Tuku releases lyrics for new album ahead of launch

ZIMBABWE’S leading music icon and cultural ambassador, Oliver Mtukudzi, will release the lyrics for his new album, Mukombe We Mvura, ahead of the album release concert set for the Harare International Conference Centre (HICC) this Saturday.

In a statement on his official Facebook page, Tuku said often people ask what his songs mean and sometimes misinterpret them.

“For this album we are going to give you the lyrics for the songs, one by one, see if you can say what they mean and then give you the actual meaning,” read the statement.

Mukombe We Mvura is Tuku’s 62nd album and he says of it: “Each song is a glass of water which I hope will quench a particular thirst.”

The 10-track album derives its name from song nine on the compilation, titled Munhikwi, meaning hiccups.

One of the lines in the song is, “Aita munhikwi, mupe mukombe wemvura (He/she has hiccups, give him/her a calabash of water).”

Tuku explains what this means: “A lot of problems seem really difficult, but if you take time to think about them and consult, you will realise they are just hiccups.”

Other songs on the album are Zvineita Tikudzwe, Hukoche-koche, Kamburumbude, Dzinga Hwema, Kumbai Manyowa, Perekedza Waro, Ndururu, Yave and Feso.

Tickets for the show are only $5, a special price meant to cater for all fans to celebrate the new album.

Tickets go on sale on Saturday morning at HICC.

Show organisers have confirmed that there would be no price increases on the night and tickets would remain at the same price.

Also performing at the show will be Alick Macheso, Jean Masters and King Shaddy.

It’s been two years since Tuku’s last album, Sarawoga, which was released in 2012.

Tuku last week returned from a successful double performance at Zambia’s first ever jazz festival, the Stanbic Misty Jazz Festival, held in Lusaka.

Tuku performed on September 21 and 22. During the Saturday show, he did a few songs with Hugh Masekela, a duet which the organisers called Collaboration of a life time.

One Zambian fan, David Mweemba, commented on Tuku’s performance: “It’s amazing to see that kind of energy at his age. Music gives life.”

The Monday following the festival was Tuku’s 62nd birthday. Headline festival sponsor Stanbic Bank Zambia threw a mini party for Tuku, which was attended by members of staff from the bank, Tuku’s wife Daisy Mtukudzi, manager Sam Mataure and Bra Hugh Masekela, who also performed at the festival.

The bank presented Tuku with a music-themed cake and Stanbic CEO Charles Mudiwa thanked Tuku for his contribution to music and cultural heritage.

Tuku expressed gratitude at the gesture by the bank and said he was happy to be able to celebrate his birthday with friends from Zambia. –Exist Digital PR



  1. This guy Chinotimba must just buy a Phd from UZ and then sit down and shut up. For farksakes, what da hell is da matter with this guy?

  2. Emerson Muunganirwa

    ‘Each song is a glass of water’… Apa mdhara wataura zvako.

  3. Beware of Shepherd Matamba who thinks Tuku should be perfect but does not do the same. Shepherd must write his autobiography and not biography on others as everybody is a role model in the society. Good society begins you, good society begins with me, good society begins with all of us and not Tuku only

  4. His music is more interesting than a hatchet job on his pricate life. Mutamba is a lower form of life.

  5. Tozvireva Chete

    Mutamba unoda kutemwa uyu nokuti hauchabereki matamba anonaka! Pawaidiridzirwa navaNzou Samanyanga waibereka matamba anonaka, nhasi zvaipa nokuti vaNzou vati havachakwanisi kudiridzira nokuti mvura yavakure yavakunetsa kuwana. nxaaa…. munhu agare haana kwake!!!

  6. Tuku you are a star.We are eargerly waiting for the album.

  7. Maitiro enyu hombarume, munondipasa manyemwe
    Keep going oldman

  8. Ridzai Samanyanga, ndochipo chenyu chamakapiwa nashe, ndorwadziwa nevanhu vanorwisana nezvipo zvedenga, komanyanyo tadzei, inga music yenyu ndeyekuvaka wani, ndafunga kuti pamunhikwe manga muchireva kuti uye wegodo aita munhikwe nehupenyu hwenyu saka anoda mvura (wekunyora zvisina basa) iye iye tirikuda kambo kake asazviite futi, asatambe nemasuper star nekuti through music hazvizomuitira zvakanaka, chete akuwanai makura.

  9. Ndururu pahuku inoipisa nyama yakanaka, vamwe vanhu indururu inoipisa basa rakanaka.

  10. Munendipasa manyemwe!

  11. Nyararai henyu samanyanga inga ndimi mhuka huru wani

  12. tuku idhara

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