Youths clash at Grace Mugabe rally

ZANU PF youths from Harare and Manicaland clashed at First Lady Grace Mugabe’s rally at Sakubva Stadium in Mutare yesterday as factionalism in the ruling party reared its ugly head.


Police had a torrid time trying to quell the situation which was threatening to turn violent before Mugabe arrived with the rival youths openly shoving each other. The youths were accusing each other of being bought to support the different factions in Zanu PF Youths from Manicaland, led by the provincial secretary for

administration in the Youth League Sheila Mutsenhu, were accusing their rivals led by Harare youth boss Godwin Gomwe of insulting the “provincial godfather” and Zanu PF national secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa.

Although Manicaland police spokesperson Enock Chishiri, who was in attendance, refused to say how they had handled the matter, Mutsenhu accused Gomwe of mobilising bouncers at the aerodrome to openly boo and denounce Mutasa and Manicaland provincial chairman Ambassador John Mvundura.

In her address to the thousands of Zanu PF supporters bussed from all over Manicaland and beyond, Mugabe targeted Zanu PF leaders whom she accused of fanning divisions.

She claimed some supporters were being paid to cause trouble in the party.

The First Lady expressed disgust at the manner in which Zanu PF supporters were openly showing their factional affiliations and strongly warned bigwigs in the party to stop “lying” to the people using the President Robert Mugabe’s name.

She said it was regrettable that Zanu PF supporters were wasting precious time on matters that divided the party.

Grace described Manicaland as the worst problem child with those revolting against Mugabe mostly coming from the eastern province.

“I have seen factionalism at play here big time,” she said.

“We are a family in Zimbabwe and a family dispute or social unrest it’s a problem. I have seen it here. What I am saying that factionalism should stop is not being listened to.”

Zanu PF is deeply divided with one faction linked to Vice-President Joice Mujuru fighting another one said to be loyal to Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa as the battle to succeed 90-year-old Mugabe intensifies.

Grace said the few rallies she had addressed so far had made her realise that there were some leaders who wanted to use her to settle their personal scores.
“This little time I have been walking around, I have realised that if I am not careful I will be used,” she said.

“Don’t try to use me to settle your scores. I want to warn you, those on top not the grassroots, that I am saying no to factionalism.”

She also castigated senior officials who were lobbying for different positions at the December elective congress accusing them of dishing out lots of money to buy support.

She also labelled demolitions in Harare and police officers who confiscate wares from vendors as agents of factionalism.

Turning to empowerment, Mugabe said she wanted a diamond concession to be set up in Marange so that women would start mining there.

She also alleged that there were some chairwomen in some provinces being paid so that they would not co-operate with her when she starts her tenure as Zanu PF Women’s League boss.

Mugabe nearly lost her temper when Minister of State for Manicaland Chris Mushohwe made a slogan without making a speech after he was introduced to the crowd.

Among the Zanu PF bigwigs who followed Mugabe all the way to Mutare for her “Thank You” rally were Mutasa, Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo, Information minister Jonathan Moyo, Politburo member Patrick Zhuwao and “suspended” Zanu PF Mashonaland West chairman Temba Mliswa.



    Zvino nhai Amai kana vanhu venyu vachirwisana pachavo uye vachitengana patumapost tusina basa utwu ko oppostion inopararama here apa? Musha wenyu ndewe mhirizhonga nechimbavha kwete budiriro negutsa ruzhinji zvatakarwira.

    1. is this not the blood the Men OF God saw in his dreams? Ropa nenyuchi etc.

      1. This woman’s stupidity is amazing…

    2. GOOD ADVICE: do something for yourself, for your family. Don’t waste your time talking about these already rich politicians while others are enjoying their lives with money without even paying attention to this dirty politicians. See how this poor Zimbabwean woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling accidented vehicles. Very interesting. Go to ACCIDENTEDVEHICLES dott COM to see all these 5 companies that she was using to do this business successfully. ACCIDENTEDVEHICLES dott COM , Wake up African people

  2. Cde Rusununguko

    Grace is not a unifier.

  3. Mwakaita basa Mhaiyo ngekuya kwatitekesa isu aManyika. Asi mhaiyo ndode kumboproposer. Mwukati muZANU mwungorina Joice naEmmerson badzi kuita maleader? WaSekeramayi wakorera? WaGono watadza? Pakadai ndobvunza kuti saMutasa hamwuchawadisu? I rest my question

    1. Wasu for real kikikikiki amweni venyu avo.

  4. Vanonanzva muk*osho waGrace vakazvirega gorerino

    1. muatidaro vakomana…lol

  5. First Lady u need to pull up ur Socks: settle e disputes: if u dnt then it means u aren’t a Leader @all becoz. U ar Aiming for higher post The Presidency so unify party Members

  6. Zanupf has chosen to die a very cheap & sad death. How can they move from having a leader with 7 degrees to having a leader who has such shallow credentials. What an insult to other deserving men & women who sacrificed all for their country

  7. What on earth is a womens diamond concession? If there doesn’t exist a men’s league then why should we have a women’s league

    1. Women’s league is for male Zanoids to quench their lust. Period.

    2. You wonder why they blame the west or anyone else who tries to knock sense into their hard skulls.What mining credentials do these people have beside being women?These are the diamonds that you find displayed in a bottle at the centre of a table while they starve.If a country is struggling and you have people who behave like this, then you are going no where.They don’t have a clue about economics,how long will Obama sustain us?His term is coming to a close,these is law on the otherside of the world.They must pray for another Obama to keep the US$.This is a sickening form of colonisation,even Rhodesia had its own currency during sanctions,what a shame,I know they are taking advatage,more looting.

  8. Factionalism has reached its worst stage. Hatidi hondo

  9. Are we really serious indeed when we say women should mine diamonds at Marange? The world over such mines are never used for gender imbalance but perhaps women of Zimbabwe are so much into hating men that they wish to build everything on women. Will it hurt if these diamond mines are made national at least. I recall that the First Family once paid a curtesy call to the diamond processing plant in Namibia and I am now uneasy with utterances of making mines belong to women when in actual fact they will be used by individuals!

  10. Since the elevation of an inept, clueless and power hungry lady, in the name of Dr Grace (for now lets assume the PHD is genuine ), ZANU PF is in a free fall.

    Whoever put her into politics with a view to uniting members of the party was totally offside, and unrealistic.

    I have followed what she has said since she began her ” Meet the people” tours and I have realised she doesn’t have anything concrete and convincing to say to the people.

    All shez saying is my husband this my husband that, it seems she sees her husband as an immortal who will personally meet Christ on his second coming!!

    Funny she is taking digs at Presidential Appointees, forgetting she is one of such, HOW IRONIC!!
    Does she expect others to sit on their laurels and watch her get everything they have been looking forwards to for a long time,

    If she has ambitions for a higher office as she publicly admitted, why discourage others to Dream big??

    I guess she should at least first concentrate on completing her ENGLISH B A which we all heard she dismally failed,with reports say she got marks as low as 12%

  11. Made a slogan without making a speech or made a speech without making a slogan?which is which mr editor i cant get the sence here?

  12. Women are our mothers, sisters and wives. So why does it look like they want to break away and have their own homes, government and mines?

  13. Phd Thief Grace

    ‘Demolitions an agent of factionalism?’ That’s indeed a new one! Kwaaaaaa!

  14. Yamaichemera yoenda mbire

  15. Well I noticed the newsday crew deleted my last comments so I will leave out what I think thet don’t want publicised.

    Anyway my message to the zanu pf youth is that they should stop fighting each other as they are being used as pawns on a chess board.

    The simple isue here is that there is a Mugabe dynasty in the making. Neither Joyce Teurairopa Mujuru nor Emmerson Ngwena Mnangagwa can be trusted as a “Yes Yes” man to Mugabe or the first family in a post Robert Mugabe era.

    Mugabe has hatched a plan to keep running and even contest 2018 elections should he still be alive. He will be the official head while the new trusted general Grace Mugabe will be actively on the ground as she is doing now. Should Robert Mugabe retire or succumb to the dictates of nature Grace would be well positioned to finish off the term. Therafter she will be in the office for two terms of hers while grooming Robert Junior and Bona to takeover.

    In the mean time Mai Mujuru’s strong grip on power has to be diluted. Mugabe has assigned that dirty work to Emmerson and his supporters. To make sure a thorough job is done Mugabe has lied to Emmerson and Jonathan that he prefers them as the next presidium candidates.

    When they see these raging fights go on the Mugabes celebrate. Divide and rule is the name of the game

  16. Like Leon Schuster said….. “Ooooooh dhokota..”. Gire mpambepfumi anoparadzanisa.

  17. Why our first lady castigate senior party carders in public like that. Her actions will result in revolt by the youths because some of them shall not tolerate their seniors being disrespected in such a way. Some seniors like Mai Mujuru, Cd Mutasa, Cd Rugare Gumbo are silent while they negatively portrayed in public. What will happen if Cd Mutasa responds with harsh words. If Grace continues with her crusade, I’m sensing danger ahead

  18. This empty-headed woman continues to explore new depths of intellectual shallowness. Lord help us!

  19. Amai ngavangocampainer chete kwete kushoropodza vamwe coz vakasvika vanhu ivavo varipo , ngavataure kuti vachaitirei vanhu kumagumo acho . Be good to the pple on your way up the ladder coz u need them on your way down !!!!!!!

  20. Did Grace go to war? If not why is she allowed to preside over the Women’s League? On Thursday she said she was clamoring for a top post, meaning presidency. I am saying this because of late Mugabe and his generals vowed that this country will not be led by anyone without war credentials. What is sinister about Grace or i am missing something here? Grace please save yourself from further embarrassment because you are already embarrassed.

  21. Zviri kutofaya so

    1. zvirikufayaa

  22. women seem to be untouchable and a sort of fragile thing in this country .where is the space of men.can anyone tell me what women did to deserve this like special groves treatment or its another way of vote buying using them.why can’t there be a men ‘s league also.we all all human beings and you need to have the necessary qualification to occupy any position not by gender.where is the future of a boy child in this country .pure nonsense.

  23. “…..i have realised that if im not careful i will be used”

    kkkkk. thats what we call closing the stable door after the horse has bolted. makatoshandiswa kare amai. sori, but i dont suppose you have enuf IQ to realise it. kutoiswa pamuri ipapo kwaive kutoshandiswa and marally amuri kuita ayo muri kutoshandira your handlers. rega tibatsire, anonzi Emmerson zita rake.

    1. urikushandiswa Grace

      inonzi ngwena. kkkk. mai tukonzwa kufarisa nekuona vanhu vanotinhwa kuuya kumarally akati ndatove president. bvunza murumume wako Robert anokutaurira nezvemurume uyu. this time mugabe the fox has been outdone by his foot soldier the crocodile.

  24. HYAA. Vakuru havataure taure. Do you really think Magandanga who have been on record saying nyika ndeyeropa are now giving it to Gire on a platter. Watch this space……..Personally I dont think they are daft. Its a matter of giving a fool a long rope. Insiders say this woman has put Bob to an end for them.
    She is behaving like the President already yet she is only a designate to the envisioned post. What if the same women dont vote for her. They are the people on the ground who have no water, magetsi,schools for children, hospitals and above being taxed for selling tomatoes to make ends meet. Gore rino hameno. December is not far. By the way way where is Joyce. has she become a man not to be preoccupied by women bussiness??????.

  25. handisati ndamboona rally yokungo tuka anhu chete. ..we want solutions.

    1. GOOD ADVICE: do something for yourself, for your family. Don’t waste your time talking about these already rich politicians while others are enjoying their lives with money without even paying attention to this dirty politicians. See how this poor Zimbabwean woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling accidented vehicles. Very interesting. Go to ACCIDENTEDVEHICLES dott COM to see all these 5 companies that she was using to do this business successfully. ACCIDENTEDVEHICLES dott COM , Wake up African people

  26. Advice to Mrs Mugabe. Zvemakuhwa chimbomirai. Pama rally ese murikongoti “Ndakanzwa kuti ………. hee chekuti hee njani njani ……. ee varikuda kundizvuzvurudza….. hee…..”. Makuhwa iwayo. Haungitonge nyilka nemakuhwa. Tipei mafacts and your way forward. diamond concessions do not work anymore because we all know who owns that portifolio and would never want to relinguish it to some Sakubva woman. We demand realism.

    1. Good points!Those who have ears let them hear!! On behalf of ZanuPF thank u very much.

    2. With Mr and Mrs Mugabe holding rallies at different times round the country, we might as well remind Patrick Zhuwao Mugabe that the palace coup he was talking about has already happened. Zhuwao is so blind he cannot recognize a coup when he sees one: ‘Dr’ Grace is running the country. She is even announcing an imminent cabinet reshuffle, economic and other policies in broad daylight. That is what running the country is all about. Mr Mugabe is resting at home, as it were, and Gilresi runs the show. Anyone in ZPF who dares cross her will definitely lose their job soon. Wait and see!

      Maybe we should change the name of the country and call it Mugabwe.

  27. gender iyi yoda kuenderera manje varume takangotarira here.

  28. donga watonga muzinda wemakonzo ndozvazoita nyika yaGushungo.

  29. It’s to our advantage siyai zvakadaro. Ndokuparara kwazvo.

  30. Im now not suprised why amai Mugabe is said to be mentally dull. All this time she had not realized that she was in Mnangagwa’s camp? Zimbabwe cannot afford to be led by another person who has no ability to understand simple things. People know what well that Mnangagwa was involved in the PhD degree scandal at UZ. Mugabe is being dragged into the rebels of ZanuPF led by Mnangagwa.It is very unfair to say Mujuru who is no.2 in the ranks of the party leads a faction. It is Mnangagwa who has gone against party rules who should be denounced at every rally of ZanuPF.

  31. hamuiti sababa tensen here

  32. Haa Grace is sending th right signal..she said a leaders powers comes from the people and in manicaland there are more people of MDC who are in power which leads to the question kuti what is Mutasa doing?Well Mai Mujuru was appointed to that post by Bob himself so she cannot claim is everyone else in ZANU kkk..u are easily replaceable..

  33. We all know kuti the so called Dr Gire kufunga kunovatambudza tazvijaira. No solutions offered as usual (Zanu moto), kungosvora nekutuka chete. What rly rly worries me are youth who attended this rally in support and are supporters of Zanu, vakanyatsokwana here or dzakatomhanya bani. What exactly iz Zpf doing 4 u that u r so proud of soo much to the extent of wasting ur weekend attending. Basa hauna, ukada kuita entrepreneur wotengesa ma tomatoe varikuda tax, ukada loan hauinani etc. Chinonyatsokufadza as a youth abt Zpf chii exactly, it really boggles the mind. Machembere I can understand vanongoudzwa speech yekuti takafira nyika nyika inozotorwa etc but mu youth aah hamheno kuti varikunhandzva huchi here ku bhekina uku kwanoda kunhandzva

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  35. Musiki wakaisa chinohi “FREEWILL” mumunhu. Problem ngeyekuti manga majaira crowd inenge yakacoachwa zvokutaura. Saka kana paita aproblem hamuikwanisi kuzoisolver. Damubudziko renyu mhai nderokuti munoda kuti vanhu vateerere zvamunoreketa asi imi hamuzwi zvinoreketwa ngevanhu. Musarwisana netsotsoba, asi bvisai danda riri mubedroom menyu raita kuti tisanzwisisa zviro zvirimunyika yedu. Plus ndine mumwe mubvunzo, makambomira saani zvomoda kuti vanhu vateerere imi, nokuti sokuziva kwedu mudzimai waChiwenga haatungamiri masoja, nyangwe nemiwo hamusi president. Saka makamira saani?

  36. Ukapinda mubhawa haushaye Chihera, nekustate house Chihera uyu chihera wazoenderera.

  37. An ibola outbreak is much better than Dr Grace Mugabe becoming president.

  38. The military vowed they won’t salute anyone without liberation war credentials. are they going to salute you amai if you get the presidency? are you going to get these credentials as you did on your degree?

  39. It appears to me that Bob is no longer in control of the the country, Zanu PF and and even his wife. He doesn’t know what to do with the succession issue. He’s old and tired and I thinking unleasing Grace is a desperate last attempt to contain the situation and it’s unfortunate that these rallies are not going well. At least Bob should have helped to write Grace’s speeches and tell her stay within the script. Now the poor woman is antagonizing people left right and center making more enermies than friends. Sorry my fellow Zimbabweans, we still have a long way to go.

    1. Yowel, I can’t agree with you more.You are just to the point but, as you know, She will win if she distributes a few frebbies and harsh words.It appears most voters did not go to school to learn but, to kill time.That’s why you see all those slogans and they are prepared to kill for their master,don’t think they are fooling around.Stay away and safe.

  40. Grace been fast tracked for a PhD to show up her educational clout to be president

  41. Just leave these so called youth to kill each other. police shouldnt waste it limited resources on these political pawns.

  42. pakaipa, munhu kunzi itavo chairwoman even though usina liberation war credentials, wakutuka magamba ehondo nyika yese, iiiiii gambi rinotonga wena.

  43. The conditions are now ripe for a civil unrest.high taxes,no jobs,corrupt police force milking every cent they can get from civilians,imminent and inevitable collapase of revolutionary party,failing economy and an very advanced age and inablity of the leader to control party,government the nation.ndakaipihwa vision.hanzi ukaona civil servants vatadza kutambira mari katatu ziva kuti nyika yaparara.hanzi inofanira kupara kuti zvigozadzisa chirevo.after that there will be a new Zimbabwe . It’s coming soon.

    1. The conditions have been the same since the 90s’.It only that not the whole country expirienced it.Other tribes were made jobless to accommodate the so called’ super tribe’.There was no job creation,it was substitution by elimination.The problem is,thats not a permanant solution.Those who dared speak paid with their life.It still happens now although at a small scale because other tribes are almost extinct in the work force,or have turned to street thieves/vendors,you cant take that away from them.Substitution for perfomance is productive but, substitution for tribal gains?Its a disaster.

  44. That time is now when people of a certain tribe will learn that tribalism and racism is not IQ.When it’s brother/sister against brother/sister,it becomes food for thought.We thought thats clever putting a goverment thats kills off other tribes and races?Little did anyone think of whose blood will be spilt when other tribes and races are wiped out.She asking for a continuity,SPILL BLOOD.How are you going to respond now?Its only now when its your brother’s blood when you wake up and realise how the country has been run down, if not,then you are likely voting her into power, alluta continua.

  45. my friend’s mom makes $88 /hr on the internet . She has been without work for nine months but last month her payment was $12290 just working on the internet for a few hours.
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  46. Phd Thief, Grace! Siki Ye Ebola

    Tibvireyi mafeki…

  47. Yoweri Musoweri

    Ko chakaipa chii nhai mdhara zhuwau?

  48. Retired Brigader

    I am not happy by the way some of you are laughing off the Feast Lady’s PhD. Let me put this matter to rest. I, Retired Brigadier Ndahlawo PERSONALLY supervised the thesis at Army HQ. For those of you who would like to see it Please visit: http// To those of you who have no time to visit the website here is a summary of the REVOLUTIONARY AND GROUNDBREAKING FINDINGS DR GRACE MADE.
    1. Most orphans have no parents
    2 Ther are some orphans who live in Harare AND MOST IMPORTANTLY

    3 Some orphans do not go to school!! The last one is really a groundbreaking finding which will change how we allocate funds for BEAM etc!!

  49. @Retired Brigader I was really embarassed when I heard that #1 was one of her findings. I thot pple were jus being funny and I still don’t believe it. Bcoz if ts true eish ma1 chaiwo, munhu wese anotonopihwa rake pa UZ. That finding is common knowledge hazvidi research even with the simplest dictionary u can make that finding.

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