Are women in miniskirts asking for rape?

THIS is a controversial question that is constantly raised when women are jeered, taunted or sometimes stripped naked for wearing miniskirts or short dresses.

Ropafadzo Mapimhidze


Unfortunately, some women are also part of this group of people that think that wearing miniskirts sends wrong messages to men and argue that that has contributed to a surge in rape cases.

But the truth is that rape has nothing to do with miniskirts worn by women.

It is a power game where men want to dictate what women should do, sometimes hiding behind culture to suit their arguments, and yet this is a constitutional right for every Zimbabwean to express themselves in any way whatsoever.

What was so sexy in a toothless 80-year-old woman who was raped as she walked down a path from a beer drink at some village? And what was so sexy about the rape of a toddler that still wore diapers?

The world is full of contradictions.

People consider that women dressed in a “provocative ways” are “asking for it”, but some of these people have been to some nude beaches where no rape cases have been reported.


Rape is no doubt a reflection of the barbaric violence by a screwed-up mentality of a rapist.

“People who think that revealing clothing leads to rape do not realise the psychological process of rapists. They’re interested in the body underneath, not the clothes the girl or woman is wearing,” says Teererai Tatenda Rugare from Mufakose in a telephone interview.

Last Saturday, scores of women dressed in miniskirts and tight-fitting clothes staged a peaceful protest march in Harare against the harassment women are subjected to by touts.

The miniskirt march is one of a handful of such events that have taken place in Harare since independence, targeted at sending a strong warning to the male public and in particular touts, to desist from hurling vulgar words at women going about their day-to-day business in the central business district.

These women and girls have been embarrassed by these touts claiming to be upholding Zimbabwe’s culture.

But rape in Africa goes beyond the way a woman is dressed. Ask those in the war-torn countries such as Kenya, Niger, Nigeria, the Congo, Sudan, Tanzania, Angola, Botswana, South Africa and even Zimbabwe, where warring parties have raped women over decades.

“Sexual abuse, harassment and rape happen everywhere, regardless of culture, faith, and whether a woman is wearing a short skirt or covered from head to foot. It is no longer a question of whether a woman is asking for it if she is attacked when wearing a short skirt; the question needs to be directed to the men who are perpetrators.

“It’s no longer an issue of should women dress appropriately, but looking at why men are committing such criminal activities. These men try to justify their attack on women in miniskirts saying they are indecently dressed hence exposing themselves to ridicule.

“For example, look at what was worn by our ancestors, the Bushmen and traditional women in Namibia, who wear skimpy cloths and yet these women are not viewed as sex symbols or objects of entertainment.

“Some people defend their assertions saying that it is the Western influence on African women but from what I can see, modern women are more covered than what our ancestors were in the olden days,” says Dorcas Bakasa-Roll, a Zimbabwean who lives in Norway.

Watson Takaedza from Tynwald North in Westgate, Harare, said there is a general perception that there are places where a woman can wear certain clothes that are appropriately designed for such places.

“For example a woman cannot wear church regalia to a bar and she cannot also wear party wear to church. Miniskirts are generally associated with loose women and places of entertainment. . .

“A woman wearing a miniskirt in a bar or place of entertainment will not attract jeers or whistles or nasty comments . . . but may instead attract many suitors and drinking partners. . . Such clothes give wrong attention at churches with jeers coming from women, men and pastors . . . women should learn to dress accordingly for different occasions because the fashion police are always out there judging,” Takaedza said.

A journalist, Columbus Sebastian Mavhunga, said: “I think it has more to do with selfishness on our part as men. I choose what I put on and I do not really care what the person next to me thinks about my clothing. I therefore should not be bothered by what a woman decides to wear because it’s her choice.”

Tye Tiyanna, a UK-based Zimbabwean graphic artist, says society has somehow accepted that if a man loses sexual control, then it must be the woman’s fault.

“It is however okay for men to walk aroundwithout shirts, vests and sometimes with trousers that are dropped waist downwards at the back and so on.Women’s bodies have been sexualised too much by the media and that is a big problem. I think men taunt women because it’s a power-and-control game thing,” Tiyanna said.

Beatrice Tonhodzai, a radio personality and Aids activist, noted that: “A woman is a person, just like her male counterpart. She can reason and make choices about her life. The miniskirt march was thus long overdue because for me it was not about promoting the wearing of miniskirts, but an indication that this violation is unacceptable. Today you strip a woman and rape her for wearing a skirt, tomorrow you kill her just because you don’t like how she talks or looks . . . women are human beings who have the right to express their freedom through dressing, go out when they want to, study, aspire for top posts and positions and so on. We are intelligent enough to raise children as mothers alone and yet these men want to dictate what we wear.”

However, Nomalanga Moyo, a UK-based, Zimbabwean broadcaster argues that it is no surprise that perpetrators are often touts or those men with very little or nothing at all to do in terms of economic activity.

“Emasculated either by prevailing economic conditions or their sheer laziness to find something worthwhile to do, they seek to reassert their masculinity by harassing women. These men should realise that stripping a woman naked for whatever reason will not improve the country’s ailing economy.

“Rather, they should direct their frustrations at the ruling party politicians who are the real cause of their misery. In any case, there is nothing mini about the so-called miniskirts that one sees on Zimbabwe’s streets. What we are seeing more and more is a lack of respect for, and violence against, women and those in vulnerable situations, including children and the elderly,” she said in a Facebook interview.

Unless we start addressing the real issue here, we simply cannot make any progress. The first step to overcoming a problem is to identify it. Hence, instead of exhausting efforts on how women should dress, we should more importantly deal with issues such as attitude towards women, educating and creating awareness in men.

Felix Ng’anjo, a veteran former Radio Three presenter from Mabelreign in Harare says, what touts are talking about is in fact all about power and control of a man wanting to satisfy their sexual desires any time of day by force, whether or not with a loved one to boost their small egos.

“I personally think it is pleasing to see a woman in a miniskirt, or a low-cut top because it is refreshing. But suggesting that wearing mini leads to rape is too simplistic an argument. I am aware that some men rather than appreciating glimpses of women’s cleavages and thighs, find it nauseating because such display of womanly flesh is the reserve of the ‘the beholder’ who is either the boyfriend or husband and then only in the closets of their bedrooms.

“There is a mob psychology, where the voice of one person influences the majority and their action appears as if the majority abhorminiskirts. On the contrary, if most touts were pressed to comment why they taunt women they won’t go beyond saying: “. . . Aaah it’s not just right, or it’s just not African . . .”

Ng’anjo also noted that Saudi Arabia, considered to be one of the most conservative countries in regard to the status of women, has strict laws based on Sharia Law that require women to wear a head scarf and loose long clothes that do not reveal the shape of the woman’s body.

Yet that country has one the highest rape rates in the world.
“In Canada, which is one of the coldest countries in the world, where woman wear dark and all-covering clothing items to keep warm, a woman is raped every 17 minutes.

“In the simple argument I have posed of these two different countries, where one country because of its patriarchal views decides that women wear loose long clothing not to reveal the shape of their bodies and the other, because of harsh weather conditions women have to simply cover head to toe, women are still raped on a grand scale,” says Ng’anjo, who is also a social worker based in the UK.

Kumbirai Mafunda, spokesperson of the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, said the topic generated a lot of debate at his workplace this week but stated that his organisation is against any form of harassment or targeting of women whether it is for the clothes they wear or for the work they do.

“Because everybody is entitled to their dignity and bodily integrity, no one has the right to either directly attack or even to make women feel unsafe.”

Mafunda said women should feel safe in whatever sphere they operate in, whether public or private. This kind of harassment that women get is a manifestation of the worst types of patriarchy adding that everyone has a responsibility to break this this down.

One woman who attended the miniskirt march had this to say on Facebook: “The miniskirt march is as important as ensuring that no child is born HIV-positive. The moment we start grading the importance of women’s rights; be it expression, bodily integrity or participation we miss the big picture.”

The issue of harassment, violence, bullying, booing, undressing and hailing of insults at women is a reflection of lawlessness and the tolerance thereof in Zimbabwe, notes director of Tag A Life International (TaLI) Nyaradzo Mashayamombe.

She urged police to arrest anyone who violates the law and the undressing of women, because police are there to enforce the law.

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  1. Let them wear shorter skirts so that we can feast our eyes . However some women look terrible in mini skirts i mean shapeless legs.

    1. Why do prostitutes wear mini skirts? Is that not the same reason why these women wear them.

    2. GOOD ADVICE: do something for yourself, for your family. Don’t waste your time talking about these already rich politicians while others are enjoying their lives with money without even paying attention to this dirty politicians. See how this poor Zimbabwean woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling accidented vehicles. Very interesting. Go to ACCIDENTEDVEHICLES dott COM to see all these 5 companies that she was using to do this business successfully. ACCIDENTEDVEHICLES dott COM , Wake up African people

  2. The writer mention the word provocative in her essay on paragraph two which means that she is very mch aware that wearing a mini skirt should provoke someone, remember that its a natural law that man are attracted by seeing and women by touch! That is a natural fact so it is wise for a nation to carefully think about what we cry for because some rights are rights to destroy ourselves, becareful of creating a generations of idiots who do not consider the moral future of the young ones!

  3. Wat is so important about these mini-skirts ,while people a suffering rubbish.

  4. Talk production not seduction nxaaaaa

  5. Who cares!!! touts and stripers battle. Nothing constitution ther.

  6. This appears to be a very interesting topic which is also debable. Everyone has an opinion and this should be respected. However, my contribution seeks to explore the motive behind the women putting on ‘mini-skirts’, again this debatable. Some people view people who put on mini skirts as doing it to attract the attention of the opposite sex and I believe that some women who wear them would admit that they do so for that reason even they may not want to admit it in public. Some people have referred to ‘nhembe’ which were also mini skirts for African women in the primitive days. On this one I wish to state that that whilst it is true that nhembe was a mini skirt our ancestors were not exposed and polluted towards sexism as nowadays,again there were no public places to talk about where they could be seen by the public as compared to nowadays. In those days people were were confined to their family settings and normally women would not mix with men as they do these days. For instance men would not normally enter the kitchens which were a preserve for women as men’s place was the ‘dare’where they sit as men and their food would normally be saved there. Given that scenario men would not be sexually attracted to their sisters, daughters and other close relatives. Putting on nhembe was not a choice but a norm whereas these days women have a choice and that choice has a motive and if other have an opinion on why they think women put on mini skirts, their opinions should be respected in the same manner that those women who like to put on mini skirts or going around semi naked are entitled to their opinions. However, as a society we should be conscious of the effect of what we put on has on the general public and especially on children. If it okay for children to be exposed to their mother’s and sister’s sexy thighs and legs and we are proud of it then let it be and no one should cry foul when there is societal degeneration.

    1. well said Kalulu. In the age where clothes were just a dream,people tried to cover their bodies with whatever was practical and available. Hence they used ‘nhembe’. Now that clothes are available to cover one’s body,someone chooses to do just the opposite. You just wonder,as u correctly said,the MOTIVE behind.

  7. we should go back in time and find out how our ancestors lived harmoniously together while wearing literally nothing. The punishment should be so harsh that no man would even dream of doing it.

  8. Tirivanavevhu Tose

    This is a critical debate to have and what is important is that the women stood up to the bullies, and now the bullies feel emasculated. But the issue is women have rights and should take full control of their lives. Thanks to Katswe Sisters for organising this campaign. it was looooooooong overdue. Congratulations. And big up to all in support.

  9. This is an almost one sided article. Men r provoked by mini skirts and tht is a fact. Whether its a good reaction or bad on the men’s part is nt exactly in question here. Mini skirts tend to be a uniform for prostitutes the world over simply because they expose parts of a woman that arouse men. So whilst women yearn for those skirts, they should also be ready to take everything that comes from wearing them.
    Yes, rapists come from a different angle. It is unfortunate that one tend to mention the raping of infants and the elderly whenever mini skirts are blamed. Any kind of rape is evil, bt we have to acknowledge that rape has different motives. The disgusting raping of infants is usually associated with juju. Then the ‘dresscode’ rape is mostly sexual.
    Mini skirts are worn by women to look sexy. Should they walk in their panties because its what they want? And the walk on beaches mentioned in the article failed to state that when those relaxing there leave, they get into full clothing. You dnt see them in public buses in their beach outfits. That makes the valid point: Appropriate dress, appropriate time and appropriate place. Besides, beaches are places where visitors need to expose their skin to the benefits of the sun.
    If women want to expose themselves everywhere, anytime, then they should also feel free to share toilets with men.
    Whilst women feel we cannot dictate what they wear, when and where, they need to know it is the men who are adversely affected so they should take everything that comes with it. Some women have bodies that r not attractive at all and covering them up is a blessing.
    Coming to the mini skirt march. That was a dismal failure. Not all women in it wore mini skirts. Actualy, very few did. Most had trousers, track bottoms and long dresses yet they had come to the ‘mini skirt march’. They wore clothes that the touts they claimed were harrassing them wanted them to wear. Besides, those wearing the mini skirts are still being ‘harassed’ after the demonstrations.
    What a waste!!

  10. The comments in this section are shocking beyond belief. I am a father of a teenage girl, My daughter does sports like netball and wears short skirts, Does that mean she should be harassed on her way home, or even worse raped? Zimbabwean men, you are proving to be so backward, whilst the rest of the world is moving forward in its thinking and capacity building, you are still in the bush talking savagery. What kind of human beings are you, you have no shame, no sympathy to protect your fellow sisters and mothers, What if they want to wear miniskirts, what offence is there? What gives you the right to dictate to another person what they should or shouldn’t wear? Daily we cry foul from the oppression we endure from this government yet you turn around and do the same to someone else. You make me sick men of Zimbabwe. Rape is never justified no matter the reason.

  11. are they not the same women crying for our circumcision?regai zvakadaro,zvinodyidzana!

  12. madii kubanner kwadzinobva mbatya dzacho?In as much as I would discourage kumwewo kuzopfeka like vana vepaMSU in GWERU where you would see pant chairo munhu ane mini mushop Kaspar I think a miniskirt isiri extreme haina kumboshata vamwe varume just need deliverance of the mind.Vana Amai vedu vaitombotuhwina (swimming) vasina kana chinhu vatokura bvudzi rato era kusina chinouya.Aya mastreet adults atinoti mahwindi ngaasungwe if they abuse our sisters. Heey mahwindi tiitirei mushe inga munombofambawo MAKADEREDZA MATROUSERS tichitoona nduwe dzenyu dzakasviba wani mukombi munevana vechikoro vasikana nevakadzi vakuru.makambokumura mbatya nani.Imi tidzikamirei apo.

  13. This article is too long for me to read but as a real man I say “Even if a woman walks naked without even a pant she is not asking you to rape her”


      @Bumhu, but this woman is sexually harassing men which is also a crime. So pasi nesexual harassment, nepornography inobudiswa pachena nevanopfeka mamini skirts. These women know ukuti men’s anacondas charge when their orange thighs are exposed and they go ahead to put on those kinds of abusive dresses

    2. Definitely not,raping is just an excuse.Even though we should know theres’ dress codes for some occassions.Can you imagine dressed in a work overrall and work boots from a coalmine and attending a wedding at the Sheraton Hotel reception?It’s a matter of showing a bit of decency not illegal though.When poverty grips a nation,strange things happen, the solution lies with the Governing Authority, create jobs for these people.Mini-skirts-no problem,intentions of dressing in one-up to individuals,when to dress in one-consult the fashion magazines of design experts.

  14. l don’t know if these people suporting this stupidty of wearing mini skirts in ther lives ever ready the bible.If yu go to church and yu are a christian then the wearing of trousers and mini skirts should be totaly out of yo mind becoz God hates that so as Jesus his only son who died for our sins.WE MEN SHOULD BE TRUE TO OURSELF BECAUSE WE AGREE TO THINGS THAT DESTROY WE AND THEN LATER WE START TO CRY.kurumwa nechekuchera vakadzi dzamhuka not men just wait and see as for me i ask THE ALMIGHTY TO SAVE MY FAMILY THESE NOWADAYS CHURCHES HAMENO,kunamata idunga munhu.facts are stub……..n

  15. mini-skirts? this issue has been over debated. if u go to developed countries each type of clothing has its own place. bikinis kuPool or beaches Party dresses kuparty, clubs and awards. kuLondoner nekuChez ma mini az ere bt hakuna anobhinyiwa ikoko. its be coz the place is of that clothing. ukasvika nerokwe ikoko unoshurwa nevarume kana kubvarurirwa. zvangofanana nemurume agenda nesuit kunhimbe. ozofamba achiti suit inorovesa.

  16. It seems only women have rights these days. A coupla years ago, two brothers who are twins decided not put on ‘western’ clothes and reverted to wearing nhembe which caused uproar in Harare. The twins were harased and arrested for public indecency and were only released after promising to wear civilised and decent clothes. Talk of double standards.

  17. Kuchemera mamini, pfekaika tigoona kwazvinosvika. Kuerera keehunhu, muchapera muchingoti kodzero kodzero.

  18. On the moral aspect should people go about half naked. Maybe in certain parts of the world where we have decided to copy certain morals from in the name of being educated. In the spiritual aspect, it is purely immoral and just exposes one to satanic or demonic attacks. Sounds weird? Yes it does but believe it or not, it’s your take. Most of these women on mini skirts have been used sexually by evil spirits in the form of spiritual husbands.

    The resistance is nothing else by the work of the devil and the habits are driven by the dark spirits. Christians are worse because to them it’s just a denomination close to their lips but far from their actions. In this matter only, Muslims are better because they protect the whole body.

    You can spend your the whole day arguing against my opinions but you will never convince me otherwise unless you are at a level above mine spiritually. Amen. Even bringing these arguments up excites lucifer.

  19. yes publish my email
    Ko chambonetsa chii?,kana kuti chambo shaikwa chii? kuti upheke ka whishu kako unenge uchida kuratidzei munyika ,ndechipi chaunachowo chisina vamwe kunyangwe avo vane nguwo refu.ndimi vanaamai ndimimuri kutonga,ndimimakawandisa mu nyika,ndimizve makanyengera adam mubindu reiden.mumusha maani maungarorwe iwe wakashonga whishu yako iyoyo
    Tinokudai vana amai,musha mukadzi kwete unekawhishu
    Avo vanofunga kubata chibharo vane pfungwa dzakabva panzvimbo vano da madoctors to examin them ,thats date brain .
    Big no!to rape…case kwete kwete stop it!!!!!!! big no to minskerts

  20. i think all this debate simply shows that something has gone wrong with the way some men and women think. Evil generation headed for hell. Repent and go back to the word!

  21. Dr Mupfopfonori

    ..of Ebola, HIV, Road traffic accidents, dying awaiting deliverance at a synagogue, planes crashing, factionalism, unemployment, sanctions, poverty, house demolitions, potholes….we surely have lots to demonstrate for in the world. Meanwhile whilst we plan these other demos, lets grab the low hanging fruit..lets start with the Hwindis who verbally abuse us…interesting decision making models of our time…

  22. Touts and women in mini-skirts both seem immoral. Mini-skirts are indecent, and touts are generally vulgar. Regai vapedzerane ikoko, vakafanana.

    1. musanetsane, Hwindi nemukadzi ane mini same same fanana. Sisi nabhudhi. vamwe musapindire tiri vatorwa

  23. Mini pfekai asi ingozivai kuti haina hunhu & One thing you must know kuti tizosiya zve nhembe pane zvakaipa zvakaonekwa kushata kwayo don’t compare the two.

  24. Stephen M Kamambo

    Its not every right that is right. Some are destructive and dangerous. Hunhu hwakangonaka jst think of your elders when u dress.

  25. The writer is talking of constitutional rights ? May I ask. Do we also have cultural rights ? I am wondering how I can be able to blend the two. Which way to go.

  26. inasmuch as I condemn the behavior of touts, I would also like to express how disgusting these Western morals are, some people may say our ancestors used to wear more revealing cloth ware than those miniskirts but if we’re to refer to the bible, Adam and Eve were nude but knew it not because they had an innocent mind, same applies to our ancestors, so we see how innocent conscience is confident, but what do we see on the roads, in our streets and in public places and combos, uncomfortable women in miniskirts trying hard to stretch that small covering so that it may somewhat become a skirt or dress, what is it, shamefulness, guilty conscience, madness, mind degeneration, is vamwe tenge totoona rufu mukati imomo totiza nekuti hakuna muroora wamai anodaro. Mwari musakanganwe kupisa vakunda va Jezebel ava.

  27. this country, zim has more important fish to fry than talk of cork and bull stories. today, mini skirts are granted,next is ladies in panties roaming the streets and eventually wil see them walking naked .I dont see ladies of miniskirts winning there war in zim. put it on @ own’s risk.

  28. nhembe was worn by primitive uncivilised societies. wearing clothes became part of civilisation so those who want minis want us to go back to the uncivilised african jungles

  29. The end is nigh if you see all these things happening.Be warned ,what is left is to ask for kufamba makashama musina kupfeka zvachose.God help this nation Zimbabwe

  30. I will not allow my daughter to put on a mini skirt never its just a matter of principle.Why should i allow my daughter to show off her body to everyone including those Mahwindi.Do you think mukwasha angazoda zvakadaro.Kunyange imi varume who are supporting this issue to say the truth hapana munhu wemurume ari normal angaroora musikana waona akapfeka mini. Kunyepa ikoko.Zvakafanana nekuda kutenga drink rakavhurwa sei muchizobvunza kuti pane rakavharwa here?

  31. As a man thinketh, so is he. The clothes you wear are an outside expression of your heartily desires. Its a fact that a lot of Zim and the world over men will be made uncomfortable with someone in a mini skirt, unless if its in a bar and the people are drunk kkkk and in that case you become their fun object. There is a reason why the ladies of the night in the avenues wear miniskirts or pants– they know the law of attraction in that game – it is to attract men. The world over, prostitutes expose their legs to enhance their chances to attract men or suitors. So why do something that will make others uncomfortable even if its your right? There is a spritual realm to this and what you wear attracks things associated with that. Try to remember anyone who used to wear this as their style who had a good ending to their lives…you will probably fail to find them. The nhembe issue was in the past and we are gone from there…by the way there was rape then infact it was more in those days than now.. There was musenga bere – isnt that rape or abuse, there was kuzvarira , kuripa ngozi…. and many other ills where the girl child was an object that could be bought and she had no say at all at all. Dont fool yourself by saying girls were not raped in the dark ages of kupfeka nhembe. Its your right to wear a mini skirt, bu believe me you will attract thning into your life that you will forever regret. Noone will take you seriously if you are in a mini skirt- if it was a job interview you are likely to fail, if it was at work you are likely to miss promotion, the only time when things will work for you is when there is seduction prefered to get what you want.

  32. There is a country in Europe i just dont remember which one, but this year ladies in that country went on a demo demanding rights to be allowed to walk naked on the streets which hey said was natural. There wanted this right in their constitution. So rights may lead to destruction…t

  33. GOOD ADVICE: do something for yourself, for your family. Don’t waste your time talking about these already rich politicians while others are enjoying their lives with money without even paying attention to this dirty politicians. See how this poor Zimbabwean woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling accidented vehicles. Very interesting. Go to ACCIDENTEDVEHICLES dott COM to see all these 5 companies that she was using to do this business successfully. ACCIDENTEDVEHICLES dott COM , Wake up African people

  34. People should not fool themselves by saying when people used to wear nhembe there was no rape. This is the greatest lie to be told. Rape was actually rampant then and there were no the so called rights for the women then. When a man lust for a lady he would rape her at will and make attonement later with the girls people. It was called musengabere. Headmen and chiefs and Kings would rape at will. For settling disputes and issues such as ngozi, ladies were raped and were indeed taken as objects, or rather a form of value payment. Pliz let us not go back to that era. People used to wear nhembe because it was the best clothes they could invent. If they were able to weave they were to wear long dresses. Rape was so rampant those days.

  35. don’t we have any issues to worry about rather than waste time on these stupid women.

  36. Puting on a miniskirt contributes to sexual harassment. Walking with breasts outside constitute harassment as well

  37. A lot of cases are happening even men are being raped. Are u telling me that these men who are being raped are wearing revealing clothes also. No No. Women must not wear these see thruz. Women don’t give excuses be proud of yourselves. We as a nation are trying to curb out this HIV thing completely yet on the other hand fashion designers are promoting the spread of this by designing provocative revealing clothes. I have personally traveled a lot in and outside Zim and for a example just go to SA and see how the ladies wear. Its pathetic and at the same tym they can’t say NO. That’s why most people are dying our zimbos there included bcz its an open view. There is nothing like backwardness tsika dzedu as Zimvabweans dzinoti kudii.

    1. I don’t know what people refer to as tsika, or how far back you go as a measure of that tsika?You see a failing nation finds wrong reasons for failure.When are you living your life,why are you using internet?is it your tsika to use internet?Why don’t you walk around the world telling us your views instead of posting on the internet?You see, the world won’t wait for you,it moves forward.No wonder we don’t have an economy, we love our tsika too much to a point of starving feeding a few individuals because its what tsika commands.Be careful because soon you might find yourself wearing a full head cover because someones tsika believes thats a command from God.If you resist you die,do you like it?If you want to oppress in the interest of tsika then, it must start by you.Don’t take your children to school,get married to a man with 50 wives or marry 50 wives,travelling out of your borders is not tsika,stay put where you where born.

  38. Apostle Washington

    Personally, l would like to thank all those who submitted there comments first. With all due respect to all women and men, l know you understand that men’s feeling can be aroused by just seeing and women by touch. Women don’t try to justify yourselves (muchiti ko kare kwaipfekwa nhembe wani but hapana zvaiitika wani). Now because generation yaivapo kare yasiyana neyeikozvino, many things have changed completely musade kuti tifambe takatarisa mudenga ndava maziso edu haasi edisplay basa rawo nderekuti aone. Even if takaenda muBible chaimo l hope kana makamboverenga nyaya yaDavid paakaona mukadzi aigeza what happened after angoona. There is no deliverance inodiwa than kudresser your clothes pamaoccassions ainodiwa kwete kufamba makashama

  39. This is bull shit, why don’t you walk necked if dressing yourselves is a problem. Don’t you realize how demonic it is to move around showing off your private parts to everyone, really, really you people if you don’t see anything wrong in miniskirt in public, you are obsessed and possessed.. Find a church and be delivered.. Don’t you know that showing off your upper lehs will cause someone to sin and that sin will be twice on your head, why doing it in the first place, why, haaa Mwari vaka tarira nyika yavo nhasi vano gumbuka chokwadi, vanhu wava kuchemera kufamba zvinhu zviri yatya pachena. Aaah yas.

  40. Wy shud sm1 feel offended nemini isiri pamuiri wake,,this is patriarchy@ its worst and problm iz women ar highly sexualisd here othrwise mini n rape hev no conection,,hanz cultural ryts??? Gegege xcuse urself pliz,,these touts vanototanga vapima munhu wavakajairira face,,mostly thoz sophisticatd lukn uptown ladiz vanotofamba bho clad in their minis,,bt ane face yavakajairira ndye anopinda busy,,saka vakajaidzwa vakajaira

  41. if u leave your phone on the dashboard of your car and windows open and it gets stolen….its not your fault or even if u leave your house not locked and someone steals your property..its not your fault either…ko ukafamba zvidya zviripanze and u get raped haisi mhosva yako futi… for thought ha. my point is criminals are out there and if they get an opportunity they will pounce on u, so is it worth taking the risk?

  42. Guys ngatimborega vapfeke pamadiro tione kuti vanoita sei isu tikashaya hanya nazvo they will correct themselves

  43. This issue is arguable, in Mzansi its no news to put on a mini, in Zim its taboo, therefore, women do proceed at your own peril.

  44. Some folks are lamenting to a somebody,somewhere to re-enforce tsika dzedu dzaerodwa.Who is that individual(s)?
    And are we saying a reaction by a male section of our society determines wat their female counterparts dress?
    Then I cant believe how stupid zimbos are.This are trade-offs of a 21st century globalised society.YOU CANT HAVE IT BOTH MABORORO.
    I DARE YOU try stop this trendy and you will be history this time next year or jus this coming week.

  45. Well it appears people are distracted by trivial things,what matters on human beings is their reasoning capacity, not their dress code.Right now poverty makes people go insane,instead of focusing on Authorities to stop stealing and create jobs you are busy promoting their cause,if you start working productively you won’t have any time for looking at peoples’ dressing.You have nothing to do,just waiting to be given elephant meat at independence day and voting them back.Wake up and stop being used.What do you achieve kicking innocent people in the streets?Is that fighting for your right?

  46. Imagine men wearing revealing tights walking along Harare’s first street.

  47. Kudakwashe Wegutu

    The psychology behind rape is multi-causal and a bit complicated to be explained in terms of just the mini skirt factor. But if we want to deal with rape we have to listen to every opinion in order to capture all the causes for it. It is rewarding also to listen to the perpetrators as to the psychological motivating factors that underpin their disposition to eventually rape a woman or a girl.

    Rape has been caused by a myriad of factors one of them being the natural psychological orientation of the culprit. There are people who are born sexually hyperactive and have an abnormally high sex drive and are found in both sexes actually. You have women who have a huge craving for sex and cannot go for a single day without a jab. Some people rape for religious reason particularly with the coming of AIDS and HIV, many rape cases are committed in the name of trying to get cured of the disease.
    Then there are circumstantial rape cases committed where the mini skirt fits in. A woman is wearing a mini skirt or smiles or gestures at a man in a certain way and the mini skirt or gestures conjures a particular type of response from the man which may not be the one intended by the woman. Be it at the beach or elsewhere, the body of a woman is the most marvellous thing for a man to behold. For that blood brothers and sisters cannot share the same bedroom, mother and son cannot either or father and daughter. So full female nudity, fifty percent or forty per cent of it stir responses in men that emanate from this inexorable attraction men have towards women. If women want to help the rape situation, they better heed the men’s opinion about what contribution nudity has as a factor for rape whatever its percentage.
    There is a new argument to do with re-culturing men’s instincts so as to create a “modern civilised man” who can sit next to a naked woman and feel nothing. That is a utopia and a good one indeed if it can be achieved. But our anti-rape logic must be existential and premised on a clear anatomical appreciation of the Adamic man in the forest of Eden. What are his real instinctual responses to sexual stimuli? What is it that is sexually stimulating to a man or woman? So that whatever we do whether in the name of fashion or personal self expression, we should all be aware of the moods that we are creating in the opposite sex inadvertently or otherwise.
    In other words we should not be normative and value laden in our arguments when addressing issues of causality for rape and sexual crimes. We should locate ourselves within the “is” factors. In other words, what are the drivers of sex desires. Is seeing a driver? Is the sense of smell involved? Then what does the mini skirt do to the sense of seeing? We should not start from the front going backwards and say but “men should learn to control themselves”. Yes that is the secondary part of it. You control something that is in motion. The truth is that by merely seeing something is already in motion and women should know that by making men see they set many things in motion which require a lot of resources to control. Some things go out of control while others are successfully harnessed.

    1. Killian Wadyehwata

      Yes Kuda. Man is an animal and lets not be mechanical about human relations. There is an sexual instinctual software that God placed in us that cannot be caged or tamed by laws or by the most sophisticated modern debates. For some of the things let us just refer to the nature of things and not to ideals that we want to build. Lets not make new laws to govern the old natural man without first creating the new man for the new laws of behaviour.

  48. Aaron Hakurotwi

    Haa ibvai apa imi. Munhurume ngaazvibate. Ndiwo musiyano wake nemhuka. Munhukadzi ngaazvibatewo abetsere munhurume kuzvibata.

    Women run stripping shows because they know too well that their bodies are a fascination to men. So while self control is part of the responsibility that is upon men, women should also not make it cumbersome for men to control themselves. The mini skirt is usually too close to the body inside which is what arouses a man when he sees it.

  49. Iye munhu wenyama ngaishamire murume wake kana mukadzi wake. Kana washamira vanhu vose vose ungoriwo weada atoraka. Saka ungazotambira mumavhu wopedza woti wanga usingazivi kuti ivhu rinosvibisa mavara? Bodo tsvo.

  50. just imagine uri murume uri kufamba nambuya vako kana mukadzi uchifamba natezvara vako woona munhu ane chimini chinosiya nyika yese panze unotarisa pai.imi vakadzi zivai kuti tinofambawo nevanyarikani mu town.ukaona mahwindi ave kukusvororodza ziva kuti yanyanya kupfupika mini yacho.ukaona mini yasvika pakati pezvidya ko pauchafamba ichakwira futi wotanga kuidzikisa ndopavanotanga kusvesvereredza.mahwindi aritori bhoo.BIG NO kune mamini.

  51. Ukaona malemon unozara mate mukanwa wega.

    Munhurume anodenhwa nezvinhu izvi:
    Zamu, nenzvimbo dziripedyo nemitezo wemunhukadzi, dzakaita sezvidzva nemagaro.

    Uru haruzi ruchiva asi ndizvo zvakasikwa naMwari kuti vanhu vagone kuita “mating”

    Mhuka dzine zvadzinoita kuti dzitaure kumhukarume kuti dzgadzirira “mating” Zvimwechetezvo nevanhu.Zvaakuitika mazuva ano ndezvekuti kushama zvikurusei kwemadzimai kurimufashani. Nnepavanozvikopa vanobva vabuda pachena kuti makumbo ariSexy mazamu arisexy. Vanonyatsobuda pachena kuti vanozviitira kukwezva varume.

    Mangoregei kubuda pachena madzimai?

    In some cases kuzvitarisira pasi kunoita kutiwo munhu aite zvinhu zvinoita kuti vanhu vamutarise. Mumwe anenge akamboedza bhora akatadza kuita mbiri, oedza, politics zvoramba, ozama chikoro zvoramba saka oona kuti zvivindi zvokushama zvinoita kuti aoonekwe.

    Saka varume motoshinga.

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