southern african President died. And zanu ran of thier months condeming the prophilier for that, thinking he was meaning one foot in the grave mugabe, no condolence need be sent because sata arse creeped bob. Zambia choose tour next president thst does not bow down to bob.

    1. Zvavo havo vamwe vanofirwa namaPresident!!!!!!!!!

      1. Ukawana nguva utikwanire.

      2. Taura zvazvo vafirwa na president

    2. The school zinny went to should be permanently closed! In fact all the schools, colleges and universities zinny attended should be closed! Can’t understand what is said.

      1. True. Zinny need medical attention

    3. He sure did , too bad he couldn’t predict the many deaths in his own back yard. Rest In Peace Baba Sata.


  12. Dai kuZambia vachiita ma Medical munhu asati abvumirwa kucontesta. Hamuoni kuno tigere.

    1. Here’s how to carry out the medical: (1). Go to the airport, run up and down the steps of a huge aircraft, (2) In one week one must be able to undertake a trip to New York, Swaziland, China, Brazil, and back home.


  14. nhai iwe B haunyare here kutengesa matyres parufu? ita mushe mhani? Vachati vaMugabe vatisiya tione tikatengesawo unojabula here

  15. Prophet Maxillar Mumo

    There is a national anthem I hear in my ears constantly! Time is getting closer and the international eyes will be on this nation soon! I see it is like the year shall be a turn-over with deep memories of your present past! The national anthem is significant of a national matter that is coming to you and it is in honor of service. I leave it at that!


    On the 29th of October 2014, CNN, BBC, ABC, CNBC, ALJAZEERA, CCTV news agencies were reporting the passing on of President Sata only 15 days after the man of God, prophet Maxillar who is currently on the mountain for prayers prophesied that he was getting a national anthem constantly on his ears and that it will be because of a national matter but most importantly noted that it shall be in HONOR OF SERVICE to be understood that it shall be PASSING OF A LEADER of a nation and also explained that next year for the nation shall be a turn over with deep memories of present past. Michael had only been president since 2011.

    Zambian President Michael Sata has died in London, where he had been receiving treatment for an undisclosed illness, three private Zambian media outlets said. The reports on the private Muzi television station, and the Zambia Reports and Zambian Watchdog websites, said the southern African nation’s cabinet was about to meet.

    Government officials gave no immediate comment. The reports said Sata had died on Tuesday evening at London’s King Edward VII hospital. The hospital declined to comment. Sata, 77, left Zambia for medical treatment on October 19 accompanied by his wife and family members, according to a brief government statement that gave no further details.

    This continues to show that God is speaking in our generation but most important that He is in control of what is happening in the world and that nothing happens without His letting it happen! Psalm 134. Continue to pray for this nation, continue to pray for the man of God, Prophet Maxillar Mumo. It is well.

  16. Very sorry Zambia you lost your leader it a sorry and unfortunate incident. But here in Zimbabwe we have to thank our mighty God because ours don’t die he is an everlasting leader.

    1. Those who are dead inside with no heart cannot die easily as the devil looks after his own kind


    Why did Sata seek treatment abroad? Are there no hospitals in Zambia?

  18. I know a higher percentages of Zimbabweans are “wishing this could have happened to someone”:peverts!! Now know this he can go o in that “throne ” until he is 100!! Tati tadii!! And someone has the balls to suggest that we should land Zambia “this man”. Madoda musadaro

  19. RIP Mr Sata.My fear is that there is prophet Mumo who prophesied that his death shall precedes the death of another president of the same generation.

  20. Regai zvenyu kwedu kuchafiwawo

    1. Soon and very soon for that matter.

  21. Wedu ndiye asara kufira ku Britain kwaanoswero tuka. Sata agara achiramba kuti arikurwara fearing that someone might take his position. He is not going to take the Presidency to his grave, is he?

  22. Leaders from God for a mission.

  23. Zinny akapenga wena!!!! Aaaaah ndato shaya kuti anga achida kuti chiiii?

  24. Dont wish ours to be dead asi murivaroyi? Hupenyu ndewamwari asi hamunamate?Akakutadzirai chii? ?Akafa tinozotongwa nani?Musadaro vanhuwee!

  25. Dear Kelly Khumalo

    You dated Prosper Mkwaiwa, and now he is in a wheelchair.
    You dated Jub Jub Marhohanye, and he is now in jail.
    You dated Senzo Meyiwa and he is dead.

    Can you please date Robert Mugabe?

    All Zimbabweans!

  26. Condolences to the Zambian democracy.

  27. iiii vanhuwe musadaro.Munoshuwa kufa kwemunhu?Asi munoroyasu?Hupenyu chipo chinobva kuna mwari

  28. zvakaoma veduwee,asi ndiko kutonga kwamwari ko tingadii.RIP CDE

  29. Zvakaoma ndiko kutonga kwamwari ko tingaitei.RIP CDE

  30. nematambudziko the zambians and africans at large

  31. RIP Mr Sata. Although I did not agree with some of your policies, you did not deserve to die so young. Condolences to your wife and family and friends and Zambia.

  32. Muyende bwino waSata may your soul rest in peace

  33. Matibili urikuona here ka bootlicker kako kaenda.tick tock tick tock mr i am still in charge.We shall dance on your grave yet…..

  34. Ahhh shame . To think Mugabe outllived him…..ma1

  35. ko weduwo akomanaaaaaaaaaaa??????????????

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